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I really love balancing stones.
Mostly because I think it's such a great way
to also balance myself.
And to create something beautiful at the same time-
Even though
a little wind is enough to make it look
like your sculpture never was there.
But in this moment,
as I try to find a tiny, tiny little balance point,
my thoughts are completely silent
and that's a very good feeling.
Sometimes it only takes a couple of minutes
to make a balance
and sometimes an hour.
But when it's done
I love to watch the stone balance.
It looks so still and quiet
in a world that is constantly moving.
Very often
I see people commenting that it's fake,
that it's impossible to do this
and that it's photoshopped or glue.
But I kinda get excited about those reactions,
because it's a proof that there is so much more
in this life than we could ever imagine.
If some people think that this is impossible,
Imagine then how many more things there is in life
that we still think is impossible
just because we never really tried it.
Just because we're already put the frames
on what is possible or not.
I also get a lot of questions about how to learn this
and my advice is:
Just go get out there, find some stones,
play around and have fun.
After a while, you will get to know the stones
and get a feeling of how to balance them
in the best way.
And you will learn to see which stones works best together.
You might spend a lot of time trying
to balance a stone that will never balance.
But you learn something every time
and it's a wonderful way of spending time in nature.
Depending on what kin of stone balance you're doing,
the balance point can be really tiny
So the movements that you do
while adjusting the stones
to find the balance point are so tiny
that you can barely see it with your eyes,
you just feel it with your hands.
And when you finally find that tiny balance point,
the gravity will be there for you
to hold your stones together.



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Naphtali 2019 年 10 月 10 日 に公開
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