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This is nice.
Yeah, I love being spoon-fed in public.
Hello! We'd like a table for three, please.
Of course. If I could just see your badge.
This restaurant's for Premier Badge holders.
Oh, well, we've got the pink badges!
I'm sorry, we can only serve Premier Badge holders.
Um, okay, are there any other restaurants?
Well, there's our relaxed dining area, and there are stalls outside.
The Pig in a Poke does a nice hog roast in a bun with apple sauce.
Sharon. Can I call you Sharon? Yeah?
So it's a quiet Monday afternoon and you've got a lot of empty tables.
We want to buy a really expensive meal.
We don't want to eat pork rolls at a stall, even with apple sauce.
Oh, I'm really sorry.
You need a Premier Area Badge. It's policy.
Okay, okay, okay. So how much for a Premier Area Badge?
What are we talking, like, another 10? Another 20?
We don't sell badges, madam. This is a restaurant.
You'll have to go to the ticket office.
Louisa. Let's go.
No, no, no. This is nuts.
We've come all this way.
Louisa. I'm not hungry.
I'm just gonna run and get the badges, and then we will have our meal.
We'll be fine once we've eaten. Yeah.
I think Will wants to go home.
You know what, Sharon? You can stick your Premier Badge right up your relaxed dining area.
Okay. Okay.


映画「世界一キライなあなたに」 ( Me Before you )

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