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Business etiquette is the manners and behaviors expected within the workplace and it's a vital part of a productive work environment.
Although workplace cultures and expectations can vary between companies, the basics of the business etiquette can be used in almost every kind of workplace.
Business etiquette is all about treating co-workers and customers with respect and honesty.
That means things like offering a firm handshake when initially meeting someone, showing up on time or simply using please and thank you gestures like these can make the other person feel appreciated.
When having a conversation, always give people your full attention.
Using good eye contact and being an active listener shows you're engaged and that you value the other person's time and thoughts.
Also write and speak in a friendly and professional tone.
Staying polite and positive can prevent someone from misunderstanding you.
If your tone is bossy or annoyed on the other hand it could irritate the other person and make them uncooperative.
In a business setting, it's best to use your smartphones sparingly.
Put it away when you are in a conversation or meeting and focus on the people around you.
Otherwise if you'll keep your eyes on the phone they'll probably feel disrespected.
How you carry yourself in a workplace can make a big difference in your career.
Follow the basics of business etiquette wherever you work and you'll likely make a strong impression.



知らなきゃ損!ビジネスエチケットの基礎(Business Etiquette Basics)

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