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♪ Harmony ♪
♪ Harmony ♪
- Hello, good morning. - Hey.
- Good morning, how are you?
- I'm doing good, how are you? - Good.
What's on the docket today?
What are you doing?
- Um, we're going to the pharmacy museum.
I don't know a whole lot about it
but I know that there's some really cool creepy things there
so I'm excited.
- Well, you know, the cool thing about that
is the more and more you research the paranormal,
the more and more you'll kinda see
that the legend and more of the paranormal
almost always dates back to the foundation
on history of these cities.
So by learning the paranormal legends,
you'll actually learn the history, you know, of these towns.
And where's the ghost hunt tonight?
- Um, Hotel Villa Convento is tonight.
- Right on, right on.
You know, good luck and let me know
how it goes tonight. - I will for sure.
Well, I'll talk to you soon.
- You too, I'll talk to you soon, peace.
- I'm LeeAnna Vamp.
Actress, cosplayer and model.
I've been dressing up as my favorite ghosts
and ghouls for years
but now I wanna find the real deal.
That seems like a very bad idea.
I am in heels and a dress right now,
climbing out of somebody's crypt.
This is a bad idea.
But I'm not just looking for ghosts,
I'm here for an adventure.
(loud gunshot)
So cool!
(mellow music)
(upbeat dance music)
The really cool thing about New Orleans
is there's so much history and culture and variety.
I have a feeling of happiness being here.
The food is amazing.
Everyone is very inviting and engaging.
So far all the feelings have been love and fantastic.
So a ton of the spirits in New Orleans
died back in the 1800s when doctors basically
had no idea what they were doing.
When I was with the crew last night,
someone mentioned that the first pharmacy is still around
and it's close by.
There's a bunch of old gruesome medical tools,
so naturally we have to go see all that stuff.
- Hello, welcome. - I'm LeeAnna.
- Hi, Owen.
This was the first licensed pharmacy in the United States.
- Very first? - Very first.
- (laughs) What is all of this stuff?
- Um, my favorite artifact in America
in the 19th century is, can you guess what this is?
- A toothbrush? - A toothbrush, yeah.
They were made out of pigs' ribs,
whittled down, varnished and then the bristles
were threaded pigs' hair.
Do you wanna look at some syringes really quickly?
(upbeat music)
So this is one of the earliest ones,
it predates the hypodermic needle.
It's made out of pewter and lead.
But really the main thing is this artifact here,
a sterno pad, you would light those wax
and then you would sterilize the needle
prior to injection.
Doctors saw themselves as heroes.
In fact, this medicine is known as heroic medicine.
Anything really extreme that they can do to a body
to make the patient feel like their sickness,
their misery is being taken seriously,
so you're gonna get blistered,
you're gonna be bloodlet
and you're gonna be given narcotics.
Give you a little origin story.
There's this company in Germany called Bayer.
The way that the story goes is they
gave it to some friends, asked them
how it made them feel and they all said heroic.
Guess what they named the drug?
(LeeAnna laughs)
And this was a catch-all cure-all,
it was a cough suppressant, insomnia,
allergies, bowel troubles and then very popularly
for women's woes.
- So basically anything-- - Anything.
- Have some heroin and you'll feel better.
- Basically you'll feel differently.
- Yeah, you'll feel different.
- The main patent medicines purchased by women
was Godfrey's Cordial, this is a mixture
of heroin and red wine and for working class women
who had to work long arduous hours,
they had to rely on opium often as the babysitter.
- Wow.
- And here we have Pond's tampons
that contain opium, belladonna
and a third deadly nightshade.
- (laughs) I'm learning so many new things.
So you have to tell me about this
fancy jar of leeches here, I'm very interested.
- Okay, okay, so bloodletting is what we're getting at.
Basic concept is that if you're chronically ill
it's because you're holding onto sickness in your blood.
This is a fleam,
this is another purgative bloodletting thing
in addition to the leech.
Different sized blades for different depths of incision.
This right here is the scarificator,
see it's little blades that come out?
- So you would, like, put that on the part?
- You just rest it against the body
and then it sized the vein.
This tool was developed for the amateur
or squeamish practitioner.
- And I notice a little letter right here
and it said about a barber?
- Oh, yeah.
So the barbers were the primary surgeons.
So barbers did bloodletting, amputation,
boil, lancing, all of that and then the red
and white striped pole that we're familiar with
comes from the barber's cleaning up their patient's blood
and hanging those bloody rags outside their shops.
This is a trephination drill used for boring
holes into the cranium.
- So there's a giant hole, though.
- A giant hole.
It was used, according to legend,
to you know exorcize demons, possession,
things of that nature.
- How did that work?
- You pressed it and then you just started drilling.
- So along with your pills,
you can also grab a tasty beverage?
- Yeah, yeah, so.
You were suffering from a headache
or a toothache or a menstrual cramp,
primarily you would be administered cocaine.
But not everyone liked the taste of it,
so the doctors realized if they mix in kola nut
which is high in caffeine, other herbs,
bubbly water, then people will like taking that medicine.
So that's the origin of Coca Cola.
- So I guess we can thank the pharmicists
for a lot more, I mean they did perfume,
they did soda, they also made medicine
and did crazy things with crazy tools,
but I mean-- - Lots of trial and error.
- And it's led us to where we are today.
- Absolutely.
And we don't know what we don't know today.
You know, in 200 years people will look back
and wonder what we were thinking.
- Well, thank you so much for your time.
This has been fantastic, I've learned so much
in our little tour, I appreciate it.
(upbeat music)
I've never been to a voodoo shop,
so everything that I know is what you've seen in movies.
(wolf howls)
- Hi, how you doing?
I'm Zaar. - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You are also known as the vampire Zaar.
- Well, I am a member of
the New Orleans Vampire Association.
I am self-identified sanguine vampire.
Blood drinker.
(dramatic music)
- Is this something that you do on a daily basis?
- No, two or three times a week
depending on how energetically active I am.
- Everyone watching is gonna think
you go and you bite their neck.
- No, no, no. - Explain to us
how that happens. - I clean off the area
really well, I will make a small cut,
usually at the back of the shoulder
where it doesn't scar
and I'll drink directly from the person.
- Is there a particular blood type that you prefer?
- A positive tastes best to me.
It's right at that nice mixture of sweet and salty.
- A positive, right? - Mmhmm.
- So tell me a little bit about Voodoo Authentica.
- Voodoo Authentica opened its doors in 96
and it's dedicated to New Orleans style of voodoo,
which is a combination of the African
and Haitian traditions.
We have more than 28 different working altars in the house,
this particular one is for a Haitian loa
called Erzulie Freda, this one is about love and attraction.
So you'll see a little Febreeze and finery.
She always gotta have a fan.
- That scared me a little bit when it opened.
When you choose to leave something at an altar,
what does that, what purpose will that serve you?
- It's either to say thank you for work
that the spirits already done for you
or to kinda start a bargain with the spirit.
- For me, what would you suggest?
- I would suggest this altar here,
this is the Ghede altar.
- So do I leave something for them?
- Something from your heart that kinda commemorates
the bargain that you made.
- I actually have, and I use this a lot,
it's just it's a mirror but it's,
I got it at the catacombs when I visited in Paris
so I feel like this is actually really fitting
to leave. - It would be really fitting.
- So I just put it anywhere?
- Put it anywhere and when you're done
with your prayer just knock three times.
- I would like to ask for your protection
for myself and our crew on our journey.
(gentle knocking)
- This is our gris gris counter.
This is where we make gris gris,
potion oils, bath salts, bath teas.
Gris Gris are little charm bags
that you would carry with you.
As a matter of fact,
let's just make one.
(upbeat music)
Put your name and your birthdate on there.
I won't look.
Because we're drawing things to you,
we're folding towards us and it gets set aside for a moment.
Now I'm adding a little bit of jasmine
and lavender, this is sage.
Rosemary, sage and sea salt together
are like the divine trinity.
- Oh, it even smells amazing.
- Gonna put a little bit of peppermint
and eucalyptus to make sure everybody's healthy
and productive, I want to pull in spiritual energy
with the white cord and disperse any negative
intent with the black cord.
Now what I want you to do,
blow lightly three times.
Just as God breathed life into us,
you breathed life into the request.
Left hand.
And since it's made specifically
for your whole crew but surrounding you,
carry it on your left side, okay?
- So I can keep it in my left pocket?
- You can keep it in your left pocket.
- I'm gonna put it there right now, thank you.
- Okay.
And that's a gris gris.
- I definitely know that Zaar can conjure up some potions
and magic that will protect me,
whatever I need to have an aura of protection around me,
I am down.
So we ran into Michael Bill last night
and he told me about an old hotel
called the Hotel Villa Convento
where supposedly a madam ran a brothel there.
So he said that he would take us upstairs
to the most haunted room, so we could do a ghost hunt.
We are headed there right now.
(intense music)
- Welcome to Villa Convento. - Thank you so much.
I hear there's some ghosts and spirits here waiting for us.
- [Michael] They sure are, they're up in room 400.
- [LeeAnna] Have you had any experiences here in this hotel?
- We believe that this is truly the house of the rising sun.
Which before Storyville there were brothels
that died all over the city.
People have this idea that brothels
were lovely now, but brothels were very violent places.
We believe that it's not the men that are haunting it,
but the old madam.
You'll here the door handle jiggle
and then the knocking. - Yeah.
- Maybe it's the old madam saying, knock knock.
Is there anything I can get you?
- I wonder if she'll knock on our door.
- Maybe she will.
You know, no matter what happens, never run.
You wanna go on up? - Alright, let's do it.
- Alright, let's do it.
(eerie breathing)
Everyone that I've ever talked to that stayed here,
they've always experienced the same thing.
I think it haunts the entire hotel.
(eerie music)
Hey, everyone, it's LeeAnna
and I'm in New Orleans at the Hotel Villa Convento
which is allegedly super haunted.
I am in room 400, a lot of activity in this room
in particular has happened, so we're gonna do
a little ghost hunt and see if we can't find ourselves
a ghost or two.
Wait, why is mine struggling with this?
It's right here, right? - Yeah.
- [Man] It's never been on--
- [Michael] 800 degrees.
900. - Wait, what?
- [Peter] Why's it reading like that?
- 970, 952. - When did that happen?
- 800, it just started happening right now.
1000 degrees. - And where does that lead?
What does that, that's right here.
- [Michael] I'm gonna put fresh batteries
in it, just in case.
- [LeeAnna] Or we're sensing some sort of heat.
- Some sort of high heat, I mean or--
- And it's not hot in here. - Exactly.
Well, it's a strange anomaly.
Something's about to happen.
I mean, it's a subtle thing that we get
that we believe to produce the spirits.
So fresh battery.
- [Peter] Let's see what we got here.
- [Michael] 73 degrees, 74.
So it's normal again,
but it was normal when we turned it on.
- [Peter] We'll have to keep an eye on that--
- Yeah, yeah. - Definitely.
Well, just kinda sit here and just get relaxed
and see what happens on the playbacks.
So we're here to do an EVP session.
This is Michael Bill, I'm here with.
- LeeAnna Vamp.
- If there's anyone here with us,
will you please tell us your name?
Rumor has it that the madam haunts this residence.
Are you the madam?
- Madam, if you're here with us right now,
can you give us a signal?
A knock or any sign that you're here?
(light knock)
- I heard a knock.
(Michael laughs)
Um, so, when you asked can you make a knock,
I heard a knock coming from behind you
and it's all caught on this.
- Holy shit. - So, uh.
We are having some communication,
just the more we do and the more comfortable
the spirits around here feel, the more they come
and the more they communicate.
But for us to get a knock right after you said
make a knock that's a pretty good sign of communication.
- Madam is here. - Right.
Somewhere roaming the hallway.
Ending EVP session number one.
- I think maybe we should grab
some of the other equipment and walk around a little bit
and see what we can find. - Alright.
- Alright, Michael, so we're gonna turn this light off.
Right, you said darkness is better?
- Yeah, darkness is better. - Okay.
- Dead center and do it in the dark.
- Alright.
- Let's be in this room and let's ask a few questions.
Hi, this is Michael.
We heard a knock earlier, was that you?
Can you knock on the door?
Just to check in on us?
(light rattling)
Did you hear that?
Came from the door.
No one out there, huh? - Nope.
- You wanna try the thermal cam?
- [LeeAnna] So this is just normal?
This orange and yellow and purple, right?
And it would,
we would see red?
- It's coming from right behind us.
And it ain't the door.
You can come in if you wish.
I hear a knock. - Mmhmm.
- Are you playing hide and go seek?
I'm gonna stand here and if you wish
to touch me on the shoulders, you can.
Thank you for allowing us to be here.
- Thank you.
- So what do you think so far?
- I mean, we definitely heard a knock
and I said it at first, I saw you look at me,
we saw someone else in the room
said they heard a knock, so we heard something
and then when we came back and asked it again,
we heard something.
Don't know if it was necessarily a knock
but something at this door.
Right and then something from that door.
Well, I definitely think there's something here.
- I do, too.
I think, yeah, the old madam is still with us.
(upbeat music)
- [LeeAnna] Hi.
- [Chad] Rockin' room, how did it go?
Anything super duper spooky?
- Um, not like terrifyingly spooky.
There were some knocks that we heard.
The meter, I think it was the, the Mel Meter?
Has a, pretty sure it has like a reading--
- Ah, you're using a Mel Meter, okay, so.
Michael Bill's a gadget guy.
- Yeah.
- The theory behind it all is that ghosts,
supposedly, can manipulate energy being, theoretically,
pure energy themselves so if you give them a platform
that they can manipulate, they will manipulate,
you know, those objects.
The problem is we have a million natural things
in the world that also manipulate those instruments
as the world is filled with energy
so it's difficult but, you know,
if you like what it is--
- I like the gadgets.
I like gadgets.
- If you like the gadgets, you know,
it makes ghost hunting even more of a visual experience.
And I'm not gonna say that I've never experienced
an odd manipulation of energy, you know?
So, it doesn't sound like you had the moment,
the defining moment yet, hopefully--
- I don't think so, yeah. - That comes soon.
The Charleston jail, that place is the real deal
and I wanna know that is something that you're ready for.
- I'll be ready.
I'm gonna do my best.
- I know you will, babe, so.
Look, have fun on the road and I will talk to you soon.
- Okay, talk to you soon, Chad.
Bye. - Alright, bye.
(upbeat music)
- I would like to thank all of the spirits of New Orleans
for welcoming us into your town
and giving me an experience that I will be able
to take away from this and have for the rest of my life.
So thank you.
(eerie breathing)
♪ That complex ♪
♪ Complex Networks ♪
♪ That complex ♪
♪ Complex Networks ♪
(eerie music)


GHOSTED with LeeAnna Vamp | "New Orleans Haunted Hotel" | Crypt TV Culture

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