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In the city that seems eternally on time.
Where tradition meets technology.
They're as good as ready for the biggest ever Olympics.
Welcome to Tokyo.
We should say, welcome back.
Tokyo held the games in 1964.
The first in Asia.
Now, that Olympic stadium has been demolished and rebuilt for this second of three Asian Olympic games in a row.
History will be made again next year.
A record 339 medal events 33 sports
include five new events, including three that target a younger, more extreme audience.
Surfing, Olympic rock climbing, and skateboarding will make their debut in Tokyo.
The Olympics is a year away.
Will you win gold?
Of course, swimming and gymnastics will once again take center stage, with Americans leading the way.
This has been her destiny.
This is a giant stadium.
This isn't San Francisco.
America's national pastime is this country's favorite sport.
If Olympic baseball is anything like this, you guys are in for a treat.
This will be the boxing venue.
Renewal, recycling, combining old and new.
This arena neatly symbolizes the hopes of 2020.
It is the Tokyo, home of Japan's historic national sport.
That's right.
Sumo wrestling.
Watch out for the premiere of Olympic karate, too.
At Tokyo's clubs, they're predicting a gold medal.
Medals which will be made from old electronics, including recycled phones and laptops.
And Tokyo's newest technology will be on show.
This cyborg style frame, helping officials lift heavy Olympic weights.
"Got anything you need lifting, Kyle? OK, so, some camera gear."
"Here we go!"
"Oh, yeah!"
This time of year, Tokyo gets hot.
It's going to be like holding an Olympics in New Orleans.
I have never been to New Orleans so...
In the summer, it's hot and humid.
This time next summer, the games of the 32nd Olympiad will be getting under way, as the Olympic spotlight once again turns to Tokyo.



2020 年オリンピックまであと 1 年:東京で着々と進む準備 (2020 Olympics 1 Year Out: How Tokyo Is Prepping For Summer Games | TODAY)

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