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hey thanks for making CNN ten part of you Tuesday I'm Carl azuz delivering
your objective explanation of world events and today that includes news
concerning India Japan and Serbia first to the moon things have not gone as
planned in a recent mission by India to make a soft landing on the lunar surface
soft landing means a spacecraft has a slow controlled descent and spacecraft
from only three countries the United States China and the former Soviet Union
have ever done this India's attempt to become the fourth country in that Club
probably ended in failure over the weekend we say probably because
scientists aren't sure yet what happened there are three components to its
mission an orbiter to circle the moon a lander to touchdown on it and a Rover
attached to the lander on Saturday the lander was descending toward the moon's
surface it was a little more than a mile above it when contact was lost
scientists don't know yet how hard it hit the moon how bad the damage might be
or whether the instruments aboard can still get some work done they have
located it but they're still trying to get a signal from it even if it's
destroyed though the mission isn't a total loss the orbiter is still doing
its job circling the moon its mission is to map the moon surface and the study
its atmosphere Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the Mission Control
Room when contact with the lander was lost he said in life there are ups and
downs but that India is still proud of its scientists and their hard work back
in the western hemisphere an American aid official says it looks like nuclear
bombs were dropped on parts of the Bahamas it's been more than a week since
Hurricane durian then a category 5 storm made landfall there and the fact that it
moved so slowly over the Bahamas northern islands only worsened its
effects while 45 people have been confirmed dead officials expect the
number will rise drastically as search and rescue officials make their way
through the wreckage the US Agency for International Development which gives
money and assistance to people in need says it plans to contribute almost 3
million dollars to the relief effort in the Bahamas entire neighborhoods there
have been lost to get to the places still cut off by
Hurricane durian we have to go by boat we've been traveling now for about two
hours by boat it's the only way to get here this is our destination the
easternmost end of Grand Bahama Island we know that it got hit really hard but
not much else the road is still closed here and we had not heard how the people
here are doing we really don't know what we're gonna find here we head from
Freeport to McClain's town the last settlement on the eastern tip of Grand
Bahama durian filled in the channel and scattered cars throughout the small
harbor we have to navigate around the submerged vehicles yeah we're going over
a car right now it's a car underwater there McLane's looks like a war zone and
there are fatalities McClane's has been wiped off the map it's difficult to
conceive the force that could cause this kind of damage
it's just otherworldly to think the winds in the water could bury so much of
this town under broken trees broken houses and we really don't know what is
underneath all of this rub it'll probably take weeks or longer to dig out
and find out what is buried here all around us is an eerie quiet it is the
sound of a town that has died but the Bahamas isn't the only place dealing
with the effects of a severe storm across the Pacific Japan has just
weathered a powerful typhoon named fox eye and made landfall in the mainland
monday with wind gusts as high as 120 miles per hour and it passed over the
Japanese capital of Tokyo electricity went out for almost a million households
and more than a hundred flights were cancelled which stranded 6,800
passengers at one of Tokyo's two international airports highways were
closed rail lines were shut down chips were forced to stay in port so the
typhoon temporarily paralyzed transportation and the Japan
Meteorological Agency had warned residents to stay inside anyway
this happened five days after a separate storm hit North and South Korea
typhoon ling-ling brought high winds and heavy rains to the region damaging homes
farms and thousands of buildings
typhoons are hurricanes are cyclones they are the same thing just in
different oceans a lot like a hot cake is a flapjack because a pancake is a
short stack if you are west of the day line soar west of Hawaii north of the
equator you're a typhoon if you're in the Atlantic of the Pacific around
America you are a hurricane and if you're around the Indian Ocean or in the
southern hemisphere you're a cyclone so it's not out of the question for a
hurricane to become a typhoon if it moves over the dateline in fact after
crossing the International Dateline Hurricane Genevieve
turned into typhoon Genevieve a few years ago Belgrade is the capital of
what landlocked European country Bulgaria Croatia Romania or Serbia to
get to Belgrade you have to travel to Serbia a nation a little smaller than
the US state of South Carolina as the crow flies Belgrade is almost the exact
same distance from Beijing China as it is from Washington DC Belgrade's a
little over 4600 miles from each capital yet the small European country of Serbia
has become significant to both east and west with China and America wrestling to
have influence there according to the US Central Intelligence Agency China is
Serbia's third largest import partner behind Germany and Italy which are much
closer and while Serbia's government type is a
parliamentary republic a form of democracy it's a communist state that
many Serbians see as their nation's good friend follow the tracks on the
outskirts of Belgrade and you get to Central Europe follow the money and you
end up somewhere very different the new tracks bear the markings of
China railways one of the major Chinese projects in Serbia moving the balkan
country from its traditional allies in the west to the red dragon in the far
east this steel mill was once owned by u.s.
steel when it couldn't make money the Americans sold it to the Serbian
government for $1 until the Chinese stepped in retired construction worker
voila Slav Milankovitch says the move saved his hometown people do see the
Chinese here as rescuers we would like them to stay here if they leave this
would mean disaster for many of us China bought the plan for a premium of 51
million dollars then poured more money into it in villages here that rely on
the steel mill for employment it is China that looks like the savior it
builds this perception that it's Beijing to the rescue and it grows
Serbia's reliance on a different superpower it's not just infrastructure
Chinese police will soon start patrolling in Serbia given a rise in
Chinese tourism telecom firm pol always installing surveillance cameras in the
capital of Belgrade and there are plans for Huawei to build a 5g network here
despite us security concerns about the Chinese tech giant all of it is a red
flag to America we're trying to support them to move in one direction they
should be careful about where they're going Kyle Scott is the US ambassador to
Serbia part of an effort to bring the two countries closer last month
the White House hosted the Serbian foreign minister in Washington who then
urged Serbs in America to support President Donald Trump the door of
friendship is open but China is coming in bringing money and loans for Serbia
which didn't respond to our request for comment the new attention means a boost
to the economy much-needed infrastructure projects and a powerful
friend coming into the region
it's a bird it's a plane it's a Motorhome it's a shed and if you think
that sounds like no ordinary shed you're right this garden storage unit on four
wheels is powered by a 4.2 liter v8 and it's capable of going faster than 80
miles per hour so why would someone build this and then put 34,000 miles on
it well it did set a Guinness world record for fastest garden shed so if you
need to get your tools fast will barrel through traffic or test the limits of
Spade don't throw in the trowel hop in the speed shed and rake in a record for
hose power while leaving your competition in sheer defeat at a dusty
fork in the road I'm Carl azuz planting and pruning puns on CNN 10


CNN 10 - September 10, 2019 CNN Studen New

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