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Which movie should I watch? All movies are so boring.
So boring. But the best movie is still to come on the 15th of August. Batla House!
You must take everyone with you.
You don't have any manners.
Excuse me. Don't talk to me like that.
What do you mean don't talk to me like that?
There's no need to create a scene in public.
Did you understand?
Which is your favourite movie in which you have acted?
I think I'm going to say Batla House. Because it is my favourite movie.
And if we talk about a movie in which you weren't there?
Unfortunately I just saw Batla House, in which I was there.
A movie in which I wasn't there? I think Batla House in which I was there.
We have found out that you had an affair with you co-star from this movie as well.
Because during any promotional event of your film, you have been linked with your co-stars.
My co-star from my last film was Manoj Bajpayee.
Manoj Bajpayee? John, he's married.
He's married? To whom?
You're also married.
I have such sweet, hairy, great male co-stars.
I think I was your fan until we had this conversation.
Everybody gives curry leaves for free. Why are you charging fot them?
Sir please give us some curry leaves.
I don't want to listen to that song anymore. I've heard it enough John please.
Actually I was going to ask which bus is going to come next.
The next bus is 325.
Anyway Batla House is releasing on 15th of August.


How Not To Promote A Film ft O Saki Saki Performance by John Abraham | MostlySane | Batla House

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