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  • This is nice.

  • Yeah, I love being spoon-fed in public.

  • Hello! We'd like a table for three, please.

  • Of course. If I could just see your badge.

  • Sorry?

  • This restaurant's for Premier Badge holders.

  • Oh, well, we've got the pink badges!

  • I'm sorry, we can only serve Premier Badge holders.

  • Um, okay, are there any other restaurants?

  • Well, there's our relaxed dining area, and there are stalls outside.

  • The Pig in a Poke does a nice hog roast in a bun with apple sauce.

  • Sharon. Can I call you Sharon? Yeah?

  • So it's a quiet Monday afternoon and you've got a lot of empty tables.

  • We want to buy a really expensive meal.

  • We don't want to eat pork rolls at a stall, even with apple sauce.

  • Oh, I'm really sorry.

  • You need a Premier Area Badge. It's policy.

  • Okay, okay, okay. So how much for a Premier Area Badge?

  • What are we talking, like, another 10? Another 20?

  • We don't sell badges, madam. This is a restaurant.

  • You'll have to go to the ticket office.

  • Louisa. Let's go.

  • No, no, no. This is nuts.

  • We've come all this way.

  • Louisa. I'm not hungry.

  • I'm just gonna run and get the badges, and then we will have our meal.

  • We'll be fine once we've eaten. Yeah.

  • Lou.

  • I think Will wants to go home.

  • You know what, Sharon? You can stick your Premier Badge right up your relaxed dining area.

  • Okay. Okay.

This is nice.


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