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You can't..think that you cannot do it and fear with it.
Just because you can't do it, so you have to overcome the difficulties.
Teammate: I'm at K building here.
You go over there, then you will die.
Teammate: I have observed that people are on your side.
What? This people teleport?
Oh! There are wearing the same shirt.
Be careful. There are many people here.
Teammate: I saw people go your side so I came here.
Teammate: I'm clever.
Teammate: Oh no! Someone here.
There is a person in front of me.
Teammate: Are you okay? I'm ready to go over there.
Thousand of people..Why this round the Airport got many people?
Teammate: Yes. I saw it.
Teammate: Don't be scared. I'm coming.
Teammate: I'm going to save you.
My kills' has been robbed. Mad.
Teammate: Have you kill someone?
Be careful. I'm hiding in the grass.
Teammate: Don't worry. I'm behind of you.
Teammate: Inside the building.
Wait for a second. I pick a gun.
Let's go
Let's go together.
Teammate:Second floor.
Teammate: He jumped outside.
Ps: (He is reading the players ID name.)
Teammate: Do you have a gun?
Yes. I have.
This round the Airport have many people. Is there anyone beside you?
Still have people?
Teammate: Ermm.. I'm not sure. I heard a pairs of footsteps.
There is a people in front of me.
Teammate: Wait me. I'm at the top of the building.
Okay. All die.
Hoe many kills do you have?
Teammate: 4 kills.
I have been landing for a long moment and I didn't kill anyone of them.
0 kill.
Where is the people at the top of building? Was he jumped down?
Teammate: No.
Teammate: He jumped then I killed him.
Ya. Over here.
Wow! You killed many people and I'm still with 0 kill..
Teammate: Your kills has been robbed.
Teammate: Is a good choice for the to go K building first.
Teammate:Let them fight first.
Ya. Nice choices.
Teammate: Is it cool?
Teammate: Here got.. I wanna wear you shirt.
Sure. Come here. Is free.
Teammate: Do you want the pink bear shirt?
I don't want.
Can I change my shirt with your 5.56 bullet?
Teammate: Don't you say that it is for free?
Ya. I know you are not that kinds of..
that kind of person with thick face right?
Teammate: I give you 40 bullets.
Then can you give me some AKM's bullets?
Teammate: I don't have any extra.
Why can us be so poor. I go kill the robot.
Teammate: Real people.
Disabled. But not dead.
Teammate: Nice.
This is my first blood.
Teammate: Hahahaha...
Sorry. Nice.
Is not easy..
Teammate:You kill more than me.
Teammate:Is okay! You will kill more than me.
Let's go.
Teammate: Wow! 6 scope.
I wanna get Kar-98
Can you help me to bring the 3 scope?
I go to kill the robot.
Teammate: Are you unhappy that the people that I kill is more than you?
How can it be. I just wanna to kill more people.
There is people inside this building.
Teammate: I heard that.
Give me the 3 scope, please.
Teammate: Give you.
Teammate: This bag is unmatched with my shirt. Is so kidding.
Teammate: Is really funny. This bag match with the shirt.
You should match with the yellow shirt.
The bag and the helmet.
Really cool.
Teammate: Is it?
Something that I'm wearing right now.
Teammate: Funny.
I guess my teammate have kill more than me.
I'm in bad luck.
Teammate: Is okay.
Let's go N harbor.
Someone said that you had broken up with your boyfriend in the previous life.
Rou Rou is 38 years old and I'm only 18 years old.
Don't blow me.
Teammate: How old am I?
18 years old.
Teammate: Ya
Teammate: Let's go.
Ps: (He thanks to the gift...)
Rou Rou is unwilling to accept the facts.
Always threaten me with the grenade, I have no choice.
What I can do is lie.
Teammate: You are too over.
Teammate: I'm so cute, pretty, young and generous.
Teammate: How can you say that I'm 38 years old. Old aunt.
To be honest, you have keep on remembering this for one year...
You are still not to memorize it.
Teammate: Not really one year.
Then how long?
Teammate: 1 days
I can't believe you.
Handsome, get in the car, please.
I have enough equipment to go fight
Teammate: Once again you say me 38 years old.
Then I'll tell others you are 3 cm.
She is really 38 years old.
Teammate: You are really 3 cm.
How you know
Teammate: YiJiu tell me .
How can he knows?
Teammate: Two of you...
Teammate: How I know
You believe what others say?
Then i can say my height is 190 cm
Teammate: Why you wanna say i'm 38 years old?
I saw your id card.
Teammate: Bullshit
Teammate: You lie
When I was in the office.
You send your id card In an agreement.
to the office.
I sit ..
beside the computer and i saw it
Rou Rou. Female. 38 years old.
Teammate: Where is the ID card shows the age, bro?
Teammate: You lie.
Teammate: Which year am I in? Reply me fast.
Bro, which years are 38 years old in?
Which years?
I have forget about it.
Let's go to take the airdrop.
Teammate: Nanyan is counting the years
Teammate: Which years is 38 years old in..
Am I stupid?
Aiya. year of 1981.
Teammate: Aiya
Teammate: Your mathematics is really poor. Take a long time to count.
Just now...
My line connection is poor.
Teammate: Oh! Really?
I'm in..
I'm 2001 years and you are in 1981 years.
Teammate: Call me grandmother.
Call you old aunt.
Can we go to take the airdrop?
Wait for a second, I wanna to have a drinks.
I scared I dead later.
I guess the airdrop is in front of me.
Is near.
I can't find it
Let's go P city.
Actually, now..
Teammate: Don't you think my skin gun looks nice?
Same as mine.
wow! You are too over. Do you like me?
You buy a skin gun same as ma
Because you wanna use the same things with me
To be honest..
We are bro, just about it out if you like me
I will reject you in my live broadcast.
Teammate: Oh
Teammate: I like the guys which are older than me.
Teammate: If you are in 40 years old, i will consider it.
Bro in the live broadcast who are in 40 years old..
please comment 1
Rou Rou said she like the guys who are older than her.
She has admitted that she is 38 years old.
Teammate: You said me 38 years old.
Teammate: I older than you 20 years How can I like you?
Bro, if you are 40 years old. Comment 1.
Teammate: Why my gun fly at the sky?
Teammate: Second floor
Let's go together
At the roof top
All dead?
Teammate: I think no.
Teammate: Do you wanna a sniper?
Teammate: if you take sniper, then I will take.. If you guys don't then I don't take so.
Is he crazy?
Teammate: Shit. He shot me
This is another team
So happy.
Happy everyday. I have killed 10 person.
If Rou Rou die, then I can kill 10 person.
Bro, Rou Rou die. I can kill 10 person.
Are you deliberately not to kill 2 of them in front of you?
I have shot them, bro
is 3 of them in a team
Teammate: You are deliberately.
I got help you, okay! Bro,
You can ask my fans. okay?
Teammate: Then how rubbish is your marksmanship?
Teammate: You didn't kill them and let them kill me.
Teammate: Is all of them die?
I got shot them okay..
I can't kill 2 of them in a second. Okay
Please don't be arrogant. You are too over.
Teammate:As your marksmanship, you can kill 2 of them in a second
Yes. But..
Two of them
Teammate: Rubbish guys
I don't agree with you
Okay . i know got 8 scope
Teammate: rubbish guys
Teammate: Fighting. Bring me win this game.
I go pick my shirt
Teammate: Okay . Fighting
Wow! Cool
Another team
Teammate: Ya I know
Teammate: I think there is only 3 of them because I have killed 3 of them
Teammate: waiseh. 2 of them. Sorry for the disturb ya
Now, Rou Rou knows I'm an innocent
Teammate: I go take some food
Teammate: I think you don't wanna give me to wear your shirt?
No. I have give you my shirt just now
Teammate: Don't you think that I gave you a bit less bullet?
Am I that kind of people?
go to the middle zone. I wanna use the sniper
This zone is over there.
I guess left side have people
Teammate: Ya
Teammate: I wanna to get some food. I'm hungry
How can it be?
Attract them?
I go plastic surgery
Teammate: You open 15 kills?
No. 10 kills
I didn't kill anyone in the early stage so I didn't open 15 kills
Ya. One of the day I didn't live because I went to Korea to have a plastic surgery
I'm still in the recovery situation in these two days
Teammate: You didn't open your camera?
Teammate: How can you learn from me?
I didn't learn from you
2 of them is injured
Teammate: Wow! Amazing
Just okay.
Your kills is more than me
Wow ! Opposite of us.
Teammate: Is really amzing
Teammate: Your skills is really amzing
too be honest. I don't think so
Teammate: Your skills is really good.
Teammate: Maybe my skill...
Teammate: Is not better than you
Teammate: Amazing
Let's go
Teammate: Drive the car
Use the first aid kid
Use first aid kid
Is okay. Wait the zone.
Teammate: Shit
His marksmanship is really accurate
Teammate: Is he from Sichuan?
The safe zone is not over there
Bro, don't use sniper
Teammate: Nanyan, you cut your hair?
No. i go plastic surgery
Teammate: Hahahahaha
Teammate: How long is your recovery days?
One week
Huan Huan comes back then i will recover
This position
Don't worry. I park the car.
Teammate: If got vest, call me
I also want to eat some food. Can I die?
Teammate: How many kills do you have?
I killed 8 person.
No 2 killed 18 people
Teammate: Who>
I can't really communicate with him. no 2
Teammate: No 2 18 kills?
Teammate: Ya. I killed 18 people.
Teammate: I don't believe you
I can't see the people
Teammate: Let's go
let's go
got people
Okay. Be careful
Teammate: Good equipment
Groza is a nice gun
Teammate: Is your fans so annoying
My phone is in low-battery
What do you say
Is normal. They focus on how you play the games
Teammate: Is no 2 a small kid?
Teammate: I'm a little girl
I'm not a children
Teammate: No. I don't think so
Teammate: Is your ear okay today?
Teammate: What can i do so you can trust me?
Teammate: I'm 16 years old
Young girl
Teammate: 16 years old
There is people behind of us
Don't worry
Teammate: Amazing. Still got one more
Teammate: don't go there. i have throw a grenade
Teammate: Amazing
Bro, Let's go
My god! Almost die
We are not gonna to die, okay
Throw grenade
Teammate: over there
Teammate: In front of us
Don't care .
I get you up first
Teammate: Grenade
Teammate: Grenade
Ya. I know
What a pity



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