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With overwater bungalows, to teeming wildlife and tropical jungle, Bora Bora's reputation for idyllic getaways has been carried on the tides to all corners of the globe.
Shimmering in the South Pacific Ocean, and sheltered by a pristine lagoon and barrier reef, the French Polynesian island group is just a one hour flight from Tahiti.
Bora Bora has nurtured its inhabitants with a bountiful song since the 3rd century, when the earliest Polynesian mariners arrived on these shores.
In ancient times, the islands were known as "Pora Pora mai te pora," or created by the gods.
Today this paradise appears to have been created for just one thing, relaxation.
Getting to the pearl of the pacific is an adventure in itself.
Most travelers fly into Tahiti before boarding a small plane for the short flight to Bora Bora.
Take in the soaring peak of Mount Otemanu, whose eruptions lifted the ocean floor into the bright Pacific sunlight millions of years ago.
From Bora Bora Airport, take the ferry across the lagoon to the main island, and let your tensions slip away in the wake behind you.
Step ashore, and be welcomed by the happy harmonies of island songs in Vaitapee, Bora Bora's largest town.
Browse the local markets for a snack, or start collecting treasures like Tahitian pearls or crafts, lovingly made by locals.
When you've finished exploring Vaitapee, set sail to your chosen resort.
With breathtaking views of Mount Otemanu, crystal clear waters brimming with life, and of course, your very own over-water or beachfront bungalow, Le Meridian is a five-star favorite of honeymooners and romantics.
Another of Bora Bora's most iconic bungalow hideaways is St. Regis Resort.
After a day exploring the lagoon's vibrant marine life and savoring the island's fresh flavors, unwind in your bungalow, and let the melody of lapping waters beneath lull you into a state of total relaxation.
Rise to the morning tides and set out on a boat tour to explore the aquatic abundance of Bora Bora's lagoon.
Slip into the sheltered waters to meet friendly rays and black-tipped reef sharks.
Swap your boat for a bike at Matira Point, and explore the cafes, markets, and vistas of Bora Bora's southernmost tip.
When it's time to cool off again, park your bike at Matira Beach, Bora Bora's most popular public beach.
Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters, or roll out your towel on the sunbaked sands and lounge the afternoon away.
Nearby, surrender to the luxury of the Sofitel Marara.
Or follow the scent of frangipani across the lagoon to the Sofitel Motu.
This private resort island is the shimmering jewel of one of the world's most lavish hotel groups.
Don't just come to experience luxury, take some home.
At the Bora Pearl Company, dive for your very own Tahitian pearl, and discover how the island's lagoon is filled with life, as well as treasures.
Bora Bora has been serenading faraway dreamers with its sweet ocean songs since the dawn of travel.
Just as those first Polynesians sought new shores and discovered paradise, so will you.
Glistening in the heart of the South Pacific, Bora Bora is one of our planet's rarest pearls.



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