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  • Hello, I'm Sam and in this lesson

  • we're going to look at the differences between

  • 'at', 'in' and 'on' for location.

  • 'At' can be used to talk about a single specific location.

  • I'm at work.

  • Or: I'm at the BBC right now.

  • 'On' is used in relation to a surface.

  • I'm sitting on a chair.

  • And 'in' is used to talk about a three-dimensional space,

  • usually with four walls.

  • It's similar to 'inside'.

  • I'm in a room.

  • So to help you remember these rules,

  • try to think of a concert:

  • I'm at the front.

  • The band is on the stage.

  • And my friends are in the crowd.

  • And where are you right now?

Hello, I'm Sam and in this lesson


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