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(upbeat music)
(audience cheers)
(upbeat music)
- What's up Wildcats, whoo!
(audience cheers)
Thank you guys for coming out!
My name is Steve Rossiter.
I'm class of 2010.
You might know me as the weird alum
that's been in a few too many spring fall weekends.
But I was also had the privilege and honor
of playing for Coach McKillop
and playing on the Davidson team,
and on the Elite Eight team.
And had the honor of setting a lot of screens for Steph.
(audience laughs)
Before we get started with the great show,
I'm gonna read a quick advertisement slash announcement.
To accommodate this event,
which they generously did,
a previously scheduled event,
The Be the Match Typing Drive,
it's upstairs.
A student-led service organization
that adds Davidson community members
to the Be The Match registry.
This is one sentence, by the way.
(audience laughs)
Which pairs blood cancer patients
with life saving donors,
will be held in the 900 room following Stephen's Q and A.
I hope you guys will support this cause.
(audience cheers)
And I heard Riley might be there,
but I'm not sure.
(audience cheers)
So let's see what happens.
I heard, I heard.
Alright now before we bring out the special guest,
I want to bring out the man
who's responsible for all of this.
The man synonymous with Davidson basketball.
Thank you guys.
You guys can sit if you want.
(audience laughs)
But, but, but hold on.
I read the Tweets.
I read the Yik Yaks,
which you guys are kinda weird actually.
(audience laughs)
Alright but what I want you to do now
is get on your feet once again please.
I want you to make some noise for the man,
the silver fox,
Coach Bob McKillop!
(audience cheers)
Thank you, thank you.
(audience cheers)
Now why I think you guys
all started lining up up 7:30.
I think he's here.
He might still be in the shower over at Baker.
But let's see if he's back there.
But can we make some noise.
Can we get a little clap going
for our man Steph Curry!
(audience cheers)
(upbeat music)
- [Audience] MVP!
(audience cheers)
- Oh thank you very much.
This is a very surreal moment
to be back on Davidson's campus where it all started.
So thank you all for coming out.
For being a part of this special day.
I haven't back in I think a couple years.
So I wanted to bring some company with me.
(audience cheers)
When I stepped foot on campus in 2006,
I never would've imagined this day happening.
So thank you very much
and let's have a special time here today.
Appreciate it.
(audience cheers)
- Alright thank you guys so much for that intro.
We're gonna start it off.
It's going to be a little structured at first.
We're gonna ask some questions
that hopefully appeal to you guys.
And then we're gonna open it up to some Q and A.
So maybe try to think of a couple good ones.
So Steph he just kinda touched on this.
But first time back.
I think you told me the other day in two years about,
what were the emotions that came to you right away?
- Um I drove on Griffith Street coming up
and turned the corner.
The first thing is all the new buildings.
(audience laughs)
That caught me off guard.
I walked by Thomason and saw the new buildings down there.
And coming around the back,
then you kind of settle in
and everything is pretty much the same.
The same field you see.
You know students going to class.
You have that same kind of odd look in their eye
that I had back when I was here.
So everything kind of comes back home.
It's just special to be back on campus.
There's no place like Davidson.
And I try to explain that to everybody
I come in contact with when they ask me,
where did you go to school?
When you try and put it into words
what this place means,
I do my best.
But whenever you step foot on campus
after a long, long hiatus away,
it all comes back.
So it's just special.
- Great, I'm sure we all feel the same way.
We come back from summer vacation,
you feel good,
you feel ready to go so.
(audience laughs)
- I'm just glad I didn't have any books.
For right now,
I still got some work to do.
(audience laughs)
- Cool, well that's great.
So you had an incredible year.
We all know what you did.
But I want to take it all the way back
to your very first workout, Fall 2006.
I'm gonna ask Coach to talk about it.
First workout on campus,
maybe a week into school.
- It was the first week of September
and I forgot the workout time,
but it might've been 3, 3:30 and there's no Steph.
(audience laughs)
And all of the sudden out the corner of my eye,
I see him come out of the locker room
and we had already begun part of the workout.
And Stephen starts to loosen up on the side.
I said yeah keep loosening up Steph.
(audience laughs)
And he then proceeded to come on to the court
and said Coach I'm ready.
And I said,
you're out of here.
Get in the locker room.
So I threw him out of his first practice.
(audience laughs)
- It didn't get much better from there.
(audience laughs)
My second practice I was a freshman
and I think he had some huge faith in me.
So he put me with all the seniors at the time.
Or the juniors at the time.
It was Jason Richards,
Boris Meno,
Thomas Sander.
And I'm a little scrawny freshman coming on,
I don't really know what college workouts really like.
And my first individual.
And about halfway through,
coach has a white towel that he has in his back pocket.
And I'm like huffing and puffing.
I got that look like
I don't know how much more I got left in the tank.
And he waves the white towel in my face like,
you want to surrender don't you?
(audience laughs)
You want to surrender don't you?
Go ahead and surrender.
Take the towel surrender, go ahead.
And I tried to dig deep as much as I could
to finish the workout.
I wasn't going to let him get the best of me there,
but that kind of motivation and that drive
is what makes him special.
Doesn't let anybody off the hook.
- It took about three weeks
for him to prove to me
that he was going to be a star.
We had an alumni function in Charlotte
where a lot of fans and a lof of alums and boosters came.
It was a luncheon and I stood up in front of that luncheon
and was asked questions about
what kind of year we are going to have.
We just graduated seven seniors.
And I said we're gonna be pretty good,
and we got a really special player
that's gonna go down in history
as the greatest ever to play the game at Davidson College,
Steph Curry.
(audience cheers)
- I wouldn't mind if one of these guys
would break some records too.
So y'all can make that happen too.
(audience laughs)
- Great yeah so we started off at the low
missing the first workout,
to the greatest Wildcat ever.
Let's take it back down again.
(audience laughs)
We're gonna go back
to Steph's first ever collegiate game,
which you played out of Michigan
in an open season tournament.
Coach if you want to talk about that.
- Well Stephen had caught our eye
for quite a few summers before that.
And we were recruiting him in the summer prior
to his senior year.
We're in Las Vegas and watching him play
in this AAU tournament and he was awful.
(audience laughs)
He had eight turnovers.
But yet we noticed
he never stopped playing defense.
He never stopped running the court.
He never stopped listening to his coach.
He never stopped cheering his teammates on.
He never complained to the officials.
No change in his demeanor whatsoever.
Fast forward to his first game in a Davidson uniform.
Played Eastern Michigan in the Michigan tournament.
He had nine turnovers in the first half.
(audience laughs)
We're down 16 points.
Our coaching staff got together before
we went to the locker room at halftime.
Do we take Steph out of the lineup?
Do we not take him out of the lineup?
Hey remember Las Vegas a year ago?
He's not going to stop playing.
He lives in the moment.
He's going to keep playing.
Let's keep him in the lineup.
We wind up winning the game.
And Steph finished with a double double.
15 points and 13 turnovers.
(audience laughs)
- It can only get better from there.
You set the bar real low.
- And he's right.
Next night he dropped 32 on Michigan.
(audience cheers)
- Alright so let's talk about
maybe one of the strangest games
that any of us have been a part of.
It was your final season at Davidson a junior.
The fall of 2008.
We were playing Loyola of Maryland at home.
It's a game we won by 30 points.
But instantly became national news for a brief time.
But coach you want to open up the story behind that?
- Steph was the leading scorer in the nation at that point.
And for whatever reason,
the coach of Loyola decided to go down in the history books.
He was gonna shut Stephen Curry out.
Hold him scoreless.
Well he put two guys on Stephen Curry,
and three guys played a triangle zone
on our other four players.
(audience laughs)
Usually when you play a triangle and two,
you play two guys on the opposing team.
They played two on Stephen.
Now this is a great reflection
on the kind of young man he is.
He comes back to the bench after the first timeout
and he says coach,
why don't I just stand in the corner
and let those two guys watch me
and we'll play four against three.
(audience laughs)
Well that's exactly what we did.
(audience laughs)
We wound up winning by 30 points.
And I used to think there was a deal
between him and his roommate Bryant Barr,
because Bryant Barr is the biggest scoring game he ever had.
The guy that was supposed to be guarding Bryant
was guarding Steph along with Steph's guy.
So Bryant had free reign to shoot
and became the leading scorer in that game.
- One of my favorite games for sure
to kind of continue that story.
Maybe the second half when I realized at that point
that we had come up with was gonna work
and we were gonna win by 30 plus.
It didn't really matter if I scored,
but I got to stand in the corner in the arena,
and on the side of the scorer's table,
actually my man Joey Bueller can probably help me out.
There's a little bowl of popcorn
during one of the dead balls
since their all eyes on the rest of the team
playing four on three.
I got to snag a couple handfuls.
(audience laughs)
During the game so.
Everybody knows how much I love popcorn.
So we got a win and a popcorn.
I know that's fine by me.
- Alright so let's go two weeks after that.
We travel to New York City
to play West Virginia in the Jimmy V Classic.
I think you started out that game,
one for 13 from three, right?
But you finished strong.
In the last five minutes,
I think you had 13 of our final 15 points.
- That should tell you something
about my mentality right there.
It's one for 13 with plenty of time left
on the clock from the three-point line.
- Anybody else is one for 15 out of the game so.
Well yeah so you finished with 27 points.
We won the game.
You had the Madison Square Garden crowd
absolutely buzzing.
The city was buzzing.
The Daily News, The Post.
You want to talk about that game,
that performance a little more?
- That was a fun time for us to be on a stage like that.
My junior year we were playing pretty well
and going up to Madison Square Garden
for the Jimmy V Classic
and knowing how big of an event that it.
To beat a team like West Virginia
in the fashion that we did like you said,
persevering through poor performance
for pretty much 30 minutes of the game,
and then finding a way to win it at the end
was just kind of the belief
that myself and my teammates had.
Made a couple big shots.
Had some great screens from Andrew Lovedale
and yourself as well.
I'll throw you in there.
(audience laughs)
It was a good time.
And anytime you get a win in Madison Square Garden,
obviously Coach being from the New York area,
knows how big of a deal that is.
So it was good to get that done.
- Coach you got anything to add to that
in your experience?
- Yeah we had a very, very vivid recollection
of that particular game
driving home from one of our games two years ago?
And Stephen had 55, 54 points at Madison Square Garden.
And the whole bus was watching their computers
as we drove home,
cheering every jump shot you took Steph.
Jimmy Fox was absolutely crazy watching it.
- Yeah I was actually living in New York at the time,
my quick break from Davidson.
And I was in the arena at the game
and every time he touched the ball
and even looked like he was gonna shoot,
there was just a gasp over the crowd.
It was one of the coolest experiences
I ever been around.
But let's move forward a little bit to,
coach you mentioned before about three weeks
into his individual workouts
was when you really noticed and thought
that he was gonna be special.
Was there ever maybe another moment,
a game moment where you thought
that he really proved himself.
And the one moment that kind of changed everything.
I'm gonna ask you the same for yourself.
- You can reflect back on freshman year
when we went to Buffalo to play Maryland.
It was first round of the NCAA tournament
and were decided underdogs.
And Stephen had 30 points in that game
and it was sort of the coming out party.
Everyone here at Davidson
knew Steph as a freshman and how good he was.
Everybody knew it.
And you know we're a small college.
We have great academic rigor here.
And no one gives us any respect.
Well this guy brought respect to us right away.
30 points against Maryland.
(audience cheers)
- That's exactly the moment I was thinking about.
My first opportunity,
my teammates at the NCAA stage,
and after the game I remember Gary Williams
did a post-game press conference.
We lost that game against Maryland,
but we showed promise
and I had everybody come back for that next year.
So we turned some eyes,
but Gary Williams made a comment
said that I could play anywhere in the country.
And there was all this talk about would I transfer,
go to a big D1 school that didn't recruit me
coming out of high school.
When they asked me about it after the game,
that was like a defining moment.
Just it really put into perspective
how special Davidson was to me.
And how we wanted to build our own story here.
And transferring never crossed my mind.
And obviously being here was meant to be.
Everything happens for a reason for me.
So you to be able to come to my living room
my senior year and tell me
that I had a spot on Davidson basketball team
and at Davidson College,
I wanted to live that out.
And obviously the rest is history.
So that was a big defining moment
to hear what Gary Williams said,
but also to be committed to Davidson going forward.
(audience applauds)
- So we know anyone who watches games,
and we know it,
you said it.
The Warriors have the best fans in the NBA.
And then you look at something like this,
where everybody came out
on a moment's notice.
How important,
both at home at Baker,
and during the Elite Eight when everyone traveled,
how important was the fan support to you?
- It's the staple of Davidson College.
Supporting each other.
It's obviously like Coach said,
it's 18, 1900
I don't know what the population is now,
but I think with us being able to do what we did
and be able to involve the entire school
and whole process and the whole story was unbelievable.
There's so much talk about
what the Board of Trustees was able to do in 2008.
We went to Detroit and played the
Sweet Sixteen Elite Eight games
and you look up,
and I know you remember it.
We're at Ford Field
in the middle of a football stadium
and you see it just a sea of red
behind our bench and across from our bench,
and all sprinkled out throughout the arena.
And that kind of support,
and that kind of community is
what makes us special here.
So I think those memories are irreplaceable.
And now that I'm representing Davidson College
in Oakland out with the Warriors.
And traveling around to all the different NBA cities
to see all the alumni from all over the place
come out to support me during games
and I can see all the Davidson red and all that.
That mean so much to me
and obviously bringing it back home here,
you know I don't believe there's not an empty seat
in this building.
And you guys have supported me from day one,
so I appreciate that.
And that's never gonna stop
in my commitment to Davidson
is never gonna stop.
(audience applauds)
- [Audience Member] We love you!
(audience laughs)
- We do love you.
- Who said that (laughs).
It's almost like a rock concert or somewhere.
(audience laughs)
- Alright so any of these guys over here will tell you,
any of the alums will tell you that
Coach McKillop has taught us invaluable lessons
over the years that,
you know they really do relate to
both basketball and to life.
Is there one particular
that you've kind of held with you
at the forefront that you've always remembered?
(audience laughs)
- All access.
I mean shoot he taught me so much.
I think just the true values of T.C.C.
Trust, commitment and care,
that still lives.
It means so much to me because
it's the core of what makes
Davidson College and Davidson basketball so special.
It's what builds friendships for a lifetime.
And values that also helped me off the court as well.
Anything that I do,
if you live by those principles
I think you'll get the most out of life.
So you know Coach taught us that from day one.
We smacked the board
as we walked in and out of the locker room
every single day.
Some of us took it to another level
and put it on our bodies.
I got it tattooed on my wrist right here.
T.C.C. so I meant it's
that's how special it is.
(audience applauds)
It's what makes Coach's story so special,
being here for 25 plus years now.
Building the Davidson basketball program
to what it is and leaving
an imprint on every single player
that's put on the red and black
and played for him.
No matter how successful that team was,
I'm pretty sure they're better human beings
having played for Coach McKillop.
And that's what it's really all about.
So our appreciation is at an all times high for you.
(audience applauds)
- Coach, speaking of lessons learned and teaching,
how was Stephen as a student?
(audience laughs)
That's not funny.
- Steph was superb as a student.
I think he carried a 3.1 GPA into his senior year.
And most of you after three years here,
you have 24 core classes accomplished.
Steph had 25.
And there was an interesting story.
He was taking a summer class with
Dr. Shireen Campbell.
And it was Steph and I think Brandon McKillop,
and I think there was a third guy.
And they would sit on Shireen's porch
and go through their lessons each July.
And I think you were reading a book
that the San Francisco Examiner
asked you about your class.
You said yes I'm taking an English class.
And what were you reading?
And I think it was the Hardy Boys.
(audience laughs)
This was right before the draft too.
- It was an young adult fiction class I believe.
So it had merit.
It wasn't some 400 level reading.
- It was also interesting because
one of our alums in San Francisco
picks up the newspaper
and reads that Stephen is reading The Hardy Boys.
And is outraged that we were trying
to let him graduate with easy courses.
And Tom Ross answered that very eloquently.
- You gotta get your credits in, you know?
(audience laughs)
(audience applauds)
- Alright Steph now speaking from a Davidson experience,
what's one real solid piece of advice
that relates to their experience at Davidson
that you might be able to share with them?
- Ah man.
Sociology's the,
no I'm just playing.
(audience laughs)
- No because you know looking at you,
and everyone can attest to this.
You live such a balanced life
and you have such a great family.
And you know you do a lot of other activities.
Have a lot of fun in everything you do.
I feel like you've also did that at Davidson.
That's just kind of who you are.
- Time management.
Mastering that part of the college experience,
especially here at Davidson.
You know how strenuous the class schedules are,
and all of the extra curriculars you might want to get into.
Being able to somewhat master that principle
as quickly as you can
will definitely help you be successful.
Especially for the basketball players.
You know anybody that plays sports in college,
and obviously it takes it to another level,
balancing both on court and off court responsibilities.
But for every student it's hard.
And not to lose site of that
and just work hard.
There's really no excuse.
Obviously being at Davidson College
with such a huge opportunity in front of you
to take what you learn here
and take it to real life,
and the real world after you graduate.
So this is a special place.
And very professor that I came in contact with
kind of kept those values at heart.
It was definitely a great experience for me
that I'm actually still in.
It's fun.
Just value what the experience
that you have on this campus is.
Talking to other guys that have been in other schools,
I mean everybody has their experience.
But I think Davidson College is the top tier.
And you're here for a reason,
so take advantage of it.
- Great.
(audience applauds)
This will actually be the last question
before we open it up to you guys.
Being at Davidson,
there's a lot of very driven and motivated people,
goal oriented.
Can you talk about what your process
of having goals versus maybe
the process of actually day in and day out
doing the work and focusing in on the moment.
- For me yeah you visualize where you want to be
and what you want to accomplish.
You kind of get lost in the process
of day to day grinding it out and working.
Pulling all nighters if you have to.
It's just about not losing vision,
and not losing site of what you're trying to accomplish
no matter what hurdles you have to go through.
So I think that kind of relates to whatever you're doing.
Whatever major you've chosen,
or what you're interested in.
So with me in basketball,
it's about visualizing
whether you write it down,
put it on the wall,
do something.
What your goals are and get lost in the process
of day to day grind.
Day to day getting better every single day.
Asking questions.
Aligning yourself with people
that have been through it before
that are experienced,
and leaning on that advise.
Just trying to outwork the next person.
And that's the biggest thing.
- Great, and that's one of the principles
that Coach has instilled in us,
is get better everyday
while focusing on the goals.
Coach you have anything to close with
before we open up the crowd for questions.
- Well let's open it up to the crowd.
They want answers.
- We have some rover mics heading around.
- She's been so eager.
- Let's go in the front.
(audience cheers)
- I'm looking forward to this question.
- [Audience Member] Hello.
My name is Morgan.
- How're you doing?
- I'm great Steph.
(audience laughs)
I am great!
I want to know where Ayesha is because that's bae.
(audience laughs)
But I really want to know
what was your favorite event on campus.
So like the Greek Apocalypse Step Show.
Winter Fest, DSC parties.
Like, where were you?
(audience cheers)
- All of that,
I was everywhere (laughs).
I was everywhere.
Ayesha's here, she's in Charlotte.
She's not here on campus.
But I will relay the message
that you guys say hello.
And probably to Riley too.
(audience cheers)
But I appreciate that.
My family thanks you.
But yeah I was everywhere.
The step show we was there.
DSE, all the other down the hill stuff going on.
(audience laughs)
I was no stranger to being out on campus,
out and about.
But I'll leave it at that.
(audience laughs)
- I think the last time he was actually on the stage,
you were in the dance ensemble.
- I was.
(audience cheers)
I was actually watching that
about a couple months ago.
You can go on YouTube and see the video we did.
I was actually getting fake arrested
by campus police officer.
It was actually pretty funny.
During filming they were
setting me up to get sprayed with a fire hose
which was all sorts of craziness going on.
But it was all in good fun.
But the video we did
turned out well and I got a little cameo in it.
And then made my way onto stage with the dance ensemble.
So all of that extra curricular stuff
that didn't have to do with basketball
was in it too.
- Alright so let's,
hand shot up in the middle.
Over there.
Wanna stand up?
We got the mic coming over there.
- [Audience Member] I wanted to ask you,
my name is Henry Dunk and I'm a junior.
Wanted to ask you about the play against the Clippers
where you basically did a pirouette
around the Clippers,
pulled up at the top of the key
and just fired it.
Bill Simmons said that's the greatest play
he's ever seen.
What was your thought process?
Because Steve Kerr was like hands on his head.
Then he went like this.
Just sort of curious.
- He's probably not the first to do that too.
(audience laughs)
I was coming off I guess the wing
and creativity got the best of me.
And you try and make a move happen.
And once I did like three dribble moves
and I still had the ball,
I was in such a good rhythm,
because I was surprised that I still had it.
(audience laughs)
I knew there was a bunch of swiping arms from the Clippers
and I still had it.
So I turned around.
Honestly at the time,
I thought the shot clock was low.
And so I was in balance,
but that was not a shot
that any coach would tell you to take.
Which is why Coach Kerr had the reaction he did.
But at the end of the day,
I was in rhythm and I felt
I was kind of just in the zone
and didn't really worry about what anyone was thinking
at the time and just shot it.
Thankfully it went in
because if it doesn't go in,
his reaction probably goes from here to,
where's a backup point guard?
Go get him.
(audience laughs)
Go get him now for a second,
let me talk to him.
But thankfully it went in
and everybody loved that play.
It was pretty cool.
- Let's go right there.
(audience laughs)
- [Audience Member] Hi Steph.
I'm Katherine Kendall.
I'm a senior.
- How are you doing?
- Wow I'm really star struck right now.
(audience laughs)
I really didn't think y'all were gonna call on me.
I was just wondering if you
had any plans in the future
to come back to Davidson and finish up your degree
and finally get your number
up on the wall at Baker.
(audience applauds)
- What was the last part you said?
- What she asked if you didn't hear was,
does Steph have plans to finish his degree,
and then finally get his number
put up in the rafters at Baker,
which is a requirement for that.
- Very much so.
(audience cheers)
- Which I might add is not the reason that he,
it's a perk of that,
but he wants to finish it.
- Exactly.
I definitely want to finish what I started.
That's another principle Coach McKillop taught me.
And so I'm really close.
I'm really close.
So I'll be back hopefully sooner than later
to get it done.
We got a good plan.
There are a lot of professors
and members of the faculty
that are helping me out to
make sure I have a plan of attack
and be able to get the work in
and get it done.
So there will be a time where we would come back
and celebrate that too.
(audience cheers)
- Alright we'll go over here.
- [Audience Member] Alright my name is Brandon,
huge fan also.
(audience laughs)
Against the Clippers March 31st,
I realize we like to play against the Clippers,
especially Chris Paul.
You did a double behind the back
crossover against Chris Paul and he fell.
And as you swished the ball,
what went through your mind at the moment?
- I better make this shot, too.
(audience laughs)
You don't want to do a million dollar move like that
and then we call it a ten cent finish
if you would've missed.
I had a lot of pressure shots in my career,
that was definitely up there.
You hear the crowd go crazy
and you know it's a big moment.
So to finish it off with a jumper
would've been cool.
So I'm thankful I made that one too.
(audience laughs)
- Go ahead, right up front.
Mic's coming from the back.
- [Audience Member] Hey Steph,
I'm Kevin Black.
Awesome to see you.
- What's going on man?
- Congratualations on your MVP
and your finals championship trophy.
My question is,
what's been your favorite moment since you've won,
from the moment the clock went off 'til now?
Just whatever's blown your mind the most.
I'm sure it's been amazing,
but what would you say?
- I appreciate the question.
I think when it comes to what basketball
and the doors that it's opened for me,
I think playing golf with President Obama was,
(audience cheers)
was definitely,
it was a really cool experience
to kind of just hang out with him for five hours.
He's a really down to earth guy.
We had a great conversation about his experience
in the White House,
and where he stands on his presidency.
The mentality it is to be the president,
and what that entails.
I learned a lot from him,
so it was a really cool time.
I got to bring my dad with me
so experiences that you can remember for life.
That was the best until today.
Coming back to see you guys.
(audience cheers)
- Alright you made a sign so you're getting up.
- We'll go here,
then we'll go there.
- [Audience Member] Hi Steph.
My name is Jenny and I'm a senior.
- Hi Jenny.
- I made this sign that says we love Riley and Ryan.
- (laughs) Thank you.
- So obviously we're all pretty big fans
of you and your family.
And I was just wondering how being a father
has kind of changed your life
and impacted your career.
- It's amazing,
fatherhood and parenthood in general.
Just seeing the little mini-me run around.
Everyday is something new about their personality.
And for me,
it's just being able to keep everything in perspective.
I obviously had a great year
and won championships and MVP and all that kind of stuff,
but regardless the family makes you feel the same way
every single time you come home
and that's what keeps life in perspective for me.
I've had bad games this year,
and I've still had great days
because I get to go home and hang out with my family.
And the responsibility too of parenting a child
especially today is,
Riley is only three and Ryan is only two months.
But that burden,
you feel it every single day.
And so I'm trying to be the best dad that I can
and lead by example.
I think that responsibility is more
than anything that comes with a basketball court.
So it keeps everything in perspective for me.
It keeps me working hard obviously to support my family.
I'm blessed.
That's the biggest job I got,
so this is amazing.
(audience applauds)
I can't get nothing by this group down here.
- Alright we're gonna take it up top.
Can you shout it out nice and loud for us?
I don't know if you have a mic.
- [Audience Member] Okay so I'll just try and yell.
Can you hear me?
- Yeah I can hear you.
- Okay so my question was,
how have you been able to maintain christianity
with your faith throughout playing in the NBA.
Because I know that being in the position of fame
does lead to a lot of temptations.
So how has that been?
- Yes that's a great question.
Obviously leaning on family
and for me,
aligning myself with the right people around me
that are good, positive influences.
Good accountability partners.
There are a lot of temptations in the industry
that I am in.
But it's more than just about what situations
you put yourself into.
And for me obviously try to read every single day,
and hone in on what my focus is supposed to be`
and what my purpose is in life.
And realizing I've been blessed
with a huge stage to impact the kingdom.
That's been huge for me.
I think the biggest thing from a day to day standpoint
is just the accountability partners that I have.
I have a couple teammates that
we go to Chapel every single game
that the team at the Oracle Arena
in the Bay area.
And even every NBA team they provide
like a 15, 20 minute chapel service before games.
So I use that opportunity to ground yourself.
And then just making sure that
those accountability partners are aware
of what you're doing,
where you're going,
and that you're always on the line.
When you're in a group and let that accountability happen,
I think you'll always be able to stay on a straighter line.
So that's the biggest thing for me.
(audience applauds)
- Okay we got time for one more question.
- One?
- I don't know how to pick this.
Who's got a really, really good question?
You got a good seat.
I can't, I can't.
Alright my man in the aisle,
I think he jumped from the third floor.
(audience laughs)
- [Audience Member] Okay my name is Jaylen Maddon.
I'm a freshman.
As an African American male
coming out of Davidson,
would you make a change and what would it be?
Would you make a change on the campus,
and what would it be?
- Would I make a change on this campus?
- Yes on this campus.
- I mean he's been gone for 10 years.
And in today's internet world,
a lot happens in 10 years.
So I think you'd have to be around a little more.
- From what I experienced,
I think I had a great experience actually.
There were a lot of opportunities for me
to partner with other African American students
and to let our voice be heard.
There were a lot of opportunities
for us to impact the community as well.
Not only in Davidson and Charlotte,
and also across the nation obviously.
I have my guy who's not here right now.
Clint Smith who's a guy that I went to school with
and great friends with.
Just seeing his impact past Davidson,
I think he learned a lot as well on campus
and was able to,
what you see now is that Davidson had a huge part in that.
I don't know I'd change a specific thing,
I think I was open to a lot of experiences.
And I think there's an opportunity here
for all backgrounds,
especially African American students that are here.
Obviously we're in the minority,
but there are opportunities for sure.
(audience applauds)
- Well I think that's about to wrap it up.
You know so much has gone into this day
and a lot of moving pieces.
I think that's really what we touched on,
and what Davidson's all about.
So many different departments came together
logistically and planning.
It has been an awesome day
and awesome experience.
I hope you guys had a great time.
(Audience member yelling)
- Talk to 'em.
Talk to 'em.
(audience cheers)
I thought we were finishing.
You can't start the song and not finish it.
(audience laughs)
- I'll obviously give Steph the last word.
And don't forget up at the drive up top
in the 900 room.
- Oh that's right, that's right.
They're watching over there too.
But like I said,
this has been an amazing day for me
to be able to come back
and see all my Wildcat fans and supporters.
And to see the Davidson campus as it is right now,
it's just amazing.
The life and energy and passion
you students have, unbelievable.
And I can feel that right now.
So thank you very much for coming out.
I am a proud Wildcat.
I'm gonna represent you guys
the best way I can from here on out.
And I think to be able to do it
for the small liberal arts school
from North Carolina,
and let people know how special
this place is every single day,
that's what I'm about.
So thank you very much.
Thank the basketball team for being up here as well.
For carrying the torch and doing what you do.
(audience cheers)
Good luck this season as well.
Coach McKillop thank you for your vision.
This day is not possible without you.
So I know you got a lot of years left leading this team,
so thank you very much for all you do as well.
- Thank you Steph.
(audience cheers)
- And like Steve said to the faculty and staff
and everybody that made this day possible on short notice,
thank you very much.
It's so cool to see not only the students,
but familiar faces from the grounds crew,
to the staff all across all the different buildings.
The smiles that you have for me
and the hugs and all that,
that means a lot.
I look forward to keep making you guys proud.
So thank you very much.
(audience cheers)
Oh, oh, oh!
(upbeat music)
(audience cheers)


Q&A with Steph Curry and Coach Bob McKillop

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