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We've heard a lot of hype about 5G
And today,
we are going to expose some truth
and find out about what it's really about
What is the 5G cellular network
and what exactly is it capable of

What does the equipment and hardware looks like
And what should you watch out for
And the most important questions
Is there a deeper agenda behind 5G
And how does that relate to things
like mind control and energy weapons

Find out now
On today's edition of Edge of Wonder
The truth about 5G
Welcome to Edge of Wonder.
We're you're hosts.
I'm Rob.
And I'm Ben
It seems that everyone is talking
about 5G in the recent months

and we've been seeing it all over the news.
Many of yalls have been requesting it
in the comments and in our inboxes

Today we'll finally going to put this one to bed.
In part one of our two part series,
we'll go far and cover what 5G is and
everything that it's capable of…

Causing cancer? Controlling consumer
behavior? 5G weapons? We've got a great episode for you today.

Let's get our everyone on the same page.
What is 5G?
5G is the fifth generation
wireless technology

that's currently being developed and
implemented around the world to replace 4G LTE.

Get this, it's supposed to be 100 times faster!
5G relies on higher frequency
waves like millimeter waves

to support faster speeds and
improve your mobile experience.

You'll see faster download and upload speeds.
And for men, it's so fast your beards
may even burn off while your using it.

The delay in communication between
devices and wireless networks known as latency will decrease.

5G is low latency.
What's the current state of
5G cellular technology?

According to the FCC, 5G will operate
on three different spectrum bands in the US.

There's Low-band, Mid-band,
and millimeter wave (high band).

You can think of these spectrum
bands as the roads and data transferred as the cars on the road.

The straighter and more direct the road,
the faster that cars can drive on it.
The same analogy applies here.
Without going into too many specifics here,
basically, these higher frequency
waves can't travel as far.

Sort of like how at home you have
to be close enough to the wifi wireless device to get a signal.

5G stations can only cover less
than one square mile

so it'll only work with a expansive
network of antennas on top of existing infrastructure.

What does this technology look like?
What should you be looking out for?

If 5G has been rolled out in
your neighborhood,

you might see microcells or small boxes
hung on an existing telephone poles,

street lights, or off a side of a building.
You also might notice that you
grow another head,

or your leg falls clean on your
midnight 7-11 slurpee run.

You know you still drink those.
So, in order for cell phones and
other devices with 5G capabilities to communicate with these 5G small cells,

they will need a 5G chip.
Qualcomm released its new
Snapdragon X55 5G modem

which can run on 2G through 5G
and promises to “significantly
boost the speed, coverage, and responsiveness of wireless networks”

That was a mouthful,
It was.
5G will support autonomous vehicles,
additional surveillance cameras,

remote controlled heavy machinery,
advancements of internet of things.

Our community probably already
understands where this is going… surveillance,

remote controlled heavy machinery,
super smart appliances…
but we've only scratched the surface.

Let's just introduce Hal and the
Terminator into our homes.

Isn't that basically what we have
with Alexa and Amazon thing

Like turning on by itself, doing weird things?
So at best, Edge of Wonder videos
will load faster on our phones and at worst,

big brother is watching you or we
should say deep state in this case?

No no no, it's not like that.
Let's go one level deeper.
I mean I've been alluding to it …
How does 5G actually affect the people,

In an appeal to the United Nations,
over 240 scientists and doctors with
published research from 41 nations

listed out the side effects of exposure
to non-ionizing electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

I have no idea how you
survive that paragraph

What falls under the category of EMFs?
EMFs include radiofrequency radiation (RFR),

cellular and cordless phones,
their base stations, WiFi broadcast antenna,
smart meters, and baby monitors.

I mean BABY MONITORS?! Ugh …
How do these EMFs affect us?
“Effects include increased cancer risk,

cellular stress,
increase in harmful free radicals,
genetic damages,

structural and functional changes
of the reproductive system,

learning and memory deficits,
neurological disorders,

and negative impacts on
general well-being”

General well being, I mean
this just sounds terrible.

Even the Epoch Times highlighted an
occurrence where one hundred and fifty dead birds fell out of trees

and onto the ground of a
park in The Hague,

Netherlands due to a nearby
5G network antenna.

Dr. Martin Pall, professor emeritus at
Washington State University and a leading EMF expert,

spoke at the National Institute of
Health about the dangers of 5G.

He expressed his concerns that “EMF
effects will lead to existential threats to our survival”.

The top three among them
being reproductive effects,

neurological or neuropsychiatric effects,
and the germ line mutation effects.
Why is it so concerning? It's because
these effects are cumulative.

When the effects compound to
become more severe.

They become ultimately irreversible.
So basically our legs fall off and
we grow additional heads.

So it's very possible that technologically
advanced countries to “suffer catastrophic drop[s] in human reproduction.”

And that to us,
sounds like a page out of Agenda 21 or
the Deep State's depopulation agenda.

The Michigan Safe Technology YouTube
channel shared a clip from a legislation hearing

where Dr. Sharon Goldberg talks about
the electromagnetic radiation

that causes deterioration of mental health as an epidemic
leading to suicides, shootings, and opioid usage.

What are the effects on our
environment or on animals?

“a detailed long-term field monitoring
study was performed from 2006 through 2015

in the cities of Bamberg and
Hallstadt, Germany.”

What they found was that the trees
in low radiations areas showed no damage while a statistical analysis revealed that

“electromagnetic radiation from
mobile phone masts is harmful for trees”

Even trees are affected! Another review
by Alfonso Balmori also measured how exposure to electromagnetic radiation,

a form of environmental
pollution can harm wildlife.

These animals suffer deterioration
in health and reproductive issues—ultimately leading to a
decline in animal populations.

But hey faster downloads
and uploads right

So no animals and plants
aren't an exception.

What about humans? Exactly.
They're endangered by the rapid development
of electromagnetic radiation caused by cellular technology.

We just discussed examples of how electromagnetic
frequencies like 5G can affect our health,

but is there an even more
nefarious agenda behind 5G?

5G promises super fast data transfer
which can accelerate different implementations of the internet of things

“Architects of 5G envision a
world where pill bottles,

hair brushes” will use small
antennas that connect to a IoT network

Why would we ever need that?!
Some examples that might require 5G
are pantry items that text you when you're low in stock at home,

smart appliances that adjust to your behavior,
self-driving cars that can
anticipate your schedule.

So basically you just stop thinking at all
and be completely controlled by your device.

Yeah I'll be sitting there drooling from
brain inactivity and I'm going to need a text next time I have to use the bathroom.

Beep beep Rob you have a bowel movement
Haha right! All these “smart”
things are additional data points

that a company can collect to understand
and predict consumer behavior.

This is reminiscent of William Cooper's
concept of economic shock

testing which we've referenced
in our deep state series.

Cooper describes economic shock testing
as the phenomenon where “prices of commodities are shocked,

and the public consumer
reaction is monitored.”

So when staples such as “beef, coffee,gasoline,
or sugar” will suddenly spike in price or availability,

people will also drastically
respond to that change.

These shock waves can be monitored
through “changes in advertising,

and sales of that and other commodities”
and “interpreted theoretically by computers”
so that the psycho- economic structure
of the economy is thus discovered.”

Basically, you can manipulate people to
do certain things by understanding their relationship to the economy.

Economic shock testing tries to convince
the public that certain “experts”

“should take control of the money
system and reestablish security

(rather than liberty and justice) for all.”
I mean they've been doing this with ads
and all of these stuff for years right

But now they have tools that can actually
help them hone this even more

So we are aware that this stuff has been
going on forever you guys

Facebook hack
While the government already has a pretty
good grasp of a macro trends in consumer behavior,

the internet of things and 5G will give detail
to consumer behavior that they never had before.

So again, we touch upon more
mind-blowing concepts

from William Cooper's Behold a
Pale Horse in our deep state series.

If you haven't checked that out yet,
it's a series you don't want to miss,

so go back and watch that after this.
Some of the helpful or convenient
solutions brought out through the internet of things actually seem
kind of invasive…

Now here might be one of the
most disturbing effect of 5G.

We're still unraveling this one ourselves.
Do you guys remember our “Voice of God”
mind control technology video?

Dude where have you been?
Go watch! It's nuts.

We mention in a previous
episode a while back,

how the voice of God technology
could use cell phone towers

to send out these signals via these
psycho-electronic weapons.

There's a few more patents related
to 5G that we should expose.

Hendricus G. Loos's patented a method
to manipulate a subject's nervous system

when they're near a device emitting
electromagnetic fields.

Well this just sounds Hendriculous.
Get it …
Yeah that was bad
Well epic name aside,
this patent describes how a computer
program can routinely pulse a frequency

from a monitor to affect the
subject's nerves.

The application status of this
patent is still active,

which means it's possible a company
to potentially implement 5G technology

to induce certain behaviors
and reactions in people this year.

That name definitely sounded
too funny to be real

You mean it was rather Hendriculous?
Yes and you know what,
some folks speculate that it may be a
pseudonym for Professor Ross Adey—Who was Professor Ross Adey?

Well, you'll find many things online
about Professor Ross Adey.

In his obituary,
it says that he was “a leading and controversial
figure on the effects of electromagnetic fields”

He studied brain physiology at Oxford University
and then joined the Brain Research Institute at UCLA in 1961.

There, he studied how extremely low frequencies
or ELFs affect the human brain and nervous system.

Adey demonstrated how electromagnetic field
radiation affects brain tissue.

Soon after,
Motorola found out what he
was doing and hired him

and Jerry Phillips to “research ”
effects of cellphone radiation on tissue.

From their research,
they “observed a decrease in central
nervous system tumors in animals exposed to cell-phone frequencies”.

Afterwards, Motorola ended their project
and downplayed the results,

but, this doesn't make any sense…
why would Motorola end a
project that reduces tumors.

Maybe just maybe they observed
the opposite results like all the other scientists that we mentioned above

found that cell-phone radiation
could increase tumors.

An interesting footnote to this side
story is that Motorola Mobility is now owned by China's Lenovo.

Just keep that tidbit in mind for the
rest of this 5G series.

So back to the patent.
under the pseudonym Hendricus G. Loos',
he wrote up another patent for an ”
apparatus and method for generating

and containing plasma having
ultra high temperatures”.

How we understand this patent is
that this apparatus has the ability to “generate and contain energy at
ultrahigh temperatures”

using “electromagnetic means”
Why that's suspicious is that the
company associated with this patent

is Plasmadyne Corporation which
based out of Santa Ana,

California …
Sounds like Cyberdyne?
You know
Just saying
Some speculation here,
but could there be a way that the direct
energy weapons starting those fires in California

and burning houses down to the ground,
as David Wilcock said, boring holes
through cars,

and burning trees from the inside out
could be influenced by Hendricks

Hendickry dickry ducks
Hendricus G. Loos's technology?
Whatever that guy's name is,
let's just keep going
All this to say,
5G is a type of electromagnetic frequency.
Could 5G technology that's being developed
be used to manipulate people's behavior

or be used to generate ultrahigh temperature
energy to be used as a directed energy weapon?

You can find all this information
publicly available on patents.google.com

and we encourage you to do
your own research.

Before we wrap up, please go check
out our platform, edge of wonder dot tv.

Edge of Wonder TV is the platform
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We'll post episodes early so subscribers
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We'll also do weekly livestreams covering
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We are also gonna have our personal channels
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Subscriptions are 9.99 a month and you
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Pretty good deal
We'll premier new, uncensored, long-form
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If you like want to support us and
see more exclusive content,

subscribe on edgeofwonder dot tv
To wrap up, we covered what 5G
technology comprises of and what technological breakthroughs it promises

100x download and upload speeds!
The Internet of things! Autonomous vehicles!

We also highlighted the proven and
well-documented dangers of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs)

on humans, animals, and the environment.
5G may become an extremely invasive
way to capture all your personal data

to understand and
manipulate your behavior…

that is if your data is in the wrong hands.
Which basically is Facebook
What Facebook is doing
I mean who's got that data
Anyway, they already have ours I'm sure
So this 5G tech could potentially
be used to manipulate your behavior

and lastly, we dipped our toes in
some of Hendricus Loos's crazy plasma technology and how 5G can power it.

There's no way you can say that
with a straight face

In the next episode,
we'll talk about the 5G battle,
the cold war between the
alliance and deep state.

So stay tuned and we'll see you out—
on the edge!
on the edge
on the edge
on the edge
on the edge
on the edge
on the edge
on the edge
Structure structural and functional
changes are the reproductive system

Learning and memory depth
Man this is
I think I'm gonna take this paragraph
Harmful free radicals
I kinda wanna be a free radical
That would not be good


5G Technology Results that will Literally Melt Your Heart

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