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(eerie piano music)
- [Narrator] Communism isn't
what it seems on the surface.

(eerie piano music)
How do secret societies have anything
to do directly with communism?
We'll introduce the missing puzzle piece.
Is anything ever really that simple?
(eerie instrumental music)
Weishaupt's methods of
secrecy and deception

were well beyond anything we've ever seen.
Where did communism first come from?
(upbeat techno music)
- [Female] Edge of Wonder .
- Hey everyone, welcome to Edge of Wonder,
this is part two of our communism series,
Communism and Illuminism.
Many of you have been asking
us about Adam Weishaupt,

and how he relates to the IllumiDonkey.
Others have been asking us whether
the Freemasons are good or bad.
We've also gotten many questions
about the Knights Templar

and how they fit into the entire equation.
- Well everyone, hold on to your hats,
because in this episode
we're gonna show you

the hidden history of secret societies
and this new world order only told
through the formation of communism.
Man, who would have thought?
- Now often when people
talk about communism,

they think it was just some Russian thing
that's no longer a threat.
For some people,
they might think it has to do
with some kind of revolution,

or they might know that China
is still a communist country

and that Mao Zedong
starved a lot of people

and was a nut job.
- When they dig a little further,
they might start to learn
about the French Revolution

and just think that communism came about
because of a bunch of surface
philosophies and philosophers,

which, I mean, you can
hardly call them that,

came about because France
legitimately needed reform.

- Is anything ever really that simple?
Can you think of any huge
change that wasn't impacted

or is not a result of
many different factors

all intersecting at once?
Simply think about how complicated it is
when a war starts and all the
events that lead up to it.

- While researching communism,
we found a very buried source.
An academic researcher and
author named Nesta Webster,

who could really be considered
the great grandmother

of all conspiracy theorists.
Or conspiracy realists,
as I heard someone say.

- That's true.

- [Ben] The book is
called World Revolution,

the Plot Against Civilization.
- Webster predates Fritz
Springmeier by 80 years,

at a time when using the
phrase conspiracy theorist

wasn't a trigger word to get you to
automatically reject
anything someone says.

- This lady was exposing the IllumiDonkey
when Fritz Springmeier wasn't even
a twinkle in his grandmother's eyes.
And as we read, we were
dumbfounded by her research.

- Her work is so sourced
that it's impossible to deny her findings.
She read the actual original
documents and personal letters

of those behind these movements
from both France and Germany

tracking back the genesis
of every secret society

and everything that's changed our world,
and why today is how it is.
You guys excited?
So are we.
- We found it strange that this source
would be sitting there
without any drama behind it,

so we decided to look into the person,
and lo and behold, there was drama.
We found out that she's currently known
in the academic circles
as a Nazi sympathizer.

This claim on her
reputation was so serious,

for the most part, all her
works have been rejected

in current studies.
- But, as we stated in our last episode,
we found that Hitler may in fact
have been of the Rothschild bloodline,
making this situation much
more involved than we thought.

And as we've seen with people
like author Cotton Mather,

and many others, these
things are complicated,

and should be looked at both historically
and from a third-party perspective,
taking emotion completely
out of the equation.

- Why do we say that?
Her work largely took place
before Hitler's genocide.

She was so good at researching
that she was an informant

to both British and American
intelligence agencies.

Several quotes from top officials
at the time can be found about her.
- So we decided to read on
and see what Nesta found,

and try to figure out the
situation for ourselves.

We've now read several
works from Nesta Webster,

and we're baffled at finding that she was
very against entities undermining mankind,
particularly those of communism,
and there isn't even an inkling of hate
towards anything but those entities
that seem to be undermining humans.
- However, in her findings,
Nesta made a grave oversight.

She found that people who
called themselves Jews

were behind several subversive movements.
Because of that, she confused these people
who called themselves Jews as actual Jews.
- She ended up joining societies
that considered themselves fascist
before those fascist societies
are considered what they are today.
But it's also extremely doubtful
she would consider herself a
fascist in today's day and age,

after seeing the way history played out.
- She was fooled by Hitler,
as were many other people of the time,
and thought he understood what she did.
So she even defended
him at certain points.

And then when Hitler did what he did,
unfortunately, the damage was done.
- People now consider her a
fascist, but what's strange,

as we stated in our last episode,
she was against what communism,
the most murderous specter
on the planet, was doing.

- She was against these things
and people being undermined,

so this was a very complicated situation.
- So, by reading her books,
are Ben and I fascist?

Hell no.
Every race and every person on the planet
was literally created by the divine,
we have nothing but love for everyone.
- However, what she
found was so mind blowing

that as we as a people
have to take a look at it

and consider it.
So let's once again put
down what history has said

and take a look at this for ourselves,
and see if we can uncover the truth
behind the secret societies and communism.
- Yeah, let's think for ourselves
instead of listening to a
talking head, what a concept.

- What is communism and
where did it come from?

- In multiple sources
that we've looked through,

including The Epoch Times'
Specter of Communism,

it is said that the seeds of
communism could be traced back

to ancient Greek philosophers
of our civilization.

Not all of them, of
course, but some of them.

- There was then a long time between that
and when things started to
flare up in recent times.

To track all of this you have to look at
what happened in Europe,
particularly in France,

leading up to the French Revolution.
- In 1185 there was a movement
called the Confrerie de la Paix,
which translates to the
Fellowship of the Peace.

They attacked nobles and clergy
and focused on setting
up a community of land.

Their belief system was
called nationalization.

- This confrerie led to
something called the albigeois,

who in 1250 used the same theory
to also attack nobles and priests.
Sounds like a common theme, right?
And keep in mind that these
things happened in France,

where there was a clear distinction
between nobles and common folk.
- Coincidentally, and also in 1250,
an order of knights was
founded in Jerusalem

called the Knights Templars.
After the crusades, when the
Templars returned to France,

they positioned themselves as independent
to the French monarchy under
the leader Jacques de Molay.

- This power was at odds
with the king of the time,

King Philippe le Bel,
and in October of 1307,

on Friday the 13th, several of
these Templars were arrested

and accused of spitting on crucifixes,
denying Christ through various means,
and of course accused
of worshiping Baphomet.

- Several of these Knights
Templar were executed,

including the grand master
of the Templars, Molay.

This might seem like a
random thing to share here,

but according to this
version of the story,

one that's been tracked back,
we're looking at the genesis

of none other than the Freemasons.
- [Ben] Nesta says --
- [Narrator] "According to
the Chevalier de Malet,"

"those Templars who had escaped the storm"
"afterwards met in obscurity"
"so as to reknit the ties
that had united them."

"And in order to avoid
fresh denunciations,"

"they made use of allegorical methods"
"which indicated the basis
of their association"

"in a manner unintelligible
to the eyes of the vulgar."

"That is the origin of the Freemasons."
- In our episode,
we're going to call these
the French Freemasons,

because there was an apparent divide
between those French Freemasons in France
and those in Britain,
which had developed in
a very different way.

- [Ben] The British
Freemasons actually developed

from a real guild of masons,
and there was a spirit of
brotherhood and benevolence

seen also in the early
years of the Americas.

Freemasonry has many lodges,
so it's easy to see how lodges,

especially lodges in different countries,
could develop in different ways.
- The British freemasonry had
a stringent set of principles

that were always followed of, quote,
"nothing touching religion or government"
"shall ever be spoken of
in the lodge", unquote.

- The details of freemasonry development
are a little outside the
scope of this discussion,

but we're trying to give
everyone what they need

in relation to this episode.
- French freemasonry
really is one of the keys

in this whole dialogue.
There was a sect of the French
Freemasons found in the 1700s

called the Grand Chapter.
- The Grand Chapter,
all these years later,

were still fueled by the desire to avenge
their executed leader, Jacques de Molay,
targeting the two entities
that caused these executions.

Royalty and the papacy.
- The Grand Chapter, which
were also Freemasons,

created a pact with another secret society
at the time called the Grand Orient.
- Webster had this to say.
- [Narrator] "The grand
orient began a coalition"

"with the Grand Chapter in 1786"
"which acquired a far
more dangerous character".

"For whilst the spirit
of the Grand Orient"

"was frankly democratic,
though not demagogic,"

"the spirit of the Grand
Chapter was revolutionary."

"But the revolution
was to be accomplished"

"above all for the benefit
of the upper class,"

"la haute bourgeoisie, with
the people as its instrument".

- Now, there is one more peripheral
secret society of the time.
Before we get to the most important one
that's necessary to
mention, and bear with us,

because all of this is
going to start making sense

very soon.
- A group called the
Martinistes, or Martinism,

also is founded in Portugal in 1754
by a man named Martinez Pasqually.
This group came about
and combined gnosticism

and what's called Judaized Christianity.
How all of these existed
together is beyond us.

What is interesting is that this group
was often referred to in
French records as Illumines,

which strangely sounds
similar to another group.

But these should not at all be confused.
- And now, we'll introduce
the missing puzzle piece.

The thing everyone's been
waiting to hear about,

the Bavarian IllumiDonkey.
- [Narrator] "It is by this
terrible and formidable sect"

"that the gigantic plan of
world revolution was worked out"

"under the leadership of
the man whom Louis Blanc"

who by the way was a socialist historian,
"has truly described as the
profoundest conspirator"

"that has ever existed".
- Drum roll, please.
- Drum roll, please.

- Adam Weishaupt.
- Boom.
Well wait, stop the record.
That quote said world revolution.
Who is Adam Weishaupt?
- [Announcer] 150 years in the making.
The ultimate evil specter.
(exciting music)
Lies, hatred, and struggle.
(exciting music)
Traditions destroyed.
The Deep State's Cult, Communism.
- Adam Weishaupt was born
on February 6th, 1748.

He got involved in Jesuit
institutions by a very young age,

and it inspired him with a
violent dislike for their order.

After which he found
solace in the teachings

from the French philosophers,
and anti-Christian doctrines at that time.
- There's another important
piece of this puzzle

given in the account of Webster.
- [Narrator] "It is said that
he was also indoctrinated"

"into Egyptian occultism
by a certain merchant"

"of unknown origin from
Jutland named Kolmer,"

"who was traveling about
Europe during the year 1771"

"in search of adepts."
- It was on this day of May 1st, 1776,
after five years of
contemplation and planning,

the Illuminati was formed.
- The significance of this particular day
cannot be overlooked.
Fritz Springmeier says in
Bloodlines of the Illuminati --

- [Narrator] "In witchcraft
and satanism, Lucifer (Baal)"

"rises from the underworld on May 1st"
"also known by the
following list of names,"

"Beltane, a major European
holiday, communism,"

"and the Illuminati's chief
holiday, and Walpurgis."

- There's much more he
says about sex rituals

and other messed up stuff,
but we should mention that

this is not just Fritz talking about this.
There are multiple academic
sources that talk about

the meaning of May 1st and
these occult practices.

Is it a coincidence that
Weishaupt picked this day

to start the Illuminati?
- Come on, guys.
He organized this society by combining
the degrees of Freemasons
with those of the Jesuits.

And even though he hated the Jesuits,
he also saw the strengths of their ways,
and weaved them into the inverse
for the destruction of
everything they built.

Weishaupt is even quoted as saying --
- [Narrator] "What all
these men have done"

"for altars and empires,"
"why should I not do
against altars and empires?"

"By the attraction of mysteries,
of legends, of adepts,"

"why should I not destroy in the dark"
"what they erect in the light of day?"
- When first Weishaupt could not succeed
in convincing ex-Jesuits to join,
he spited them and made
rules that they and Jews

could not be allowed in, save
for by special permission.

- Weishaupt's methods
of secrecy and deception

were well beyond anything ever seen.
Only what a person could
accept would be revealed,

and that which could not
be accepted was reworded

to fit into that person's
line of thinking.

In fact, Weishaupt's favorite maxim was,
"the end justifies the means".
- If someone was a
Christian, for instance,

Chris was represented as the
first author of Illuminism,

whose real teaching was
liberty and equality, right.

- Good behavior over time was rewarded
by being let in on higher
secrets in the order,

and these secrets must
have been intriguing enough

to allow for amassing new members.
- You might be asking,
what were Weishaupt's

plans and secrets to
revolutionize the world?

While some of them seem like
they could've been mystical,

the revolutionary goals can be summed up
into these six points.
- [Narrator] One, abolition of monarchy
and all ordered government.
Two, abolition of private property.
Three, abolition of inheritance.
Four, abolition of patriotism.
Five, abolition of the family,
I.E. of marriage and all morality,
and the institution of the
communal education of children.

Six, abolition of all religion.
- These six points were extremely similar
to the planks of communism.
But we'll be getting back to that later.
- His plan was the most
thorough and deceptive

ever seen in the world.
Those sworn into the order
were sworn to secrecy

under pain of death from
all of the other members.

- [Ben] Webster said --
- [Narrator] "A great point
impressed upon the adepts"

"of which we shall see
the importance later"

"was that they should not
be known as Illuminati".

- So even members of the Illuminati
were not referring to
themselves as Illuminati.

- Sounds like a twisted
version of Fight Club.

Their welcoming of new
members always had a strategy.

Weishaupt took a great interest
in women members, for instance.
They would prey on
already present sentiments

by giving him what he called
hints of emancipation.

- [Ben] Weishaupt said --
- [Narrator] "More or less,"
"they can all be led towards change"
"by vanity, curiosity,
sensuality, and inclination."

"From this one can draw much
profit for the good cause."

- They even split the female
members into two groups.

One was virtuous women,
who would lend an impression
of good repute to the order,

and the other was what
he called light women,

who would basically just satisfy members
who have a penchant for pleasure.
- How brilliant their plan is can be seen
in the way they treated
individuals with money.

They called them fools with money.
Weishaupt said in a letter --
- [Narrator] "These good
people swell our numbers"

"and fill our money box."
"Set yourselves to work,"
"these gentlemen must be
made to nibble at the bait."

"But let us beware of
telling them our secrets."

"This sort of people must
always be made to believe"

"that the grade they have
reached is the last."

- Weishaupt had weaponized intrigue.
- The significance of the
other secret societies

cannot be over emphasized
here, because Weishaupt's plan

was to alter the fabric of the world.
To destroy everything that civilization
had brought into existence.
And to do that,
he saw strength and a
merger between societies.

This would infiltrate the elite,
most of whom could be found in
one of the above-mentioned groups.
- Within two years of
founding the IllumiDonkey,

Weishaupt became a Freemason,
and using the intrigue of his secrets,
slowly word and more approval
came for uniting these societies.
As a Freemason, he met an
extremely ambitious mason

named Adolph Freiherr Knigge.
Weishaupt revealed his plans to Knigge,
and is known for saying that
with six men like Knigge,

he would be able to take over the world.
- It's very important that we
explain this next part to you

because it's critical.
During this time there were several things
happening in society.
Between 1781 and 1782,
there were many books and writings written
exonerating the Jews,
and forcing people to question
their sentiment towards them.

- You have to understand,
there's a reason we're bringing this up.
Jewish folk at the time
were not looked well upon,

and while we don't personally agree
with looking down on anyone,
at the time, for many weird reasons,
some even going back as far as Jesus,
it was something that had been an issue.
This part will make sense in a moment.
- It was at this moment with Knigge's help
that an assembly of the
heads of these two societies

of Freemasons and the IllumiDonkey
were brought together in one place.
A small company of Jews
were also in attendance

at this conference.
- And something happened
that can be considered

one of the most important meetings
in the history of our civilization.
The Congress of Wilhelmsbad.
Heard of it?
- Neither did we.
It was at this meeting
that a most organized plan

was revealed by the Bavarian Illuminati
to members of the other order.
Using intrigue and the desires
already present in other men,

the plot in the dark took hold.
- Keep in mind that not everyone
a part of this conference was bad.
Some men, upon hearing of the
plan of the New World Order,

could not in good faith
continue on with those groups.

- Webster outlines what
Francois-Henri de Virieu stated

after the conference by a quote
from him and his biographer.

- [Narrator] "The conspiracy
which is being woven"

"is so well thought out that it will be,"
"so to speak, impossible for the monarchy"
"and the church to escape from it."
- From this time onwards,
says his biographer,

M. Costa de Beauregard --
- [Narrator] "The Comte de Virieu"
"could only speak of
freemasonry with horror."

- And henceforth from this meeting,
it was the Illuminized
group that took the lead

in their future, amalgamated form.
It was also agreed that moving forward,
Jews would be allowed into
these lodges moving forward.

- Many decisions were made
as the plan was revealed.

The headquarters of the
Illuminized freemasonry

would move to Frankfurt.
Now, why is this important?
- What's called the
Jewish Finance Stronghold

was based in Frankfurt.
That might not seem scary until
you start tracking the names

who were a part of those in charge.
Enter Mayer Amschel Rothschild,
Oppenheimer, Werthheimer,
Schuster, Speyer, Stern, and more.

The first two may sound
strangely familiar to you,

oh my god, mind blown, who
was pulling the strings here?

- If this weren't enough, at
the time of these changes,

the numbers of members of
these combined societies

equaled a whopping three million people.
- Connecting all of
these freemasonry lodges

with the Illuminati,
as assisted by Knigge,

was essential for Weishaupt's plan.
Weishaupt put the heads of his order
in charge of many strategic branches
to aid in the carrying out of his plan.
- You might be asking, well guys,
how did these secret societies
have anything to do
directly with communism?

According to what we found,
they were critical in its development.
Here's what Nesta Webster said about them.
- [Narrator] "The organization
of the secret societies"

"was needed to transform the
theorizing of the philosophers"

"into concrete and formidable system"
"for the destruction of civilization".
- The work of Weishaupt was not complete
even after the Congress of Wilhelmsbad.
The Grand Orient and Martinistes
were not yet completely Illuminized.
- So as to not bore you
to death with the names

that fit outside the
scope of this episode,

we'll simply explain that they
were eventually infiltrated

by Illuminizing specific
people in their orders,

and getting them a part of the plan,
and then utilizing them sometimes
without those secret
societies even knowing.

- The unity of these secret
societies was just the start.

Without a plot in the
dark, or from the shadows,

those things intending
to happen on the surface

could never have been accomplished.
- Any time there was a
task too hard to handle

for the sake of the revolution,
more men in the way or with power
were infiltrated and Illuminized.
- [Ben] Literally, every big player
leading up to the French Revolution
was in some way connected
to the Illuminati,

or the Illuminized freemasonry.
- Why is this important?
Webster says --
- [Narrator] "Hitherto,
the isolated revolutions"

"that had taken place throughout
the history of the world"

"can be clearly recognized
as spontaneous movements"

"brought about by oppression
or by a political faction"

"enjoying some measure
of popular support,"

"and therefore endeavoring to satisfy"
"the demands of the people."
"But in the French Revolution
we see for the first time"

"that plan in operation
which has been carried on"

"right up to the present moment,"
"the systematic attempt
to create grievances"

"in order to exploit them."
- We'll give you perhaps the best example
of how engineered agitation
worked in realtime

during the early stages
of the French Revolution.

This historical incident
was called the Great Fear.

- At a time just before
the French Revolution,

there were rumors
everywhere of a famine plot.

A conspiracy that aristocrats
were staging planned burning

of grain and farmland to
starve out the population.

- At almost the same hour
across towns and villages in France,
a panic was instigated by
urgent messengers on horseback

bearing signs that said edict of the king,
telling commoners that
terrorists were coming to,

we assume to burn those
fields, and to arm themselves.

- [Narrator] The king orders
all chateaus to be burned down.

He only wishes to keep his own.
- These people, already agitated,
thought they were now given a message
from the king to carry out their violence
against the actual laws that
the king would never break.

Their wish was fulfilled,
to burn down the chateaus
of the aristocracy.

- [Rob] Webster said --
- [Narrator] "The object
of the conspirators"

"was thus achieved."
"The arming of the populace
against law and order,"

"a device which ever since 1789"
"has always formed the
first item of the program"

"of the social revolution".
- So you might be asking
who this brilliant agitation
plan was devised by.

None other than Adrien DuPont,
an adit of Illuminized freemasonry.
- Holy cow.
So now we have two names
from the 13 families

appearing here behind these
catastrophic world events.

- Coincidence?
In our last episode we
quoted Fritz Springmeier

about the idea where communism
came, and who funded it.

Here's a quote from None
Dare Call it Conspiracy

by Gary Allen on page 25.
- [Narrator] "Karl Marx was
hired by a mysterious group"

"who called themselves the
League of the Just Men"

"to write the Communist Manifesto"
"as demagogic boob-bait
to appeal to the mob."

"In actual fact, the Communist
Manifesto was in circulation"

"for many years before Marx's name"
"was widely enough recognized
to establish his authorship"

"for this revolutionary handbook".
"All Karl Marx really did
was update and codify"

"the very same revolutionary
plans and principles"

"set down 70 years earlier
by Adam Weishaupt,"

"the founder of the Order of
the Illuminati in Bavaria".

"And it is widely acknowledged"
"by serious scholars of this subject"
"that the League of the Just Men"
"was simply an extension
of the Illuminati"

"which was forced to go underground"
"after it was exposed by a raid in 1786"
"conducted by the Bavarian authorities".
- Oh my gosh.
- It's crazy.
Proof of conspiracy can not only be found
in the actions of those involved,
or the connections, but
also in their words.

We're going to read a
quote from Marx and Engels.

Some of the names won't make sense
because we didn't cover it,
but we want you to pay close attention.
- [Narrator] "The revolutionary movement"
"which began in 1789 with Cercle Social,"
"whose main representative
were to be LeClere and Roux"

"and which ended in Babeuf's conspiracy"
"gave birth to the communist idea"
"which Filippo Buonarroti,
a friend of Babeuf,"

"reintroduced into France
after the revolution of 1830".

"This idea consistently developed"
"is the idea of the New World Order."
- Boom.
- Yeah.
- Let's wrap this mind-blowing episode up.
Communism isn't what it
seems on the surface.

There were many plans in place
to create the specter haunting our world,
and as always, we're just
finding out what we can

and presenting it to all
of you to be the judges.

- As for secret societies,
it seems the situation is
abundantly laid clear now.

While there may be lodges of
freemasonry that are still good

and while there may be
still men in freemasonry

that are good across the world,
there is no way those
good men would know about

the intentions of those
above at a higher degree.

- It's clear here that freemasonry
in Britain and the Americas were different
than those in France and Germany
after Weishaupt's infiltration.
But it's also clear that freemasonry
in general is all connected.
- That master conspirator,
Adam Weishaupt said --

- [Narrator] "G is grace,"
"the flaming star is the torch of reason."
"Those who possess this
knowledge are indeed Illuminati".

- So it is the G in freemasonry
that now carries on this proverbial torch
of Illuminism in plain sight,
just as Lucifer is the light-bearer?
What secrets do those lodges have
about the world history we
reviewed on this episode?

- I guess we'll have to find out
if we all keep asking the right questions.
- That's right everyone,
we'll be out asking those
questions out on the edge --

- Of wonder.
- [Ben] Let me try to do this.
The fiddler, how so, I
plunge, plunge without fail,

my blood black saber into your soul.
Tell sense is real.

- I felt like Colin was reading that.
(Ben laughing)
You totally channeled Colin.


The Secret Societies Behind Communism [Ep 2]

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  4. 4. 字幕の表示/非表示


  5. 5. 動画をブログ等でシェア


  6. 6. 全画面再生


  1. クイズ付き動画


  1. クリックしてメモを表示

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