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- Hey, what's up, ya'll?
Coach Rock here, the official trainer
for I Love Basketball TV, and guess what?
In today's video, I'm gonna be showing
the best ten drills for a beginner basketball player.
Now if you're an advanced player or you think
you're an advanced player, don't disregard this video
because a lot of times advanced players
can really use the fundamentals.
So in this video, they're beginner drills
focusing on the fundamentals.
And how I like to phrase it is in basketball,
when you're training your skills,
it's kinda like you're building a house, right?
We have to have the foundation, the foundational skills,
down before we can become an advanced player,
before we can become an elite player.
Think about a big house, like you can have
the biggest house ever, but if it's on a weak foundation,
the house is gonna fall over.
But once you have that good foundation,
then your potential is limitless.
So in this video today, I'm gonna be focusing on ten drills.
These ten drills are gonna help you with your finishing,
your scoring, your dribbling, your defense.
We're focusing on everything in this video.
And then stay tuned for next week, next Friday
we're gonna be uploading ten drills
for advanced basketball players.
So that means you have the whole week to master these
and then you can try the advanced drills
or if you're an advanced player,
you can still do these this week
and then come back next week for the advanced drills.
First drill, Mikan Drill.
We're doing three sets of ten with both hands.
(rap beat)
Next drill, pretty much the same thing,
Reverse Mikan, three sets of ten.
(rap beat)
Alright, next drill we're getting into,
Zig Zag Ball Handling.
We have three moves, we have cross, between, behind.
First set, cross.
Second set, between.
Last set, behind.
When you get to the last cone, don't worry,
I'm gonna show you everything,
when you get to the last cone,
you're dribbling baseline, you're spinning,
you're gonna get to the rim in as few dribbles as possible.
From half court you should
be able to get there in two dribbles.
So you're gonna do that and then,
I'm not gonna go over it now, just to save time,
but you would take the same drill,
move it to the other side of the court, and work on that.
Me, I'mma just focus on the left hand right now,
work on that weak side.
If you can only do one side, work on your weak hand
so you can improve that.
Let's get straight into this drill.
(rap beat)
Next drill, drill number four,
we're working on One Dribble Move Pull Ups.
So we're gonna practice real game situations.
You're gonna approach the guy at the top here,
and we're either doing a cross,
between the legs, or behind the back.
And then we're gonna get into a shot at the elbow.
So what I would say do is five makes,
each side off of each move.
So what's that gonna be, like, 30 makes, right?
Five, ten for crossovers.
Five, ten for between the legs.
Five, ten for behind the back.
That'll be 30.
Now I'm not gonna go through all the reps,
but I will do a few reps so you can see
how to do this drill live.
(rap beat)
By the way, don't forget,
I'll have the set and reps in the description for you,
so that way you don't gotta keep
referring back to the videos.
I'll have the time stamp,
and I'll have the set and reps by each drill.
So that way today you watch it all through,
learn the drills, but then when you get to the gym,
there might be like three or four
that you really just wanna come back to,
so instead of having to watch the whole video,
I'll have the time stamp for you
so you can keep coming back, click, watch the video,
you'll see the set and reps right by that link,
and you can keep on moving.
But, with that being said,
let's get straight into drill number five.
Pretty self explanatory, Form Shooting.
So in this drill we're gonna be in the front,
and we're gonna do the two sides.
Just do ten makes, each spot.
(rap beat)
Next drill we're gonna get into, it's Spot Shooting.
If you're by yourself, you have to get your own rebounds.
If you have a partner, you could have
them get your rebounds, but what I like to do sometimes,
this will also help you with conditioning,
help you get used to following your shot,
you're gonna shoot, if you have a partner,
you guys will do each spot, five spots we have,
you're gonna make ten at each spot,
but if you have a partner you're gonna make,
get your rebound past your partner,
he gonna shoot, he gonna get his rebound past you.
So this will kinda get things going quickly.
It won't help you get that rhythm.
It's easy to make a lot of shots
you standing there shooting.
It's a little more difficult to shoot,
get your rebound, reset, and shoot.
That's why we're gonna do that in this drill right here.
(rap beat)
Next drill we're gonna get into is Elbow to Elbow shooting.
Because I have a partner, in this drill I'm gonna use him
to get my rebounds, and I'll get his rebounds.
Go elbow to elbow, make ten each elbow.
So that means you'll be making 20.
But a key here is to use proper footwork.
If you're by yourself, then you gotta get your rebound,
run to the elbow, and shoot,
but you could still use proper footwork.
(rap beat)
Next drill we're gonna work on is at the top of the key.
We're working on Pump Fake Pull Ups.
Pump fakes are extremely important.
They're one of the most lethal moves you can use,
especially as a beginner player.
So utilize that pump fake, and then pull up.
I have a partner, so again,
we're gonna do it where I shoot, I get my rebound, pass.
This is gonna work on my conditioning,
also get me out of rhythm, so I can't build a rhythm,
but saves you just have your parents rebounding
then they can just get your rebound, keep passing to you.
But I like messing up the rhythm
because in the game you're never gonna
take ten shots just standing there, right?
You're gonna take a shot, run down, run back, take a shot.
So that's what we're gonna try to simulate in these drills.
(rap beat)
Next drill, we're working One Dribble Lay Ups
from outside the three point line.
A lot of players take too many dribbles
to get to the basket, allows the defense to recover.
In this drill we're gonna take one dribble, regular lay up.
You do ten on both sides.
I'm only gonna do the left side, again,
working on my weakness, on my weak hand.
But I want you do to both sides.
(rap beat)
Last drill is gonna focus on conditioning and defense.
Defensive Slides.
So we're gonna do the zig zag,
kinda like we did for dribbling,
but we're gonna be sliding our feet.
It's gonna help you practice opening footwork.
First time through, we're going really slow.
That's gonna get you used to getting in this position.
It's gonna burn a little bit.
Get you used to moving your feet, proper footwork.
Then the next time through, we can speed it up.
(rap beat)
So again, remember,
I have the drills in the description for you,
take 'em, start using them to work out.
Remember I have a free workout
you'll see also in the description, a free program actually,
click that first link, sign up,
and I'll send you free access to our full training program.
Gonna help you take your game to the next level.
Don't forget next week,
Ten Basketball Drills for Advanced Players.
So use these, get to advanced quickly
so you can do next week's drills.
If you enjoyed the video, do me a big favor,
hit that thumbs up for me, comment below,
let me know what else it is that you want me to talk about,
and last but not least, please do not forget
to subscribe to our channel, and hit that notification bell
so you never miss another video.
Until next time, I'll see you then.


10 BEST Basketball Drills For BEGINNERS!!

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