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this may end up being the most boring vlog ever because I just have so much
studying to do for finals but stay tuned for my final shenanigans and me
attempting to make this vlog as interesting as possible
okay so I'm starting this vlog on Tuesday not Monday because Monday was
the same exact as Tuesday's gonna be which is going to Ezra's and studying
all day so I'm going to show you guys me studying today today I've just been
editing YouTube videos and I have my first exams tomorrow so now I'm gonna
study for the rest of the day and take you guys along with me
try and get some satisfying studying montages together so here's my video
project for my day in the life vlog and then this is the thumbnail that I made I
just exported that and have it up on YouTube and this is what the analytics
look like if you guys were wondering the behind the scenes of YouTube now that I
have all this out of the way I'm going to get ready and then go and study until
I can't study anymore please excuse that my room and my mirror is such a mess
we're in the midst of moving out so I have random things sitting around and I
leave my bed unmade because I'm going to be back here so late that I'm just gonna
hop right into bed and my roommates gonna be sleeping I just want to show
you my study outfit for the day so I have this thermal from brandy melville
then I have these white flex fit leggings on I think that they're super
cute and um white leggings aren't very traditional and they sort of make my
legs look like tubes of meat but what you're gonna do
we're gonna do a little update on coffee
counts for Kaitlyn and Ezra I'm on coffee number three of the day and
Ezra's on coffee um oh he's fishing out a sugar packet a
little rough time update what coffee count are you at it's my first one
for today beautiful
okay guys we moved study locations and we're in my favorite place to study so
I'm gonna show you what it looks like
just got done with the group study session and I'm gonna show you the
results of it so this is all the stuff we wrote down we talked about more stuff
but my group member and I just like went over main concepts and that's why I love
this room because it has a whiteboard basement of Owen hall shout out to
the basement it has the best study rooms I've ever seen want to say bye to the
vlog bye guys that was so weak bye that was weaker now
that I've done the group studying I need to go home and go to bed because I need
to wake up early to study more with my group members and yeah so I'm just gonna
end today here and I will see you guys on Wednesday
can I get the angles no oh dang I already moved
I'm getting all the angles okay go ahead keep it going you know I'm not even getting your feet
pose point the toes okay hey guys it's exam day number one it's 7:45 in
the morning and if I'm shaking it's because I'm really cold I'm gonna go to
the clubhouse and drink coffee and meet my groupmates and study until our exam
at 12:45 I have to get ready I'm gonna wear my lady boss pants today I think
got ready in literally two seconds and now I'm going to the clubhouse to go
study with my group mates and hopefully they'll have snacks there like they
usually do and coffee and I will be all set until 12:45
it is currently 8 a.m. on Wednesday and my first exam is at 12:45 my second ones
at 5:45
oh my god I got Starbucks with Kelsey and then we
studied a little more but I really don't feel good because I only got like four
hours of sleep and so I'm going to just sit in my bed for a little while and
edit my video I've already studied enough for my micro bio exam so I'm not
too worried about it in the next hour leave for my micro bio exam
walking home now the exam went super well I have extended time if you guys
are interested in how to get that then let me know anyway I finished the whole
exam and did everything that I could and I studied for like two weeks so I think
I did really well and now I'm walking home to study last-minute stuff for my
stats because I am so let's go the micro bio exam today went really really well
I finished and I think like an hour and a half I did have extended time but I
didn't need it because finals are two hours long I'm proud of myself for
studying so much now that I'm back from that exam I'm cramming for my stats
final I already studied for it but I'm making my cheat sheet still so we get a
cheat sheet on this exam one page front and back
I put really tiny handwriting I still have a whole nother side to fill so I'm
gonna do that literally up until my stats exam just so it's all fresh in my
brain and then I'm gonna take my stats exam and then I have to go and study for
my exam that's tomorrow morning at 7:45
so this is how the cheat sheet turned out the tiniest hand writing ever
crazy now time to go to my Stats exam
okay guys it's 6:00 a.m. or like 6:30 now I have an exam at like 7:45 at the
pavilion which is like I'll have to leave at 7:00 cuz it's so far away so I
had to get up at 6:00 I went to bed early last night I didn't really update
you because I was so exhausted I decided that I'm going to uber to the pavillion
instead of taking the bus because if I take the bus I have to leave there like
seven if I Uber I can leave at like 7:25 or 7:30
okay guys last exam completed the result of this finals week has been the end of
school finished exams and a buttload of stress acne we love stress acne now that
my exams are over I always like to just have a fresh start after exams so I end
up just cleaning everything so I just took out the trash and I'm literally
going to do all of my laundry clean my room wash my sheets things like that and
start packing maybe sorry I didn't get as much footage today I was at the
pavillion for my exam so really far and I Ubered there and back because it was
not as expensive as I thought it would be the exam took two and a half hours
because there's 79 questions for the lab part I like the lab practical and then
there's 50 questions for the written final I'm dead I'm just deceased I love
you guys


College Finals Week in my Life // Studying & Final Exams // Michigan State University

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