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Hi Guys!
I'm Subhang from Websitelearners.com
Today, I'll be showing you
How you can create your business email address for free
So after watching this video instead of you using a
normal gmail account like this one ([email protected]),
you'll be able to use an email ID like
[email protected]
which looks a lot more professional
Now, this means you will be able to send or receive emails
using addresses like [email protected]
or [email protected]
So, after you create your business email
we'll see, how you can connect your business email
with gmail so that everything can be managed in one place
So, all you need to have to follow
this tutorial is a Domain name with GoDaddy
So, if you don't have a domain name, you can get it now
just by clicking here
So, you can get the domain
and then follow this tutorial
So after you've got the domian
Now if you try to create an email account on that domain
you would need to pay about 5 dollar a month
for creating a business email
So, In this video, I'll be showing you how you can avoid
paying that amount
and create your business email address for free
So let's get started!
We're going to create a business email address in just
5 steps!
The First Step
Is to login to godaddy
So, let's go to godaddy.com
and then click 'sign in'
Now sign-in to your account
Okay, so now I've signed in!
and you can see that
this is the domain that I have on my account
So we're going to setup the email on this domain
So to do that
Let's go to step 2
which is to create an email forward in godaddy
So by creating the forward
we'll be able to forward
all the emails
coming to your business email
to your gmail inbox
So let's create a forward,
let's scroll down
And click 'additional products'
then next to email forwarding
click 'redeem'
Now click 'create forward'
Now, in this field,
enter the business email address that you want to create
It can be [email protected]
So I'm going to type [email protected]
Now when you type @ it will automatically show
the domain that you've purchased on your Godaddy account
So you can select it
and then here you need to enter your gmail address
Now here we're telling godaddy to forward,
all the emails sent to this address
to our gmail address
So let's click create!
And our email forward has been created
So, Now let's go to STEP 3
Which is to check, if our DNS settings are correct
In order to ensure, that the emails are being forwarded,
we need to make sure, that our DNS is setup correctly
So to check our DNS settings
Click 'tools'
And click 'server settings'
Okay! So now you can see that we're getting
an error message
which says "No MX records were found"
So this means, the forward, we just created
will not work
and enter the settings given here
So let's fix the DNS
by going to godaddy
Then click here
and click 'my products'
Now next to your domain name
click 'DNS'
So, we're going to add our MX records on this page
So let's scroll down
and click 'add'
And choose the 'type' as 'MX'
Now in this field, just type '@'
and now we need to copy-paste the
correct server settings in this box
So let's go back to this page
and copy this text
and paste it here
Now, enter '0' in this field
And click 'save'
Okay, so the first entry has been added
Now, let's add the final entry,
by clicking 'add'
And then select 'MX'
Now type '@' here
and then let's go to this page
And copy the second setting
and paste it here
Now enter '10' in this box
and click 'save'
Okay! So now we've added the MX records
So, let's go back
and previously we had this error message
Now, since we've added our MX records
let's click 'refresh'
And as you can see godaddy tells us that
the 'MX records' are correct
This means that our email forwarding will work
So previously we told godaddy,
to forward the emails coming here
to gmail
So let's go to a random gmail account
and click 'compose'
and, try sending an email to [email protected]
and click 'send'
Now if we go to the gmail account,
where we forwarded our mail
and click 'refresh'
You can see that we have received a mail
So let's click it
So now, if you click here
you can see that it was sent to our business email
So now, we're able to receive emails to our business email
Next, we're going to see how we can send emails
from this address
So right now, if we reply to this mail
It will still go from our gmail address which we don't want
We want our email to be sent from
[email protected]
So to send emails from our domain
we need an SMTP server
So we're going to get a free server
from a website called 'SMTP2go'
So let's go to STEP 4
which is to Setup an account, on SMTP2GO
So to create the account
Let's open a new tab
and search for 'SMTP2GO'
And then click the first link
And click 'Try for free'
Now let's enter these details
and click 'sign-up'
Okay! So once you reach this page
your SMTP account is now ready
So now let's go to the final step!
Which is to Add this account to Gmail
By doing this
we'll be able to send emails, from the business email address,
using gmail
So to add this account to gmail
Let's go there
and go to 'settings'
Now click 'accounts & import'
And now, since we want to send emails,
from our business email
We need to click 'add another email address'
And you'll get this 'new window'
Now first, we're going to enter the 'from name'
which we want in our emails
Now this is the name which will appear
when someone receives an email from you
So you can type anything here
So I'm going to type 'quicktechy support'
And then here you need to enter the same email,
which you used while setting up the email forward
So for me, it's [email protected]
So, I'm going to enter that
and then click 'next'
Okay! So now we need to enter the username & password
from SMTP2GO
So let's go there
and copy the username
and paste it here
and then copy the password
and paste it
So, now to get the SMTP server details
let's click 'finish'
and copy the setting from here
and then paste it here
Now set the port to '25'
and click 'add account'
So, now gmail will send a confirmation code to your
business email
So let's go to gmail
and go to our inbox!
Now click this confirmation email
and copy this code
and paste it here
Now click 'verify'
and we are done!
Now if we go to 'settings'
and click 'accounts & import'
you can see that our business email, is now, added!
Now if you want, you can set this address as
the default 'from' address
If you want to set it as the default email address,
just click 'make default'
And now all the emails will
be sent from your business email
Okay, so now let's test it
by sending an email from our business email
and see if we're able to receive it
So let's click 'compose'
And you can see that the email is being sent from,
our business email
Now you can still send emails from your gmail address
by clicking here
and choosing your gmail address
So now, we'll test
If we are able to send emails from our business email
So I'll select the business email
and enter a test email
And click 'send'
Now if we go to that inbox
You can see that, we've received the mail!
So let's open the mail
And now if we click here
you can see that the mail was sent from
our business email
So now we're able to send emails from our business email
Next, we're going to see, how you can remove this message
which says "via smtpservice"
Now, this message is being shown,
since we're using SMTP2GO
If you don't want 'this message' to be shown on your emails
there is a way you can remove it
So Next
Let's see, how we can remove the "sent via" message
So in order to remove this message
Let's go to smtp2go
and then go to 'settings'
and click 'sender domains'
Now click 'add a domain'
and, enter your domain
So, I'm going to enter quicktechy.com
and then click 'add domain'
So in order to remove that "sent via" message in gmail,
We need to give access to SMTP2GO to use our domain
For doing that, we need to add these entries
into our DNS page
Since our DNS provider is godaddy
Let's go there
and then click here
and click 'my products'
Now click 'DNS'
and then scroll down
and click 'add'
Now select 'TXT'
as shown here
Next, copy the hostname
and paste it here
and then copy this
and paste it here
Now click 'save'
Okay, so now we've added the first entry
Next, let's add the second one
So, click 'add'
and select 'cname'
and then copy
and paste
Copy this
and then paste it
then click 'save'
Okay! So now we've added both the DNS entries
Now let's go to SMTP2GO
and then let's scroll down
and verify our settings
Okay! So now you can see that, all our settings are correct!
Which means 'the message' will no longer show up on
our emails
So now let's try sending another email
So, we'll go to gmail
and click 'compose'
and then write a test email
and click 'send'
So now, let's go to that inbox
You can see the message
which was there on our previous mail
and now if we check for the new email,
which we just sent
and open it
You can see that we no longer have the message
So that's it guys!
This is how you can create your business email
Now, if you wanna learn - How to Make A Website
You can watch this video!
We show you how you can make a website in just 10 mins
So after you've created your website
you can follow the same steps
that we saw in this video
to create your business email
and also if you haven't subscribed to websitelearners,
make sure you click the subscribe button,
to get more videos from us
I'll see you in the next video
Babye :)


How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

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