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  • Welcome to Euro News Tonight.


  • Turkey said it's going to start returning ISIS prisoners to their home countries whether these people are welcome or not.

    今夜トルコは、これらの人々が歓迎されているかどうかにかかわらず、ISIS の捕虜を母国に戻し始めると言いました。

  • Several European countries are facing a dilemma of what to do with former Islamic State fighters and their families who have been captured in Iraq and Syria.


  • Some British militants have had that citizenship revoked.


  • But Turkey's Interior Minister said that would not stop Ankara from sending these people back home.


  • We're telling them we'll repatriate these people to you, and we're starting as of Monday.


  • We will repatriate these people no matter what European countries do.

    我々は 欧州諸国が何をしようとも、これらの人々を本国に送還します。

  • They say we revoked their citizenship. Do whatever you want with them.


  • Christina Jovanovski is following the story in Istanbul for us.


  • I asked her why Turkey is making a move like this now.


  • This week the Turkish president will be meeting with the US president in Washington for a big meeting in the White House.


  • This could possibly be leverage. Turkey has used the threat of foreign fighters, of having access to these foreign fighters against the Western allies in the past.


  • They have also used the threat of holding migrants or having arguments in their country who would want to go into Europe against the Western countries.


  • The Turkish president earlier said that, "If Europe doesn't support Turkey's plan for safe zone in which it wants to send millions of Syrians back to, then Turkey could open the gates, open the doors on migration."


  • And of course, one of the big concerns with another migration crisis would be, who exactly would be among the refugees.

    そして、別の移住危機に関する大きな懸念の 1 つが、まさに難民の間にいることです。

  • There could of course be foreign fighters, so that would be a big concern and a big leverage that Turkey could hold although Turkey has insisted that it is helping with the fight against ISIS.

    もちろん、外国の戦闘機が存在する可能性もあるので、トルコは ISIS との戦いを支援していると主張していますが、それはトルコにとって大きな懸念と大きな影響力となっています。

  • They had made numerous announcements in the past week stating that it had captured the wife of the former ISIS leader who is now dead, as well as his sister and brother in law.

    彼らは先週、現在すでに死亡している元 ISIS 指導者の妻と、義理の姉と弟を捕らえたと発表しました。

  • And we know that, at least the wife they said, is being held in a deportation center in Turkey.


  • So, that might give a hint of what Turkey is planning to do or where they have these ISIS fighters now.

    それはトルコが何をしようとしているのか、あるいは現在 ISIS 戦闘機を持っている場所のヒントを与えるかもしれません。

Welcome to Euro News Tonight.


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トルコ、ISIS 戦闘員をヨーロッパへの送還開始 (Turkey will begin sending ISIS fighters back to Europe 'from Monday', says minister)

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