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You're not worried about being constipated?
What is constipated?
It means not being able to go poop.
Yes, I'm going to be constipated.
Hi, my name is Kai and I'm here with my dad.
My name is Piea.
I'm Piea's mom, Misty.
My name is Tom and this is my dad.
Also Tom.
We're going to eat.
- What do you think we're going to eat? - Eat, dog food.
No, well, this is kind of...
Sometimes it looks like dog food.
You're going to taste what I had to eat in basic training while in the field.
What do you think MRE stands for?
So do the M.
Make, ready, eat.
Make, ready, eat?
Meals ready to eat.
There you go.
Alright, this is what we eat when we're deployed.
They're called MREs.
It's food.
It's food.
So, all you gotta do...
Well, let's see what you got there, hang on now.
Calm down.
So this is how we do it (when) open it up in the field.
Tilt it down like that, all right.
There we go.
There's yours.
I'm nervous to try this.
It's good, I promise.
I wouldn't have given you anything that was bad.
So we got chili mac here.
And then, what've you got?
I got beef stew.
All right.
Do you want to trade?
I don't, actually.
When you look at it, what do you think?
So, if I just walked in and it was open, I think like, that an animal just barfed this up.
This is all we ate for a week.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
This actually smells really good.
Get on in there.
Give it a shot.
Tastes like a better spaghetti.
So you're saying it tastes better than my spaghetti?
How is it?
That's hecka good.
When you were eating MREs, what was the worst one?
Shrimp jambalaya, without a doubt.
So, like, I like shrimp, would it be good?
The veggie omelet was one.
Please tell me we're not going to try the veggie.
No, you don't want to try that one.
I'd walk out.
Yeah, we have heard eating MREs does something to your system.
Yes, this is very true.
It will stop you up.
You mean constipated?
It will, yes.
Like you know how bears when they hibernate?
They have to, like, eat a bunch of stuff.
To create like a plug.
This is the stuff that creates that plug.
You're not worried about being constipated?
What is constipated?
It means not being able to go poop.
Yes, I'm going to be constipated.
What did you do in the army.
I was an infantry man.
Jumping out of planes, out of helicopters.
What countries did you go to?
I have been to Korea, Japan.
I've been to Afghanistan.
I was in the airforce and I ended up getting Security Forces as my career field.
Why did you want to be in the Marine Corp.?
I wanted to be a pilot.
I wanted to be a military pilot.
Um, how is basic?
For me, basic was very lonely.
So, getting a letter from my parents from home would take about two to three weeks.
So, when I saw everybody getting letters every other day, it was a little rough.
Dad, I'll write you letters every day.
I know, we have email now.
That makes it so much easier.
My dad's deployed right now.
How long is he going to be gone for?
Five months.
Do you miss your dad?
Are you going to be deployed again?
I will.
I'll be leaving soon.
Don't worry because it's going to be a lot of...
There's internet there, so I get to Facetime you guys, or Facebook you guys everyday.
Thank you for serving our country.
You're welcome, sweetie.
Thank you for taking care of all three of us while Dad's deployed.
I love you, Mom.
I'm going to miss you.
I'll miss you too, but we'll make up for it when I get back.
Love you, dada.
Love you, baby.
I didn't think MREs would actually be that good.
Do you want one for your school lunch?
Yes, please.
There you go.



子どもたちが軍隊の親たちとMREを試してみる (Kids Try MREs with Their Military Parents | Kids Try | HiHo Kids)

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