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CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: The votes are in and it appears Fridays have been elected to
the position of awesome. I`m Carl Azuz delivering your
Friday edition of CNN 10. News from an actual election headlines today`s show. We have early
results from the recent vote in the South Asian
country of India. It looks like the nation`s incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi has
won a landslide victory. The country of 1.3 billion
people started voting in seven stages in early April and the election wrapped up on May 19th.
For Prime Minister Modi to stay in his job, his
political party and its allies needed to win at least 272 seats in India`s lower house
of parliament.
Early results indicated the alliance had won 350. The leader of India`s main opposition
party has conceded defeat and Modi can expect another five
year term as India`s leader. Over the next few days, meetings will be held to further
organize the government. Modi will officially nominated along
with other government leaders and he`s likely to take the oath of office before the month
is over. What challenges lie ahead? India`s unemployment
rate is more than 6 percent, that`s the highest it`s been in decades. There`s also been a
crisis in the country`s farm industry. Farmers have
been protesting for months in hopes of getting better prices for their crops and help from
the government in an ongoing drought. That`s effected
more than 40 percent of the country. Still, India`s economy has continued growing and
in his victory speech, Prime Minister Modi dedicated the win to
the people of India.
10 Second Trivia. What do Monaco, Japan, Singapore and Macau have in common? Do they all have
monarchies, ports in Asia, official religions, or
long life expectancies. According to the CIA World Fact Book, these are the top four places
with the longest life expectancies.
The life expectancy range for those locations is between 84 and 89 years and in terms of
living the longest, the U.S. isn`t the top 10. It`s at
number 45 on the CIA`s list. So what are the secrets to living longer? We`ve aired several
reports from CNN`s Doctor Sanjay Gupta on healthy
habits for people who aspire to live long lives. They`ve included exercising, putting
down our digital devices, having an active social life.
What`s interesting is how a number of tips from the medical community overlap with the
observations of a National Geographic employee who saw
people living them out.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you take a ferry from Mykonos past landmarks of Greek mythology
you will discover Ikaria, the island where people forget to
die. A place where people live to age 90, a rate up to four times greater than Americans
with a fraction of our rates of dementia and Alzheimers.
DAN BUCHNER: The life expectancy in America is 79, we should be able to live to 92. Somewhere
along the line we`re leaving 13 years on the table.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And when a National Geographic Explorer named Dan Buchner found this place,
something clicked.
DAN BUCHNER: So my quest is, how do we get those extra 13 years and how do we make those
extra 13 years good years?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That one question sent him on a lifelong quest to bring back the
secrets of happiest, healthiest, centenarians in the world. Every
time his team found a pocket of longevity, they`d circle it on a map in blue ink and
they learned that in these blue zones key lifestyle choices
mattered just as much or more having good genes.
BUCHNER: Move naturally everyday. Be able to articulate your sense of purpose. Have
daily rituals that reverse the stress of everyday living.
Eat mostly a plant based diet especially beans and nuts. Eat a huge breakfast. Belong to
a faith based community. Put your family first.
Keep your aging parents near by and curate a special group of friends. Four or five friends
who are going to nudge you in the right direction.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His lessons stuck with me. As I traveled the world over the years,
I assume that blue zones were only for small, simple,
isolated societies where the healthy choice is the only choice. This could never work
in the modern land of the free, home of the Whopper. Right?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bucking the status quo with science and common sense, Dan has blue
zoned the entire of states of Iowa and Hawaii. Forty-five
American cities, including one of the biggest and unhealthiest in the land.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When I asked for a blue zone in the United States and you told me
Fort Worth, Texas. I thought you were pulling my leg.
BETSY PRICE: When my kids were in high school, I watched their friends just getting more
and more out of shape and that`s happening to our whole
population particularly in Texas. Land of chicken fried steak, bar-b-que and Mexican.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When Mayor Betsy Price realized her city full of sedentary and obese
smokers ranked near the bottom of national wellness
surveys, she started holding rolling town halls and then she brought in Dan and blue
BUCHNER: And the response from the room all the leaders there, up in the 15th floor of
the Fort Worth Club was I don`t know. It sounds like you`re
taking our freedoms away from us. And I said, fine. Keep doing what you`re doing and Betsy
Price said no, no. I think we ought to give Dan a
PRICE: Show Bill (ph) how we role in Fort Worth.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Republican mayor built more parks and sidewalks and got behind the
blue zones idea to create walking school buses which gives
seniors a sense of purpose each morning, tightens community and gets kids moving.
PRICE: This is part of it.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: While the city bans smoking in bars and restaurants, it bans teen convinced
(ph) convenience stores and food deserts to sell more
fruits and veggies. How much do you end up throwing away?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nothing. It sells all. Oh, that`s fantastic. They`ve got steak houses
to offer more healthy options. This may be the first time
in my life I`ve ordered a vegetarian taco. Dan even taught the folks in Texas Health
Resources that the most coveted parking spots should be the
ones furthest away from the building.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re doing a row of the - - the blue zone`s parking spaces. Encourages
people to just take a little work, not - - not a big
one but a little walk.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As the CEO explains, this only works with buy in from everyone. Government,
business, faith communities and in five years he
says they`ve moved up in wellness rankings from 185th in the nation to number 31 saving
around $250 million.
BUCHNER: The people we saw in Ikaria, if you ask them how they got to be 100, they - - they`d
probably couldn`t tell you. Right? They just live
their life. They (inaudible) belts. They tended their garden. They spent time with their family.
They went to church on Sundays. They went to
parties during the summer but they were getting good sleep. They were eating mostly plant
based food. They were nudged into movement every 20
minutes as a residue of their environment. And we`re just trying to take that blueprint
from places like Ikaria and laying it over places like Fort
Worth, Texas. Low and behold, it works.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It works. And that is why Dan Buchner is my champion for change. Proving
that with a few healthy nudges we can all create our
own islands where people forget to die.
AZUZ: Navy golden retriever sounds like one too many colors, but not for Bud. He`s a golden
retriever who`s in the U.S. Navy. In fact, of the
Navy`s more than 332,000 active duty staff members, Bud is the only golden retriever
and his job is to make sure that things that aren`t allowed at
naval station Norfolk aren`t there.
Usually it`s German Shepherds that get jobs like this but Bud`s handlers say he does a
great job and does it happily. That`s why they have dogs do
that work to avoid bad "catidudes". And Bud may be man`s best friendliest member of the
military "pawlice" even if he`s a bit of a "tattletail" he
can sniff out crime. He can help fetch contraband. He`s able to get "barred" to the basics with
a golden work ethic. In short, he`s a
"doggone" great choice for animal control of the base. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.


CNN 10 - May 24, 2019

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