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Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and fairies
Everyone who lives here is very very
Today's adventure starts at the little castle
Your pie and chips is
Delicious what's for pudding? I hope it's not too heavy treacle sponge pudding with blancmange and custard
Excellent nanny plum is the best cook in the Little Kingdom. I say nanny plum is the best cook in the whole world
Oh No
They're so boring and snooty. We were just eating a lovely finish with seafood
We thought how nice it would be if you joined us but dinner tomorrow, they've invited us dinner. Oh
I'll handle this
Sorry, we can't come for dinner. Oh
What a shame. I know you'll hardly ever get to eat good food
What I'll have, you know, we have the best cook in the whole world. You have the best cook in the whole world. Yes
Well, then we must come to your for dinner instead. See you tomorrow Tokyopop
I've got some good news and some bad news. What's the good news?
We're not going to King and Queen Mary girls for dinner tomorrow
What's the bad news?
They're coming here Oh
What are we going to do King and Queen marigold will want to eat something?
Special luckily, we have the best cook in the whole world
Nanny plum. Yeah, thank you. Your majesty. What about
Baked potato stuffed with potato with chips and mash and a fried egg on top
No nanny, they will want special
Modern food I can cook porridge
That's not modern food. What is modern food mummy? It is very delicate food in tiny
Portions I can do tiny portion
Well-done nanny that is small home. Of course, it will get bigger when the magic wears off
When is the magic going to wear off nanny, um about now?
Excuse me
It's not just the size of the food. Nanny. Morden cooking is fussy. No problem
Nanny has until tomorrow evening to come up with something
Yes, your majesty good
That's that sorted
Nanny, what are you going to do?
I need help nanny learn how to cook but mummy plums a very good cook
She is the best cook in the world been but she can't cook modern food
Why does she need to cook modern food? It's what king and queen marigold like and they're coming to dinner tonight
What nanny nage?
The great library
Excuse me wise old Oh shush. This is the library
We need a book of modern cooking for nanny plum but nanny plum is an excellent cook
Yes, she's the best cook in the whole world, but she can't do
modern cooking
Hmm. Let's see
the elf book of thighs the world of spaghetti and mash
Complete history of egg sandwiches. Is there anything?
What exactly is modern cooking princess Holly? It is food. That's very
special and not porridge
I am a magical cookie Booker. Where are all your recipes?
Boy, if you tell me what you want to cook. I will tell you how to cook it. We want to cook a special
Martin nail place
Homer down a very modern Stephanie. You will need the following ingredients
Onion cheese that doesn't sound very special shush. I am thinking
Well, ah one recipe for a very modern meal
This is a library
Can I borrow this book wise old elf you can't keep it princess?
Holly fairy books do not belong in the Elf
Library Thank You
Kingdom Queen Mary cold how lovely to see you? Hello, darling?
It's always a pleasure to visit your little kingdom. Oh
Well, I hope you're hungry. Nanny's been in the kitchen all day. We haven't eaten a thing since
Breakfast we didn't want to spoil a dinner made by the best cook in the whole world. I
Wonder if baked beans and modern
We've got a magic spell or nanny plum. Oh, you found my cookbook
Where was she she was in the elf library? What were you doing in there? I was getting a very bold
The book knows a recipe for a modern meal. Oh good
What's the ingredients a potato and onion some people and cheese?
That's what I would normally cook. Yes, the ingredients are simple, but the way we cook them is not
boil a pot of water
Then collect this
a very delicate dish
It's sooo good of you to have us at such short notice no trouble at all
We can't wait to see what's the best cook in the world
course for dinner
Sorry, that's my tummy. I'm just here looking for
Joy your Majesties
Yes, such a delicate flavour so
Subtle nanny your majesty. What's this cold cloud of vegetable soup
It's just steamed
Sarris him Sir give dish
How wonderful I can barely taste it. Does it come with any potatoes? Oh, no
No problem these leftover potatoes carrots onions peas and cheese have made a lovely soon
This scheme is delicious, of course, but will there be anything else before? Yes
Very filling I could eat have tiny something more. I could eat a lot lot more
Rocks laughs lovely smell it's coming from the kitchen
Hmm it's the best
I'll say watch this. It's just the children's supper. It smells very nice
It's only some soup. I made from the leftovers. It's not very modern. You wouldn't like it
Could I try just a little bit?
The taste is there kids beer can I try some too and me and me?
I have an announcement to make nanny plum is
Indeed the best cook in the whole world
Hey, thank you very much
Now, what would everyone like for pudding something modern or my treacle pudding?
Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and fairies
Everyone who lives here is very very
Today's adventure starts the little castle
rosy and
Strawberry good now hold hands. I don't want to lose any of you in the woods
Do we have to do magic class today? It's
Yes, all we do is learn the names of trees and
mushrooms and frogs now now girls
Every young fairy needs to know the names of trees and mushrooms and frogs and frogs
Barnaby Jake and
Lizzy good
Today we are having nature class
Follow me
Excuse me wise old elf. Why do we have to do nature class?
Because Bend it's important that every young elf learns about
Who can tell me what this is?
Wilted thistle is the correct answer. Oh now, what's the name of this flower?
We seem to have walked into some elves good day nanny plum. Hello wise old elf
Hi dad. Hi. You're late. We're doing nature class
Solloway, let's team up. Yes
I'm not sure about this quite so elf and fairy
nature classes are very
Very different we're adding names of plants and things so well
We please a nanny plum. Can we have one big class, please? Mr
Wise old elf know very well, I suppose I can handle a few more children
What wise old elf there's no need for you to hang around but but you can collect your children when my lessons over
No doubt, there's some charming fairy name for this plant
But my class has identified it correctly
As a wilted thistle. Oh
Isn't it a crass?
Interesting Oh hairy bog weed you both know the silly plant names
So you should both take the class
hmm on one condition
Doing nature class today not magic class sighs. It's a grade. Let's go
acorn now
What does an acorn grow into is the answer an oak tree?
I was asking the children. Yes. Yes, but an oak tree is the right answer
What the wise old elf is trying to say is that this little acorn?
Will grow into a huge oak tree
Oh, it will take years and years to grow into a tree
We could give it some magical hell
Nanny plum we agreed no
Magic, but look at the children's sad little faces
They'd so like to see the Acorn grow into a tree
They can grow into a tree yes
I'd love to but it's up to the wise old owl. Oh
Very well, I'll just do a little spell
Stand back children is just a small tree, please. Yes. Yes
Let some acres
Nanny palem, is that your idea of a small tree?
But I can easily make it smaller
No, no, it's fine as it is
Let's move on
next up
Mushrooms. Oh
Who can tell me what this is? I don't know
Yes, correct. Now you should never ever eat a toadstool
it would make you very
Mr. Old elf is trying to say is that you should never ever eat a toadstool. It would make you very sick
Indeed so never ever eat a toadstool
Of course, I expect the wise old elf would like to sit on it what elves love sitting on toad stools madam. I
Think you will find it is gnomes that sit on toad stools elves gnomes
Whatever you would never catch an elf sitting on a toadstool
Mr. Elf hello, Holly I see you found my special reading place
It just catches the Sun at this time of day
Here we have a toadstool
with an elf on top
Yes with an elf on top. He looks very happy right? Let's move on
Yes, we have time for one last thing
What do you think the last thing is I bet it's frogs nanny
Always shows us frogs. Yes, it'll be fruit
You can guess what we're going to see next
Yes, we're going to look at frogs and
There aren't any frogs. Yeah, not one frog well, that's disappointing. Can we go home now?
It's no problem. I'll turn one of us into a frog can I have a volunteer, please?
Come on, who wants to be a frog?
Goodness water lots of miseries. I'll just have to do it myself a
Common frog look how slimy it is
How smelly it is
And how silly it sounds
Well that brings today's nature class to a most satisfactory
Nanny plum you can turn yourself back now. I
Don't think nanny plum can turn herself back again
What a shame now for your
Can't we oh I suppose not which fairy wants to turn her back again
All right. Holly do your best?
I'm sure nanny plum would want you to just have a go anyway, okay. I'll try this
Thank You Holly
You did very well Holly but you shook your wand a bit too hard
See children, it's all in the ones control. Yes
Fascinating mistress Paula, but if we might return to nature class, what up?
Yes children
What mister old elf is trying to say is that that brings today's?
nature class to a close
Was the best
Nature cross Thank You strawberry. It was a
Coup Thank You Barnaby son from now on nanny plum and the wise old elf
Always teach us nature class together
All right
if you insist
Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of and fairies
everyone who lives here is very very
Today's adventure starts
I'm sorry your majesty
The twins really like ponies at the moment. Hmm. They really want a pet
ponies are
Lovely pets so pretty and cuddly and they've got lungs where she tails to brush
Daisy and poppy would so love a pony. Hi
Goodness meet no
Ponies are ginormous and Daisy and poppy are tiny fairies. No pony
Maybe the princesses could have another sort of pet I
Can magic them up a harmless fluffy little pet wait a minute pets need looking after
Who's going to do all the cleaning up the twins can?
Okay, but please make it a sensible pet nanny not a dragon aura or guys horse your majesty
Ah, I've got a bad feeling about this
Don't worry darling nanny plum knows what she's doing. I've got a very bad feeling about this
We are the magical fairy library now, let's find a book on pet
Hmm a tiger no too big
Hmm a snake snaky snaky no to Wrigley
An alligator
No too many teeth
Oh, here we go perfect little pets a hamster I
Wonder what pet nanny has magic tap for Daisy and poppy as long as it's small I don't care ahem
May I present the princess's new pet Pippin?
No, your majesty Pippin is a lovely little hamster how sweet
Pippin likes you daddy. Oh
It is cute isn't it cute isn't quite the word I had in mind I think it would be
Happier if it lived outside
Very well back back depends that's fine. As long as you don't show your refrain
Pippin welcome to the courtyard your new home
I hope pip he won't be bored living here will give pip in some toys and hamsters light lots of straw
That should make people feel at home
Why is the courtyard full of straw it's for your hamster Your Majesty my hamster
It's funny. The courtyard looks just like a hamster cage. Yes, very amusing
Why does it have to run about so much hans does like running about?
Heavens run away. Oh how sad how terribly sad?
Weeping what a dreadful turn of events it pins gone gone forever
Wait Kings this soul I can get your hamster back. Ah, don't trouble yourself Ben. It's no trouble
Elves are good at rounding up hamsters, and I'm an elf
ready gasps
Tommy's back Kings this ol safe and sound. Ah Thank You Ben
Let's close the cage door before pipping escapes again
Does it ever go to sleep
Maybe when it's tired, and how do we make it tired? Let's ask the wise old elf he knows
Hello wise old elf speaking. How do you make your hamster tired?
Hamster, oh the Kings packed hamster. We need to make it tired
Ah, I see a what you need is a wheel a wheel
How will that help wait and see I'll be right over
Hello Jesus, where's this hamster of yours my hamster
Pipin likes you no charmed. I'm sure
Bring in the wheel right halt
The things we do for our pets hey King Cecil, it's not my pet
Hello the wheel into the hamster cage
Hamster cage are you talking about my castle put the wheel in the middle of the hamster cage?
It will be fine hamsters don't run very fast
You've got a fast hamster, haven't you?
We'll have to warn the elves
Do you know water hamsters are yes dear? They're sweet little fluffy creatures
Yes, well don't panic but there's a hamster coming your way in an enormous way
It's heading back to the little castle
There's good news and bad news, what's the good news the wheel hit the elf tree but everyone is okay
What's the bad news the wheel is coming back
Believe it yes King Cecil wonderful, isn't it? Your hamster is back home
You see though we've worked now
We know how much exercise Pippin needs every day to the old tree and back. No
Pippin has to go Oh
Daisy and poppy love Pippin
I don't want a pet living in my castle
I could magic opinions with different kinds of pets a pet that could live outside the castle
Okay. Nanny just do it
Mended the hamster cage, I mean the castle your majesty spotted. Let's take a look
Yes, your majesty
Why is there straw in my?
Courtyard. Oh yard. Oh you mean the feeding Bowl watch? Yes, darling
You asked for a pet that could live outside the castle. So we went back to what we all wanted in the first place
Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of and fairies
everyone who lives here is very very
Today's adventure starts
And then the witch locked the ferry and all the elves in a big cage Oh
Help they shouted
Hehehe, I'll never let you go said the witch Oh No
Why did she lock the children up because the witch was very naughty and the children were annoying her
All that chasing around had made the witch hungry so she ate a mouldy old cake chop chop chop. Oh
Why did she eat a mouldy old cake? That's what witches eat and she drank a glass of sour milk
After that she fell asleep
snore snore snore
She's asleep said the fairy quick. Let's escape
So the elves broke open the cage door
And the fairy princess got her wand back
Then the witch woke up, ah
Get back in your cage cried the witch
But the fairy was already casting her spell
Big currant bun witch's magic all undone in a flash all the children were set free and the witch
stuffed full of mouldy old cake couldn't catch them and
Then what happened mummy
Um, the witch was told off for being mean and nasty and made to wash dishes for the rest of her life
Horrible things witches it's a good job. They don't really exist
Isn't it? Oh, but they do exist. I never which he lives in the woods, really
Yes, I can take you to see her if you like but won't you look us up in a big cage?
No witches can sometimes be a bit naughty but only when they get very annoyed
Do you think we should go and see the witch
Yes, why not nanny plum will protect you then you can see for yourselves how disgusting witches are come on
Man, let's go
Are they scary not that scary but witches are a bit smelly
And tell witches use magic to do nasty spells
Which is hardly ever do magic and they're not that good at magic anyway
Here we are this which hasn't done a spell in over a hundred years
Nanny nanny nanny plum
What a treat a real fairy underneath
Yes, this is princess Holly and Ben L
See she's not frightening. It's all just a bit smelly
What's that?
Don't touch anything children, why can't we touch because it's dirty
What's that? Don't worry dear. I just wanted to show the children how a real witch lives
Oh, I see
Thank you mrs. Witch we've already eaten
Mrs. Witch can we ask you some questions about being a witch? Of course anything you like?
Are you any good at magic?
I don't like to use magic these days because I told you
Which is a no good at magic and they never use it anyway
These days
I'm retired so you don't chase elves or fairies anymore then?
I just look
Witches don't do anything. They just smell a bit funny and make horrible cakes. What?
As for magic, they're completely harmless
She probably can't even do a simple transformation spell that's okay. Then. Why don't you change this horrible wallpaper?
We'll make these seats more comfortable
You could make Tastykake
New clothes a
Bit of makeup
I'm sorry. I had to free his nanny plum
She was very rude to me. I don't think nanny meant to be rude mrs. Which
Maybe not but she boss
Are you going to keep nanny frozen forever?
If nanny says sorry she can go nanny
Say sorry to missus which I will not say. Sorry
I was only trying to help you out your grumpy old witch Oh
So you won't let me go. Nope
We should get help
Is it all right if we go mrs. Which of course
You have both been delightful company
What's your plan we have to get the king? Yes daddy can tell the rickshaw
Then she'll let nanny go
Yes, thank you mrs. Rich
What nanny plum frozen show me where mrs. Witch lives
Was nanny plum root mrs. Witch hmm witches can be a little moody
No, I've got a better idea
King thistle
King thistle King thistle Oh
Your Majesty
You must be the mrs. Witch. I have heard so much about please let me explain
About your cleverness your kindness and beauty
Not to mention your wonderful cooking would you like come on Thanks. No. Thank you. I
Believe you may have frozen nanny plum. Yes
But I completely
Understand why you would want to do this you do
Nanny plum can be quite rude at times but she's really not that clever. Yes
Well, I am sure being as clever and as kind as you are and knowing that nanny really can't help herself
You will let her go this time
Quite apart from that
Need nanny to cook my dinner. I could cook you dinner your majesty. That's very kind of you
I was just about to boil some toads in the hole, but I just need nanny plum back. I
Understand just one moment
Say thank you for having me nanny. Thank you for having me. Goodbye mrs
Witch and very nice to meet you. I'm honored your majesty
Fat old and you said mrs. Witch was beautiful when she's ugly and smelly
well Ben, there's a time for telling someone they're ugly and smelly and a time to be just
Nice. Hmm
Saying nice things about people always goes a long way. It's good to have you back
Nanny pom Thank You, Holly
What's the supper?


Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Full Episodes - The Best Cartoons! SPECIAL COLLECTION 2018 Part 2

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