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- So we always try to think about
what would actually be in a real village,
in a real town.
Anyways we thought we were very clever
and made it our vocal station.
- [LeeAnna] I think it's very clever
Are there any ghosts out there?
I'm LeeAnna Vamp.
and model.
I've been dressing up as my favorite
ghosts and ghouls for years.
But now I wanna find the real deal.
That seems like a very bad idea.
I'm driving from New Orleans Louisiana
to Charleston South Carolina,
exploring ghostly legends that have
spooked residents for years.
I am in heels and a dress right now,
climbing out of somebody's crypt.
This is a bad idea.
I'm not the first to travel to the South
in pursuit of it's mysterious past.
Ghost stories have haunted the area for generations.
- Wanna see my ghost?
- [LeeAnna] Since this will be my first time investigating,
I've scouted out local ghost hunters
to help me perfect the craft.
- I am a member of the New Orleans Vampire Association.
- [LeeAnna] But I'm not just looking for ghosts.
I'm here for an adventure.
(gun fires)
- So cool!
I'll be trying the food.
Brushing the fangs.
Learning the history,
(gun fires)
and checking out the local culture.
(airplane roars)
(upbeat music)
- We're on the Steamboat Natchez
and we are taking a journey down the Mississippi River.
(upbeat music)
I have not been to New Orleans before.
This is my first time and I think I'm experiencing it
on all of the right levels.
It's a party city
but it's also a cultural and historical city.
We're gonna see a lot of different people,
a lot of different personalities.
(saxophone music)
Every place around here has a ghost story attached to it.
So I think we're gonna run across
some stuff while we're here.
(cheerful organ music)
(ship horn blows)
I am really excited to see all of the haunted locations
and hear people's stories.
A lot of things have gone down here over the generations.
There have been hurricanes,
and so so many serial killers.
They used to execute people in the town square.
I'm not really sure if that's cool or terrifying.
With history and a lot of tragedy,
there comes hauntings.
So are you guys from New Orleans?
- [Both] Born and raised
- East side
- Do you have any ghost stories you wanna share with us?
- Yeah.
Right there over there,
they got a hospital called Tulane University.
Ya know right down the street from there
is a big old abandoned building.
And when I pass through there,
the lights will be off.
And when I pass again,
the lights will be on.
- In my hotel actually.
So I'm staying at the Homewood Suites
and the first night I'm laying in bed.
I can see the bathroom but it's dark.
I hear footsteps walking on my tile
- What.
- (laughs) Coming towards me.
- There's like something grabbed me
and I couldn't breathe or move.
So I'm all (gasps).
- Sound,
nothing would come out.
- I couldn't move or anything.
But then I got up and turned the light on,
and everybody asleep.
And so I knew it was something from the spirit world.
- Hey guys.
I'm pretty hungry.
Anyone have any good suggestions on places to eat here?
(upbeat music)
(background noise)
What is this?
- This is seafood gumbo.
- Can I try it now?
It smells amazing. - It's good.
This is a New Orleans traditional dish.
It's made from a roux.
We add shrimp to it,
crab meat,
and minced okra.
- I'm just gonna keep eating it for a little bit
if that's okay with everybody.
- [Leslie] The char grilled oyster
is actually our number one seller.
We shuck them fresh everyday.
They're grilled with seasoned butter and Romano cheese.
(background noise)
- I can't chew with the fangs.
So its gonna be (laughs) awkward chewing situation.
So the fangs for me,
are my ultimate fashion accessory.
Some people are into bags and shoes,
I have like six different pairs of fangs.
I was always a Halloween kid.
I loved ghosts and goblins,
and I found a way to incorporate that love into my persona.
I think people think I'm crazy,
which I love that reaction.
I like that it makes people question "Who is this person?"
"Why does she have fangs?"
So when I told you guys about New Orleans,
a few of you mentioned a place called
the Music Box Village.
A kind of concert venue/musical instrument house.
I'm not exactly sure what it is,
but we're on our way there now.
- Welcome to the Music Box.
- Thank you.
(upbeat music)
- This is the Music Box,
where all of our structures
are basically musical architecture.
So we try to find things that would happen in a normal house
like opening a door for example,
here we have a guitar string,
and we basically made a slide guitar
out of our sliding doors.
These are just some industrial sized tubes
and various sized fans,
rigged with a motor and a pulley system
that goes at different speeds.
(musical whistling)
That's our little light blade.
(upbeat music and whistling)
- I wanna play musical houses for a living now.
(upbeat music)
This is glorious.
You have to tell me how it got started.
- This old house was falling down next to my house,
and we saved all the wood.
You know music is a big deal in New Orleans.
Let's make a musical house.
That seemed really daunting,
so what we did instead was we built
this little village of little tiny houses.
(zydeco music)
- [LeeAnna] How is it to see a band perform in this space?
- Well there's really not that many seats
that are that far away from the artist,
so you're in it.
The P.A. and the sound system
isn't this mammoth wall of speakers
pointing right at you and blaring your ears out.
All the sounds are coming from the spaces that they're in.
It's like surround sound but in real life.
(upbeat music)
- That way this house works,
is that it has this sub-floor
and lots of crazy buttons.
And if you look in the dormer window,
you can see the shape of the tone that I'm playing.
- [LeeAnna] Oh yeah!
Is it doing cool stuff up there?
I think that's all I can do.
- You know we work with all kinds of people.
Not just artist artists,
but like mechanics,
70 year old master craftsmen.
It's kind of fun to just bring all these different
minds and ideas and hands and skills to this village.
We're only getting started,
there's so many things we have planned.
- Cool - It's exciting.
(upbeat music)
- So before I go out for my first ghost hunting experience,
I'm gonna call my friend Chad.
He is actually the EP on the show.
He was on a ghost hunting show called Paranormal State.
He knows so much about this stuff,
and he can offer some good advice for me.
- Hola.
I can't see you.
I can hear you.
There you are.
- Here I am.
I had to call you because I'm super nervous about tonight.
I don't really know what to expect,
and I was like "Who can I call that's gonna"
"make me feel better about what I'm about to do?"
And I thought of you.
- The one advice I will give you is,
be the skeptical voice.
And that skepticism is what will
actually lead to real evidence.
I know it's real but you have to
experience it yourself obviously.
- Okay well thank you and I'll talk to you soon.
- I will talk to you soon sweetheart.
- Bye (mwhah)
- Bye bye.
- We are about to head out on my very first ghost hunt.
This always been something that I've wanted to do.
We are in New Orleans which is amazing,
so ahhhh here we go!
(spooky electronic music)
So I'm familiar with some of ghost hunting
tools and techniques.
I haven't had any experiences with it personally
to say that I'm 100% a believer,
but I an open to hear everything that they can offer.
(upbeat spooky electronic music)
- Welcome to 1022 The Dependencies.
Are you ready to do some ghost hunting?
My name is Michael Bill.
I'm a tour guide as well as a paranormal investigator
for Ghost City Tours.
Wanna to see my ghost?
You're gonna meet my partner Elaine,
she's inside here.
- Hi Elaine.
I'm Leanna nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you as well.
- We call this The Dependencies,
or a back house.
Upstairs would have been where the maybe slaves would live,
or in Creole culture,
if your aunt or uncle didn't want to work,
they didn't have to.
You'd put them up in the Dependencies
and that's where they'd stay.
We did find out though at one time,
this was a hospital.
You get your foot stepped by a mule,
it goes gangrene,
they take you back here,
cut it off.
But where do they put it?
Right back there in the courtyard is where they put them.
This is human bone.
And as you can see it's been cut off,
shaved off right here.
- Let me see.
And this was just back there?
- Yeah.
- That's really cool.
Well I mean it's cool for us,
but not for this person.
(upbeat electronic music)
- We have several different spirits here.
He died in the last five years.
He did not die here,
he came here looking for help from the home owner.
Kurt is the one that is primarily tied to the bathroom.
I have a lot of girls that will go to the bathroom in there,
and come out say "Something just grabbed me on the tush."
- Kurt's an ass man.
- Chloe's twelve.
We believe that she was a slave girl.
- Shadow about ye high,
that will be peeking around doors and windows.
That's the mel meter going off.
- If that's you can you please shut off the meter?
Thank you.
Is that little Chloe?
We found out a man named John was stabbed
on the corner of St Philip and Royal in 1853,
came all the way here to when it was the hospital,
and expired.
Now the paper says they never caught who did it.
Johnny told us who did it.
It was his cousin.
He was screwing his cousin's wife.
- So we're outside in the courtyard now.
Tell me about this,
and why there's little bottles of alcohol.
- I had a group here.
Johnny was telling them that he was stuck here
because he was a drunk.
So we started bringing him little bottles.
He's been known to throw things,
appear before people,
push me.
He pushes me some--
- When he appears is it like full body apparition?
- [Michael] It's a full dark apparition.
- Nope.
- You think you're ready to go upstairs
and meet our friend upstairs?
- I think so.
- It's probably the darkest part of the house.
When I first got here I was scared.
- I'm a little afraid,
just looking up there and from everything
that I've heard.
So I'm glad that you guys are gonna be with me.
(spooky music)
So this is it right?
- [Michael] Yeah it's the upstairs.
- [LeeAnna] Holy crap.
- [LeeAnna] I can't tell.
Can you see?
- [LeeAnna] It is way creepier with the lights.
- So this is an interesting location
and a perfect place to try out the spirit box.
- [Michael] This is called the spirit box.
- No matter what any expert tells you,
you will hear the radio.
So if you hear a short little spurt of something
that's just on one station,
assume that's the radio.
- You'll hear it over several different radio channels,
and if it's the same voice answering the same questions,
you've got something.
- [Elaine] Alrighty.
So here we are.
(static bursts)
And we do want to be recording,
because we want to have evidence.
And also quite often you don't really hear
it very clearly the first time through.
- We sat on the bed in the back of the room.
You just feel like something's there,
or someone's behind you.
- Hello!
Is there anybody up here with us right now?
(static bursts)
Can you tell me your name please?
(static bursts)
(faint voice)
Or how about this,
you say someone in this room's name.
Anyone here's name.
(static bursts)
(creepy squeaking)
You're gonna like,
think you're hearing things
but sometimes you're not - Because I thought I heard
him say your name.
- Then we'll play that back and see if we got it.
- Something was different.
There was a moment where something
was different in the room.
- I'm gonna step out just for a minute.
I'm gonna go right outside on the porch.
Usually when I walk out of the room
the needle will come on (laughs).
- He thought that he should leave the room,
because when he leaves the spirits are more active.
- [Elaine] Okay so whenever we are ready.
Wait the proximity detector just went off.
- And the second he walked out of the room,
one of the meters went off.
- [Elaine] If that's you,
can you make that meter go off for me again please?
(electronic spurts)
It's been a while since I've talked to you.
(static bursts)
(foreboding boom)
- Hi.
- [Elaine] Yeah.
- Hi I'm LeeAnna Vamp.
If you're with us can you say hello?
(static bursts)
Do you feel safe here?
(creepy music)
Do you feel safe here?
(creepy music)
I'm getting hot.
- [Elaine] Okay your last question:
Where are you in this room right now?
(static bursts)
(foreboding boom)
(electronic bursts)
- [Elaine] So that was cool.
- Man!
- [Elaine] I think we got at least
a couple of real responses out of that.
- There was a moment where,
I kind of just glazed over for a minute,
and I had this feeling of something.
Just something physically changed over my body,
I got warm,
I just felt like something was there.
You don't feel like there's anything really touching you,
but you feel like you need to like ugh,
like shake it off.
I just felt like something was around me,
I don't know what it was.
And then we did that,
and it said "Hi."
And then that went off,
and it was like it's a little overwhelming.
I have never felt that feeling before in my life.
There was definitely something up in that room.
I feel like Michael Bill and Elaine
have given me a good base of what these things do,
how you use them,
and I hope that I do them proud.
And that we find some more stuff along the road.
(upbeat electronic music)
(ghostly breath)
So today I'm at the Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans,
and rumor has it that this place is haunted by the spirits
of five little boys that died in a fire.
So we're gonna see if we can't talk to them
or any of the other spirits
that may be haunting this hotel,
so if you guys stick around we'll see what we can find.
(upbeat electronic music)
- [Director] We're rolling.
I think we're rolling.
- EVP session Andrew Jackson Hotel December 2nd.
Hello everyone.
I'm LeeAnna Vamp.
And if there is anyone here with us
can you give us a sign?
Can you knock or do anything
to let us know that you're here?
(suspenseful music)
Is there anyone else in the room or around,
that would like to come say hello?
Can you say hello to us?
(suspenseful music)
That was something out there right?
- [Director] Yeah I think so.
- Scared the shit outta me.
Okay thank you very much.
- [Director] Are there any active spirits here?
What are your feelings on the Andrew Jackson?
- I don't feel like I felt the other day
when we were with Michael Bill,
and we were upstairs in that really creepy room.
I had a feeling of something,
and this feels just like a hotel to me.
(ghostly whisper)
(suspenseful music)
So we just wrapped up our EVP session,
and we're not really sure we got a whole lot
there that was substantial.
But we do have Willow coming,
she's a medium,
and we're gonna do a seance.
I'm a little skeptical about anyone
that says that they're a medium or a psychic.
But I have an open mind,
and I'm excited to see if anything unusual
happens in this room.
(suspenseful music)
- Hi.
Nice to meet you I'm Willow Lemechant.
(suspenseful music)
First off just put your hands on the table,
we'll touch fingertips.
- Okay.
(heavy breathing)
Should I close my eyes too?
- Yeah if you want.
I'm calling out to any spirits who reside here
in this building or on this grounds.
Is there anyone that would like to come through tonight?
You're welcome to join us,
you can let us know that you're here.
I see several spirits.
There's several walking around,
standing in the shadows.
You say your name is Thomas.
Thomas are you here?
It's like they're messing with the candles.
Does anyone want to speak through me?
I will open myself up and let you speak through me.
You can't stay though.
(suspenseful music)
This is all very curious.
Not sure what you want to accomplish here tonight.
- Who are we talking to?
- My name is Mary.
Who are you?
- My name is LeeAnna.
My overall thoughts on the seance,
to be 100% honest,
I am very very skeptical about what happened.
- What are you trying to do?
- Just trying to talk to some people.
- But don't make a mess.
- We won't.
We'll clean up.
- I really hate it when people come in here
and they make a mess.
They're always making a mess.
- Are you the maid?
- I suppose you could call me that.
I'm the one that tidies up.
- I don't wanna say that it wasn't authentic.
I just don't feel that,
it really didn't convince me
that we were communicating with a spirit.
What do you like to be called?
- I'm a housekeeper.
I keep the house.
(heavy breathing)
- What happens when a spirit does that?
Does it--
- It's very strange.
When they come in it feels like they push me,
like my spirit back,
and they're up front.
- While I think that there is something to be said,
and I think that there are people
that can communicate,
we just didn't happen to see it this time.
So hopefully we can later on our road trip.
Oh and by no means do I wanna piss off any of these ghosts,
so don't take it personal and don't follow me home.
- Hey what's up?
How are you?
- I'm doing good.
How are you?
- I'm doing good.
I had a chance to see some of your investigation footage.
And what are your thoughts?
- Well I think your reaction right there
kind of reaffirms what I was feeling about it.
Not impressed.
I didn't believe it.
I think what she did put so much more doubt in me.
- The problem with psychic ability
and mediumship is there's no way to verify.
Absolutely fuckin' zero.
And I think you saw a little bit of a performance.
- Yeah.
Well that's exactly what it felt like to me.
The other night at the slave quarters,
I had...
Just like a...
It was something I haven't felt before,
and we were upstairs and we have the ghost box,
the spirit box,
and I kind of just stopped,
and I felt like my eyes got watery.
I was just interesting.
And I don't know what that was.
- I think that's very interesting
that you're having feelings that are beyond just interest,
and just fear or just spookiness.
I would say remain open to that.
And maybe ask yourself over and over again,
"What is this that I'm feeling?"
- Okay.
- I know that you're gonna be traveling across the south,
and oddly enough I'm gonna be in Charleston,
at the Charleston jail.
And hopefully our paths will cross then.
If you're ready.
If you're ready.
- I hope so.
I look forward to that moment.
I hope so.
So thank you.
I'll talk to you soon okay?
(spooky music)


GHOSTED with LeeAnna Vamp | "Spirit Box Communication" | Crypt TV Culture

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