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In a fast-paced, hectic world
The world of fairytales from my innocent childhood
still coexists with this world.
But because the speed of the two worlds is so different
We can only meet the fantasies from the fairytales
when the two worlds coincidentally meet.
What is the key that can bring back the fairytales?
It is now the last day of finals in my junior year.
I was so used to my busy life.
Like the scenery from a bullet train,
my fast paced life has left barley anything for me to look behind and appreciate.
Even inside the rapidly moving subway,
everyone is running their own races.
I wanted to escape from this, even for a moment.
So I closed the chapter
and side – tracked myself from the everlasting track in front of me.
Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back any more
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on,
the cold never bothered me anyway
It's funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all
It's time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
I'm free
Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry
Here I stand
And here I stay
Let the storm rage on
My power flurries through the air into the ground
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
And one thought crystalizes like an icy blast
I'm never going back,
The past is in the past
Let it go, let it go
When I'll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand
in the light of day
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway
When have I felt like this before?
That familiar feeling.
I felt free from the things that suppressed me.
A magical moment in everyday life.
Thanks to it, the ordinary road felt extraordinary.
What a strange day.
It is the day of the most important final exam,
but I'm feeling different than usual. Relaxed.
Cold concrete walls,
the usual scenery.
But it still feels odd
because I keep thinking that I have forgotten something.
Please put everything away.
Start passing it to the back.
- Write an article interviewing yourself after achieving your dream in 10 years. (30 pts) -
You guys have worked hard for this semester.
Today, you will write an essay based on your knowledge.
I don't want you to study like a robot and to just get a job.
I've seen so many 4.5 perfect GPA.
It breaks my heart to wonder what kind of things students had to sacrifice in order to earn these scores.
'That made things really blue.'
'Today is our last art class.'
'I'd prefer you being smart yet glowing with dreams.'
'This is your last homework.'
'Figure out what a glowing person looks like.'
- Final art class - - Light -
See you!
When I was little, I had a lot of dolls at my house.
Out of those, the pink rabbit was my favorite.
I felt as if the pink rabbit was really alive.
So, whenever I came home home from school
I gave the pink rabbit a hug before I started unpacking my school bag.
I believed that just like the fairy tales that my mom used to read to me
my dolls would come to life while I was asleep.
Whenever one of my dolls would become ripped, I would take it to my mom saying that my doll was sick.
My mom would then look at me lovingly and remind me to take good care of my doll friends.
It's been twenty years and although I do not remember everything about day
I still hate the color red.
In the remaining fragments of memory
the sky was unusually bright
and the shadow on our house's door was unusually dark.
As soon as I walked in, I saw that my house was covered in red seizure stickers
and I could instinctively tell that these red papers were bad.
Sharp noises.
The agitated conversation between my parents behind the closed door
and the wave of red that engulfed the house
remained a trauma.
Soon after, I erased the image of Santa Claus
and the living rabbit doll from my mind.
Our family moved to a small one-room house
and before we moved, we had to throw a lot of things away.
Naturally, the first things to be disposed of were the useless items
and my mom threw away my stuffed animals before anything else.
Looking back, it was a logical thing for my mom to do
But to the young me, it came as a shock.
My mom had taught me about fantasies by reading fairy tales to me.
Yet, when hit by reality, the first thing that my mom threw away were those very fantasies.
I realized then
that when people are in trouble they will let go of the intangible things,
such as feelings and dreams
before letting go of the tangible.
My childhood that had been filled with innocence and the
dreams that I had so confidently written down soon became a part of my forgotten memories.
I am now a high school student facing college admissions.
The only place in which I can
Escape from the constant pressure and evaluations is art class.
But today is the last day of art class.
Because the school decided that art was irrelevant in terms of college prep.
Will there be anything left if I continue to work towards 'success'?
Hello class.
Can I have your attention please?
Are you guys all tired from studying?
As you guys already know, today is the last day of art class.
I'm really proud of all of you for how smart you have become.
But my hope is that all of my students would not only be smart
but also be students radiating of dreams and passion.
It saddens me to see students losing their light
overwhelmed from the pressure to be 'properly educated'.
This is your final assignment for this class.
I want you guys to find a moment in your lives in which you shone the most brightly
and find the true meaning of a 'brightly shining person'.
The due date is…
Before graduation!
Come on guys. You guys know that since today is the last day, I won't have time to check the homework.
This assignment won't be graded.
This assignment won't be graded.
But keep in mind that those who find the answer to this assignment
will have their eyes opened to a different world.
Whether you actually complete the homework is up to you, but I highly recommend doing it.
Wow. Look at this reaction. Is this all you guys have learned in high school, how to improve your teacher's mood?
Good luck in college everyone! Class is dismissed.
- Final art class - - Light -
Even now, that speech sends shivers down my spine.
I instinctively felt that I would be able to discover something amazing
and I became determined to complete the assignment.
When in life did I shine the most brightly?
The day after my mom threw all of my dolls away
I searched around the town for my doll
but I was only able to find the pink rabbit.
By the time I went back home, the sky had exploded with color with the setting of the sun.
When my mom saw me walking home, crying and dragging the pink rabbit behind me
her facial expression was the saddest that I had ever seen.
Once I saw the pink rabbit seated in the small house
I sensed something different.
This pink rabbit was now nothing but a burden in our house.
It was no longer a friend, but a bunch of cotton produced from a factory.
And it was therefore an easily disposable item.
If the pink rabbit really had been alive
I knew that my mom would not have sacrificed it first.
When I went back to my room to search for the time in which I shone the most brightly
I discovered my old friend
torn apart just like my childhood scars.
I then became certain
The way in which I perceived the doll
a time of both innocence and pain
the familiar old scent of the doll
a time in which I believed in the fantasies and found happiness in the small moments of life
That was when I had shined the brightest.
I had completed the first part of my assignment but I still needed to finish the other half.
I then began making frequent trips to the art room, searching for the true meaning of a brightly shining person.
Since there were no more art classes
I had the room all to myself and I began to make it my own.
Whenever I became frustrated, I would go to the room and think about the answer to the second assignment
During those times, I felt free.
Time passed and the day of the final college examination arrived.
I had spent my days with no particular goal in mind and I felt depressed about my future.
Once again, I visited the art room,
still searching for the definition of a brightly shining person.
Look at the moon
Isn't it majestic?
This is my secret room
My only place of refuge
A time for myself
There is so much they ask from me
School is always the biggest priority
I got a higher grade on my test!
I want a life for me
The special doll that I met
In the fairy tales from my childhood
You loved me unconditionally
A time when you and I
Spent time together
Without any worries
Was I shining then?
What does it mean to be a brightly shining person?
If I find the meaning, will a different life appear before me?
I'm going to find it
I will find it
Regardless of how long it takes
I'm going to find the answer
I've lived a life set by the standards of others
But I will now start discovering myself
Not what others want
but what I choose
The thing that I truly want
I want
to be a brightly shining person
Even when the college examination ended,
I still did not know the answer to the assignment.
I will be back with the answer.
The memory I have forgotten for many years,
The last problem I could not solve, all came back to me.
Remember, the center of the world is you.
My hope is, instead of doing what everyone else is doing,
you will find the dream that you truly want.
Hope you are a person with the best life rather than the best GPA.
And now, good luck on your exam.
The blank canvas that could not be filled
Teacher, I came to this good university as you said,
But what was I doing all this time?
If I had understood the meaning behind “going to a college does not mean everything”.
If had realized what the “brightly shining person” truly meant.
Would I be living a different life?
I'm not too late, am I?
You haven't changed.
A time when I shone the most brightly
In a life in which nothing seemed to work out
It took a long time
But I have found the answer
And now everything is clear
Why did I not know this before?
A time in which I shine brightly
And at last, I see the light
A heart with pure faith
Such a heart
Led me to meet the fairy tale
The light that made me shine
Had always been mine
So I'm now going to cherish it
This pure faith
The last assignment that I had forgotten about
The meaning of a brightly shining person
It took a long time
But I have found the answer
Just like I believed in the fairy tales long ago
I'm going to trust my inner voice
I'm not going to care about what others think
I'm going to pursue my dream
And at last, I see the light
This pure faith
This little light inside of me
Allowed me to dream of fairy tales
Now I will dream,
like a childhood fairy tale,
but for who I am right now
I'm going to shine my own light
Now that I see me
I see the light
I saw the light
The light I was searching for was not at somewhere else but inside me.
After a long journey, I realized that a brightly shining person is someone who dreams.
I've been a child glowing in dreams that I've gathered from fairy tales.
Now that I gather dreams from my pure motivations,
I will again be glowing, believing in the new fairy tale of my own.
- Epilogue -
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who took care of an ugly pumpkin field.
There was also another girl who grew a pretty apple tree while
and another little boy who took care of strange and beautiful flowers.
I finally got accepted as a SBC announcer.
I guess it's true that hard work is always rewarded… I will do my best.
Sung Ho Kim, the new employee!
After much anticipation, I have finally arrived at the workshop.
Good luck to all Semsung employees!
These people really live enviable lives.
I had such trouble even trying to find something that I loved doing.
How are these people able to choose their dreams and pursue them?
All of these people are using their talents and gaining valuable experiences… What about me?
Am I doing the right thing?
Film and Production Staff Interview Day!
Well, I've been trying my best….
They do say that a brightly shining person is someone who dreams.
I see that you haven't had any experience in the movie industry?
No, I have.
I've been studying a lot and I've been a member of several clubs. I've also made a lot of short films...
Did you receive any awards?
Then that's the same thing as not having done anything.
What do you do now?
I have a part-time job.
What type?
Do you have any special experiences such as studying abroad and being fluent in English or
working in some place unique and cultivating your own distinctive style?
No, I don't.
I haven't seen your movie yet but it's probably very plain.
You've lived an ordinary life.
Our film and production staff needs someone with an exceptional style.
You don't even have any special experiences
There's just nothing special about you.
There was nothing special.
When the little girl realized the thing that she had taken such care in cultivating was a simple and ugly pumpkin,
she was devastated.
Why the girl had no choice but to take care of a pumpkin patch instead of the other pretty and special crops,
her life, her circumstances, her story…
No one cared.
The only notable thing was that the girl had cared for the pumpkin for a long time
and everyone thought that this was plain and insignificant.
It's not like I want to have a part-time job.
If she didn't want to pick me, then she could have just said so.
She didn't need to destroy someone else's self-esteem.
Is  everything that I have done until now worthless?
- The brightly shining person is someone who dreams -
A dream is wish your heart makes…
A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish
will come true
Everyday as I walked in a dream,
I dreamt
A dream makes everything magically come true
When dreams are too beautiful to be awakened
As always, the sun rises and the happy ending comes
I know my dream will come true
The girl didn't give up nor was she defeated.
No matter how others chose to portray her, the girl was someone who could shine by herself.
Eventually, thanks to the girl's pure heart and faith,
the ugly and plain pumpkin that the girl cared for
became a dazzling pumpkin carriage and brought her a chance to realize her dream.
Just like I believed in the fairy tales as a child,
if I choose to believe in and follow my dreams,
I will one day be able to realize them.
- Short Film Festival Grand Prize - After all, if my life really was a fairy tale,
- Film Name 'Ordinary Youth', Name Da-Eun Kim - then I would have a happy ending.
- a few years later – I dreamt the same dream.
Since the night after I met a fairy tale,
I dream the same dream.
The answers that relieved my complicated thoughts were
'Can I do it well?'
'I may not be special'
They were simple and pure thoughts.
A dreamer shines brightly because he/she dreams.
The simple moral of a fairy tale
May give a clear solution to our complicated lives.
If so, can love, instead of abiding by the many standards of the world,
come like destiny, similar to a fairy tale?
– hey~ are you going to meet him or not?
A blind date is a little too much for me.
– if you don't take this chance, you're going to regret it.
– He went to a good school and has a great family. There's no one else like him.
– Ugh, I want to meet him.
lol I'm going to tell your boyfriend.
– lol never mind. If you wait until the destiny you always talk about, everyone will be taken.
– You need to date as much as you can when you're young~
– I'll try to find you someone until then!
is it really…
I graduated from law school overseas at a young age.
I didn't really have much interest in law,
but my parents made me study a lot and most importantly,
my brain was able to keep up with the studies.
I love poetry.
So when I was young, I once studied abroad in Germany.
Do you know what the word 'poem' is in German?
It originated from the word 'lyra'.
Ancient Greeks played lyras and poets recited poems in harmony with the lyras
and that became the origin of poetry.
(Dong Ju Yoon- Starry Night) One star of memory
One star of love
and one star of loneliness...
My mom wanted me to get married early.
Do you plan on marrying anytime soon?
... Excuse me...?
Pastas taste the best in Italy.
What do you think about grabbing a bite with me at Italy?
Should I just ignore the concept of fate and blindly meet people who satisfy my standards
and hope that I will one day come across someone who is the right one for me.
- Destined love - - A love without restrictions -
It had been a while since I had last dreamt that dream.
Today is the first day of filming at a new drama production site.
It was a pleasant dream on happy morning.
I had a feeling that something good was about to happen.
I didn't know at first
But I now know that there is a fairy tale
Maybe one day, I might find my love, just like a fairy tale
Like a beautiful fairytale
I met you once upon a dream
Would you come to me in my dreams
Oh, who would believe me
Love at first sight
Oh, just like the man in my dreams
I found the love that captivates me
Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
Ever just be sure
As the sun will rise
Certain as the sun
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast
A person who dreams will meet a fairytale
and their wishes will come true
Your dreams come true
Should I make 5 different fairy tales based off of what has happened so far?
A person who dreams will meet a fairytale
and their wishes will come true


日常の中に隠されたおとぎ話(quot;Fairytale in Life" inspired by DISNEY)

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