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  • Gaming week, day 3 b-----es

    ゲーミングウィーク三日目だぞ お前ら!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Minecraft Part 2!

    ”Minecraft Part 2?!”



  • You guys have been making fun of me in the comments >:(

    ”Bro land”は続くぜ……

  • Don't think I don't read those saying I don't know how to play game. I don't know how to make minecraft


  • Yeah, I'm a veteran. Okay, I was born playing Minecraft. I played Minecraft before you were born

    「どうせ実況するゲームがないんだろ」なんてコメント 俺が読んでるなんて思うなよ

  • Okay :)

    Minecraftの作り方 (?) は知らないけどさ

  • Let's grab these :)

    な? 俺はベテランだ いいな 俺はminecraftをプレイするために生まれてきたんだ

  • Alright, I know there's a new bunch of new features. Why is everyone spinning this is not brit stop

    こちとらお前らが生まれるより前から minecraftをプレイしてんだよ

  • God, you're pissing me off. >:( I can use this claw thing to cut animals, which is what I want to do. Come here kitty :P


  • Let me cut you kitty. >:)


  • I swear to god kitty. Let me cut you


  • Kitty! I didn't hurt the cat. I'm just trying to cut him, ha!


  • Jesus okay. Maybe I shouldn't run around with a dynamite. So where's my house again? I forgot. that's a turtle!


  • Oh my go- hey!


  • Can I ride please? Let me ride that, don't go! ;-;


  • I love you!

    この爪っぽいので動物を刈れるっぽいから やってみたいんだけどさ

  • nobody:

    来な 子猫ちゃん

  • Minecraft: Turtles.

    カットさせてくれよ ネコチャン

  • Am I right? Alright, I need to get back to my base. Maybe I should steal some decoration. Where's my house?

    俺は大真面目だぞ 頼むから切らせてくれよ

  • I forgot where my house. So the goal of this episode is to start a farm and enter

    ネコチャン?? ちょっ……

  • Minecraft and maybe

    俺はネコを傷つけてないぞ ただカットしようとしてるだけだからな

  • redecorate the house just a little bit


  • (Pewd's lovely, and amazing laugh laugh)

    もしかしたらTNT持って 走り回らないほうがいいかもな

  • A lot of you were saying like my house. I don't kn- WHAT!

    それで俺の家どこだっけ 忘れちまった

  • 33 f-----n iron dude, I'm rich as balls. Dude my bed is epic as well, like this house is nice


  • I don't- I don't get like why you guys hate it.


  • (Pewds laughing and incoherently muttering "I don't understand the problem with my "inhale" house" )

    乗っていい? 頼むから乗らせt……

  • Alright, so I know a couple things, right?


  • I know a couple things I can use this bucket and I can use this sugar cane and wheat


  • Is it the sugar I use? I don't really know.

    Minecraftときたら”カメ追加しようぜ”ってか ウケるな

  • Maybe we can plant the eggs. No, wait. What? All right, my dudes. So we want to make one of these a hoe


  • All right. Let's make a hoe

    いくつか装飾ブロックを盗んでいったほうが 良いかもな

  • People have space for all their shii-z right, so we're gonna make a nice little farm I think

    俺の家マジでどこだっけ すっかり忘れてるんだけど

  • so to make a farm you need the hoe.. (Pewds amazing laugh again)

    で、このエピソードの目標は 農場を始めて……

  • And you hit the top that does not work. What the hell, listen, I spent six hours watching minecraft tutorials. Why is it not working?


  • Maybe I need to plant the hoe? (yes totally)

    Minecraftに (???)

  • What do I do with the hoe? Now I can plant the seed

    で、もしかすると家をちょっとだけ 改装するかもしれない…………w

  • No, AH


  • Okay, oh I right-click (Pewds just randomly starts saying, "wooh, woooooh"


  • Yeah, Aw

    見ろよ 33個の鉄インゴットだぞ

  • You guys thought I wasn't good at Minecraft. Okay. All right, we gotta hurry up. We gotta hurry up put the, put the seeds


  • Put the seeds bii-. O h


  • God, did you hear that?


  • PLANT!

    俺にとっては何がそんなに 嫌いなのか分からないんだけど……w

  • Plant god, damn it. Is that all the seeds I have? How do I get seeds? Okay. It's night time

    マジでどこが問題なのか 分かんないんだよね…………ww

  • Let's have a sleepy time. I sleep with my wheat


  • All right, a new day a new life to live. Now. Let's look at my plant. Look how much they grow dude. Holy cow!


  • Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah

    このバケツとサトウキビと 小麦を使って……

  • All right, this is going really really good

    俺が持ってるの砂糖か? よくわかんないけど

  • Why is he not growing? Oh, I know. I-- life hack life hack


  • Okay

    もしかしたらこのタマゴを 植えられる (?) かもな

  • so you can take bet you kids didn't know this you can take bone and make it into bone meat and

    いや、んな訳あるか え?

  • Then you grab the bone meat and then you put the bone meat over the over there

    よしお前r……君たち これから俺が作るのはコイツだ

  • This is like a pro tip. A lot of people don't know how to do this


  • You do that it grows quicker

    ・laughter 【名】笑うこと、笑い 2. 笑い声、笑っている声 3.〔笑いによる〕楽しみ、うれしさ 【発音】/lǽftər/

  • It's whatever. So now we have more seed

    よし クワを作るとするか

  • Which we can plant hoes (totally)

    laughter noun [ U ] UK ​ /ˈlɑːf.tər/ US ​ /ˈlæf.tɚ/ ​ the act or sound of laughing: She roared with laughter (= laughed very loudly). As we approached the hall we could hear the sound of laughter.

  • Okay, this is pretty epic. Dude. We're make whoa


  • How does bones work dude

    さてと これから俺が作るのは いい感じの農場な訳だが

  • Da Da Da Da Da Daa Dah Daa Dah Da


  • Okay. All right. We have a pretty epic thing. So now what you can do, I figured this out all by myself

    skrattar [²skrạt:ar] verb 〈att skratta, skrattade, har skrattat, –, skratta! ger ifrån sig skratt Motsats: gråter Sammansättningar: små|skrattar Exempel: de skrattade åt hennes konstiga dialekt Konstruktioner: ngn skrattar (åt ngn/ngt/SATS) Uttryck: skrattar ihjäl sig, skrattar våldsamt

  • Why do I hear zombies in my house? "Inhales"

    それで一番上を叩くと…… いや違うみたいだ どういうこった

  • Okay...

    俺はminecraftのチュートリアルを見るのに6時間を 費やしたんだぞ なんで上手くいかないんだ

  • OH MY GOD!

    もしかしてクワを植え (??) なきゃいけないのか?

  • I figured out all by myself how to make a fence gate, god damn, I'm smart, dude, how do I make the planks?


  • Ok, so now we build-- we build a gate right?


  • Outside our house see, I know how to play Minecraft ya kids, ya absolute children


  • Okay


  • Okay. Oh


  • Okay, it's not perfect


  • But it works god damn it, now


  • What we can do is we can start taking people hostages. Ah


  • What is that sound?


  • Hello!

    お前ら俺がminecraft苦手だとでも思ったか? んん?

  • Why minecraft spook me? All right horse!

    よし 急ぐか 急がないと

  • (Pewds kisses the air)


  • Hey horse

    種をまくぞ クソッタレ

  • (Pewds kisses the air again)

    うわああ 聞いたか今の……?

  • You want some of this? you want some of this wheat? Come here


  • (Pewds kisses the air, yet again)


  • Come here. What the hell listen, I got wheat ma-yan. Take it what the freak?


  • What are horses like in Minecraft, useless. you're useless, can he stop spinning, come here


  • Okay, now will you come I fed him wheat

    よし もう夜だ

  • My come here. I swear to God I will murder you


  • Come here


  • Alright


  • Alright it's gotta be like that sometimes it got to be like that too bad. I alright chicken then this chicken like this

    植物がどれだけ育ったかな…… こんなに育ってるよもう すげえな

  • Hey chicken


  • Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you like this. Oh, yeah, you like this? Oh, yeah, come here chicken


  • Come on, chicken, eat it eat it. He doesn't eat it. Alright you live today. There's no animals. I murdered them all


  • Yes


  • Yeah, yeah you like thishh yeah-yeah, come on, come-on yeah X7 come on, come on


  • Follow me my fellow nine-year-olds. That's right. Follow me (Pewds lovely laugh again) This is so awesome! ye-- it's working!


  • You're gonna live safe with Papa boots

    あぁそうだ ライフハック

  • In Papa Boot's house

    よし この骨を取って…… キッズどもは知らないだろうな

  • Come on, keep following. Oh, yeah. Aye! great, son of a snake. Come here


  • Okay, we're almost there


  • We're almost there buddies my friends. You're better friends than anyone I met in this game. Alright


  • Just uh, god dammit. God dammit. You came this way. Alright coming. Alright, and then you go. Come on


  • Come in Nick


  • One at a time. You dummies come in. Please come in


  • Come on


  • It's getting dark. Okay? Okay, that's true. That's true. Come on


  • Come on squeeze in squeeze in next one for the love of God get in


  • please


  • It's getting dark, oh now you don't want to go come here


  • Go in I'm gonna murder one of you come in. Thank you. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes close the gate. Oh


  • NOO! Oh, oh


  • Thought I murdered him what happened to you. Why are you naked? Oh


  • My god I can cut you


  • How


  • How you make baby? This is crazy. This is crazy. Oh god the baby escape


  • Baby, can you?


  • now stop leaving


  • Baby come back baby, baby. There's zombies baby. I'm serious, baby sheep

    俺自分だけでわかっちまったよ どうやってフェンスゲートを作るかをな

  • Alright well bye then see if I care I don't want to kill a child


  • Alright fine, baby. You can sleep with me tonight. I'm literally see


  • vegans


  • See what I did Peter. I saved the life today. I


  • Saved a goddamn life. What do you do? God, they're annoying. Alright new day. Let's sleep.. Alright we got our lamp

    ほら見ろ 俺はminecraftの遊び方を 知ってるぞキッズめ

  • We got our epic farm everything looks great. Thank you very much. Let's go out on more adventures. Okay


  • It's adventure time. Come on grab your friends


  • Don't have any to play Minecraft with this is so sad


  • See there's sounds over there and I want to explore where that's coming from because I don't want no zombie farm in my house


  • Whoa, it's a wide chest. It's even bigger


  • All right gamers

    けど機能はするぞ チクショウ さてと

  • Yeah, it's time. It's definitely something here

    で、今から俺達ができることは人間共を 人質にとり始めることだ

  • Something real spook is happening here, and I'm not afraid to explore it. Oh


  • My god, oh my god. Oh my god. There's so many


  • Double kill triple kill epic gamer. Whoa, look at this cave. It's so massive. I


  • Got a diamond pickaxe so I can just mine for it ever bro what it keeps going down


  • What?


  • Okay, guys, this is epic minecraft adventure. Oh, you scared me Betty


  • Sorry, you have to die as a prize Oh

    こいつが欲しいか? この小麦のことだぞ

  • too tiny to


  • tiny


  • tiny

    (いらね じゃあな) なんでだよ 聞けよ 俺は小麦を持ってるんだぞ

  • That's right you then we're going for more diamonds I want to fold diamond armor


  • Very mean my diamond minecraft up pickaxe

    なんなn……なんなんだよ minecraftの馬って何が好きなんだよ???

  • Dammit now, I keep finding material, but I don't need but I feel like I have to farm it. This is

    役立たずめ 使えない馬だな おま……

  • All right, let's explore


  • There's too much. Oh Jesus


  • Jesus Christ

    さてと これでついて来るのか? こいつに小麦をあげたんだけど

  • Let's scare my balls. Ooh

    ちょ……来てくれよ 来ないとひどいぞ 俺は本気だからな

  • All right. We're laughs god damn it


  • Who said mine cried isn't terrifying Here I am minding my own business


  • Dude look how my diamond pick is barely move dude diamond pickaxe for

    そうだよな そういう時もあるよな そういう時も

  • Life brah for life. We got to get more. We got to get more be careful. Don't think I need this much higher

    仕方ない ニワトリにするか ニワトリって小麦好きだっけ?

  • But I just accidentally dig up in my own house


  • God dammit. Alright, I got a I got a shiryu. We need more of my diamonds. God dammit. That's all I want Oh

    そうだろ これが欲しいだろ こいつが好きなんだろ

  • What is down there hello

    そうそう こっち来て

  • What is this nun Nico day

    ほらチキン 食えよ 食えってば

  • Whoa


  • Whoa, whoa

    よし 今日のところは生かしといてやる

  • Not like this not like this

    動物いねえんだけど 俺が全部殺したからか

  • Don't shoot don't shoot don't shoot don't shoot. Oh he fell for the old don't shoot string. Oh god, they're everywhere


  • What is this place

    よし ついてこい

  • My god, it's so mysterious. I found the new hidden cave thing

    そうだよな お前らはこれ好きだろうな

  • That's awesome. Okay. I remember now you can make a shield in Minecraft how to make shield in Minecraft


  • I'll have iron on me god damn it. I don't have iron on me. I can make some

    イエイエイエイエイエイエイエ こっち来な

  • My god, I'm scared this music doesn't fit at all

    ついてきたまえ 我が同志よ

  • Does that mean there's been people here before me

    そうだ ついてきたまえ ハッハッハー

  • There's I'm not the first one. Okay, we have iron I

    すげえよ 上手くいったみたいだ

  • Can make a shield now. I know how to make shield. I know in my head


  • You just make a Y and then you put the PP in the middle shield mother free-cos


  • All right, and then you put the shield. All right, we're ready for some epic minecraft adventures now


  • All right, let's find some goddamn gold because what?


  • Huh, well, this sounds coming from whoa, this is epic. Ah

    灰色の……チクショウめが こっち来なさい

  • Let's shoot don't shoot I am oh

    よし そろそろ着くぞ

  • They're shooting each other

    もうすぐ着くぞお前ら わが友よ

  • Dude we haven't found diamond yet. Come on


  • This place is insane, dude. Oh, it's the baby zombie freak off. I


  • Don't want to kill a child. I

    あとちょっと……ああチクショウ しょうがない こっちの道通ってきて

  • Will kill a child I will kill a child

    よし お入りなさい

  • I don't have time for children don't waste my time. This place is insane. Dude. There's another chest there who built this place and why?


  • Ah


  • That's what I thought Wow

    一度に一匹ずつだ おバカさん共め

  • Haha so much lava, there's so much epicness love it stop

    入ってきてよ 頼むから入ってきて

  • Alright, let's build a bridge


  • Right my diamonds and I don't know what any of this is

    暗くなってきたぞ ああよしよし これで二匹だ

  • But I got some goddamn melon seeds Oh you shift click and it just oh my god. That is so much easier Oh,

    ほら 次のやつを押し込め

  • God thank you


  • Everywhere


  • Ha ha what do you know my song? Oh god. No. Oh


  • This bed oh this bed, oh, this is bad I'm dying I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dying to eat. Oh

    ああ 今になって入りたくありませんってか? 来いよ

  • My god, did you see that? Whoa, what is this ha


  • Oh


  • This is bad, oh this is it froze. Oh god, I'm making a hole


  • No one hurts the whole man


  • Okay, I'm in my hole I don't want to lose my diamond stuff dude look how much stuff I have I can't die they're Poisson


  • Huh? No


  • That's too many

    よしよしよし ゲートを閉じるぞ

  • Full strength full strenght whole stretch


  • Full strap pull straight pull straight. Oh


  • Jesus okay, ah liberals

    なにが起きたの なんで素っ裸になっちゃったの

  • I'm not leaving until we get the diamonds. That's why I came here. Whoa. Look at the heavens epic

    オーマイガー これで毛を刈れるのか

  • Jesus oh god


  • Yeah, found you

    こいつはすげえy…… こいつら今子供産んだ??!?

  • They dropped from the ceiling, babe


  • Okay, that was an epic adventure but I dare no more we have too much precious item we have to return see

    どうやって子供作ったの??? こいつはやべえよ

  • Remember

    ああ 子供が脱走しちまった あー

  • Okay, we weren't too bad I


  • Just got to figure out where the hell I am. Oh my god


  • Here we are

    ほら戻っておいで お外にはゾンビもいるよ

  • Dude, look at my crops, dude. How are my sheeps doing? Okay, very nice

    俺は真剣だぞ 子羊め

  • All right. Now we can make melon, right? Can we?

    よし じゃあ勝手にするんだな

  • Did we're gonna make melon. All right beetroot. Can I plant? Oh my god, dude this


  • All right. Some would say that my house is not the best looking house. I get it

    よしわかった お前は今夜俺といっしょに寝ていいぞ

  • Maybe I should redecorate it a little bit just a little bit. I don't care if it's dark. I'm gonna farm


  • minecraft all day


  • all day

    俺がしたことを見ろよPETA (動物保護団体)? 今日俺は命を救ったんだぞ

  • Son all you want some Oh God

    俺は尊き命を救ったんだ お前らはどうだ

  • Alright, so here we'll do the beetroot

    はぁあいつらめっちゃ鬱陶しいな さて次の日だ 寝るとするか

  • There we'll do the pumpkin melon

    よし 子羊もいい感じの農場もあるし 何もかも完璧って感じだ

  • Oh


  • My god is my stuff still there. Okay, they are oh

    というわけでさらなる冒険に出るぞ アドベンチャータイムだ

  • God damn it


  • It came out of nowhere, dude. Oh, thank god. What are you doing to the Sheep you


  • All right. It's time to sleep. Don't be greedy Felix. Oh, what a day dude. I'm making such sick progress, except that one time


  • I died. All right, dude. Look how much they've grown dude. All right time to spice up the house

    な、あの辺で音がするだろ 俺はどっから音が来てるのか探索したい

  • Just a little bit just a little bit. Make it a little nicer fine. All right, you guys want a cozy ass house?


  • I'll deliver I'll deliver the coach Diaz house you've ever coast inside to rebuild. We must first destroy

    わお大きめのチェストになった しかも容量まで広くなってる

  • It pains me to do this. Does it put so much effort into it? All right. Don't escape now god damn it

    よし ゲーマー共

  • All right, I'll deal with them later this is not your house mr. Sheep

    そうだ 探検のお時間だ この辺に絶対何かあるからな

  • Okay, first we must lay foundation of the house

    何かヤバイことが起きてそうだけど 俺は怖れたりはしないからな

  • Make sure it's good. What the hell is happening over there?

    うわやべえ やばいやばい めっちゃ敵いるよ

  • What the hell is that


  • Excuse me


  • I'm building a new house over here


  • What are they doing? All right, we're building a goddamn house


  • One two three. Okay, that's nice. Dude. This house is gonna be so goddamn tight all you Minecraft haters

  • Are gonna be so sorry. This is the video series that will convert more people to Minecraft than ever in history


  • Notch will come back from his grave

    うわ見ろよこの洞窟 めっちゃ広大

  • Just to thank me. Thank


  • You