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I am Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
It is a lovely sunny day.
Peppa and her family are driving to the playground.
Is everybody ready?
Yes, Daddy Pig.
Then let's go.
We are going to the playground, we're going to the playground.
Peppa and George love going to the playground.
Why have we stopped?
It's a traffic jam.
But we need to get to the playground.
Don't worry, George. The traffic is moving again.
Stop! Mr. Bull has stopped the traffic.
What's the problem, Mr. Bull?
Moo! We are digging up the road.
That's water coming out of the ground.
Yes, that's what we are here to fix.
Is it going to take long?
It will take as long as it takes.
Digger! Digger!
George likes diggers.
This way, Mr. Rhino.
Okey, boss.
Mr. Bull is the boss.
Mr. Bull, where is all that water coming from?
It's coming from a broken waterpipe underground.
How are you going to fix it?
We'll dig up the road!
We'll turn the water off.
George loves cranes. Crane! Crane!
We'll take the old pipe out.
And put the new one in.
Thank you for showing us your work, Mr. Bull.
Moo! No problem.
Good bye! See you later.
Or, dear! George doesn't want to leave Mr.Bull.
We are going to the playground, George.
You can play diggers and cranes in the sandpit.
And we will see Mr. Bull again on our way home.
Peppa and her family have arrived AT the playground.
Hello, everyone!
Hello, Peppa!
Edmant elephant and Richard rabbit are playing in the sandpit.
Let's play in the sandpit.
What's the problem?
We are digging up the road! And I am a boss.
Is it going to take long?
It will take as long as it will take!
We have to make a hole!
We'll fill it in.
And the road is mended.
Peppa, George, it's time to go home!
Or, dear! George doesn't want to go home yet.
On the way home, George, we can see Mr. Bull digging up the road.
Bye, everyone!
Bye, Peppa!
Peppa and George are looking forward to seeing Mr. Bull again.
Digger! Crane!
Here we are.
Mr. Bull is not here.
Mr Bull must have finished and gone home.
Digger! Crane!
Moo! Stop!
Is the waterpipe broken again?
No, Peppa. This time it's faulty electical cables.
How do you mend electical cables?
We'll dig up the road!
Peppa and George love it when Mr. Bull digs up the road.
Everyone loves it when Mr. Bull digs up the road.



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