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So today I've come to the longest pedestrian bridge in Japan
and apparently it opened at the end of last year in 2015
so it's still fairly new, so lets go inside and see how the bridge is like and lets see the best view of Mt Fuji
So the suspension bridge is located in Shizuoka prefecture in Mishima city
It opened in December 2015 so it's still so new that it's not even updated on google earth
I went there from Tokyo by car and it took a little under 2 hours
However, you can also get there by bus from JR Mishima station
If you decide to drive, they also have a lot of free car parks available
So after arriving head towards the ticket gate
and Mishima Sky Walk is actually open 365 days a year
so they don't have any holidays unless the weather conditions are bad
For adults it's 1000yen for the ticket and for children the prices vary
Lets enter and check out what's inside
Now this was my first time going as well so I was pretty excited to see what it was like
there were many nice places to take photos of the view but let me show you which one I liked the best
So this is the look out point and you can see Mt Fuji and the bridge in one shot
which makes it one pretty awesome photo
Not to mention it's also my thumbnail for this video
Now the moment you have been waiting for, lets go cross the bridge!
this bridge is wide enough for about 3-4 adults to easily pass each other
and what I like about this bridge was that it's also made convenient for people on wheel chairs to cross it as well
the bridge is around 70 meters tall so it's pretty cool seeing the ground below from up high
So I've made it to the middle of the bridge
and it's been a bit shaky on the way
but it's really safe so you don't have to worry about that
and from the middle of this bridge you can actually see Fuji-san
which is really nice so I think it is a really close view and it's a great place to see it
So I came in Summer but I really want to try coming in the other seasons
espeically when there's snow on top of Mt Fuji
So lets go talk to one of the staff here and hear a little bit more about this place
So on the other side of the bridge there are many shops selling different things
like food and souvenirs
and there's even this shop that sells these cute wooden eggs where you can also find in the nearby forrest
so you can find these all over the forrest and I'm not quite sure why they put it there
but some are in pretty interesting places as well
like this donut looking one that I gave up on trying to get
and here's me trying to cool down after all that hunting
on the day they were also taking free photographs for everyone that came
This guy was awesome because he just stood under the sun to take photos for everyone
so you can buy the actual photograph or just stick to the free one like I did
there were many other interesting things like this flower drop shop
there are many different colours to choose from and there are 8 different types of nature words at the back
it's fun picking it and you can also take it home
there's also another lookout point after you cross the bridge
now it's time to go back to the entrance and get some food
there is a cafe at the entrance but let me take you somewhere that's a little bit more unique
now looking back at this I really do always go to the mist fans, don't I? haha
so the place we are going is actually up this slope, it's a little behind everything however it's still easy to find
No, lets be healthy and take the stairs
So these stairs were so pretty and it was such a shame no one was using them so I decided to use them
the log deign of these stairs reminded me of the forrest that was back over the bridge
so we have finally arrived and this place is called the Sky Garden
when you enter the ceiling is filled with chandelier-like plants
each season the flowers change so you can enjoy different flowers all year round
they even had this flower headband and broomstick for you to take photos with the flowers
there was also many shops where you could get light refreshments from
so it might actually be a good idea to stop by and eat something before you cross the bridge
because you actually aren't allowed to bring anything over
and you can buy some souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends back at home
there is a lot to choose from but probably the one that is only sold here is this long sky walk roll cake
if you can't take that home with you there is also a shorter version
last but not least check out the show room near the entrance
which has a miniature model of the sky walk and photos of the process of it being made
so thank you for watching until the very end of the video
you are so awesome
and I hope you enjoyed the video :)


三島スカイウォークで富士山を楽しむ! (Best Way To See Mount Fuji: Mishima Sky Walk Japan Travel Guide)

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