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Looks like there's some cleaning up
to do around here.
Whoa, Spiderman!
I just noticed that you threw your wrapper
on the grass.
Oh, yeah, I guess I did.
It's better for the planet
and for everyone who shares it
if we all clean up after ourselves and don't litter.
It reminds me of the time with Miles Morales
when we had to stop that villain Hobgoblin
from throwing garbage everywhere.
Sure glad we had time to eat
before they opened the new park.
[excited chatter]
[clears throat]
[microphone feedback]
Hi, thank you all for coming to the opening
of our new city park and playground.
Look at them all having fun together,
when here I am all alone with nothing to do.
I know how I'll have some fun.
I'll mess with their good time.
[maniacal laughter]
[maniacal laughter]
[dismayed shouts]
Spiderman: Hey, what gives? It's raining garbage!
Ah, it's Hobgoblin! Time to swing into action, Spidey!
Oops, looks like I missed a spot.
Just how I like it, nice and dirty.
Spiderman: Nothing nice about it!
Looks like you're not going forward.
And you're definitely not going back.
The only thing worse than one Spidey is two.
[frustrated grunt]
[stretching sound]
Too bad my glider is stronger than both of you.
Here's some garbage. My gift to you!
Aw, yuck. He's getting away.
Eugh, we're going to have to show him
he can't trash and run.
[maniacal laughter]
You two can't catch me!
I wouldn't be so sure. And stop littering!
What should we do?
Follow my lead!
[maniacal laughter]
Uh oh. [screams]
It's gonna take more than that to stop me!
Well, that's OK. We have a lot more than "that."
Yeah, we're not going to let you ruin
the new park for everyone, Hobgoblin!
Oh, yeah? Well, see if you can catch me.
[angry muttering]
You're not going anywhere.
[thwack thwack]
Ha! Caught! With the help of our friends.
Thanks, everyone! We stopped Hobby!
Mission accomplished!
Not yet. There's a lot of cleaning up to do.
Thanks for nothing, Hobgoblin.
Why did you have to ruin everyone's good time?
I guess I felt... left out.
So you want to feel included?
I have a feeling I'm not going to like this.
Wow, look at that.
[laughing and murmuring]
All those nice people working together
to clean up your trash.
Go ahead, Hobgoblin. Time to join in.
It's only right for you to help
to clean up the mess you made.
You'll definitely feel included now.
[grumbling and disgusted sounds]
Nice job, Hobby. We'll have this place clean in no time.
[giggling] There! All done!
Good going! See how much nicer everything looks
when you clean up after yourself?
Mmm hmm.
And no one will be able to call us litter... "bugs", get it?
Spidey out!


Spidey & Miles Save the City From Trash | Marvel Super Hero Adventures - Sticky Rain | SHORT

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