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(eerie music)
(futuristic music)
- [Woman] Edge of Wonder.
- Welcome to the Edge of Wonder.
We're your hosts, I'm Rob.
- And I'm Ben.
We'd like to welcome everyone
to a very special series

we've put together on Communism.
- And while it might not seem like it,
this series is over a year in the making,
touching the very essence
of everything we've been showing you guys
about the Deep State and how they operate
and function in the shadows.
- Deep State, you say?
You guys are just
conspiracy theorists, right?

- You might say that's true,
except literally everything
has been so carefully tracked

with this Communist specter,
that by the end of this series,
you're going to feel like your lives
have been turned upside down.
We know because ours has been.
- We've been there.
- Yeah.

- In this five to six part series,
we'll take you through what Communism
and revolution really is,
the history of secret
societies only revealed

through the emergence of Communism,
how the Deep State uses Socialism
to obtain its ultimate goals,
and the death tolls and
destruction of Communism

in the West and the East.
- As with every series we here
at Edge of Wonder produce,

we hope that this series sheds light
on the true history we as the
human race have gone through

and empowers our audience to research
what we've provided on their own,
because we're a team.
- So, without further ado,
here's our series on Communism.
(high pitched beeping)
- Well and let's start light.
Who here has heard of Hitler?
- Probably everybody, Rob.
- Right.
He's only the most evil arch
nemesis known to man, right?

- So, when everyone hears the word Nazi,
what do they think of?
- These days, other than
conspiracy theorists,

it's basically the worst thing
you could call someone, isn't it?
If someone doesn't like someone now,
they call them a Nazi.
I mean, Trump gets called
a Nazi all the time

by kinda uneducated
people who have no idea

what the word Nazi really means.
- Or as a way to throw shade at someone
they want to wound.
But, why is being called a Nazi
one of the worst things
you could be called?

Of course there was the
genocide and the eugenics

and mass murder targeting
a group of people.

- Right, I mean it's fully awful.
It went down in history as
one of the greatest lessons.

A lesson every country
hopes not to repeat.

- But has anyone though why this is?
When the Nazis' finally lost World War II,
there was a de-Nazification movement.
- Yeah, there were public
trials of Nazi War Criminals

and the cleansing of Fascist ideology.
Now, because of that, the very word Nazi
is tied to a sense of utter shame.
- As we speak today,
after tall these years,

there is still a hunt to
bring former Nazis to justice.

(Rob coughing)
- [Both] George Soros.
- So why do we bring this up today?
Doing a little data crunching,
about 18 to 21 million
people died in the Holocaust.

- Of course the trust
number could be higher,

depending on where you source this number.
But we can all agree it's fairly accurate.
Let's look at a quote from Hitler.
- Did you know that Hitler claimed to be
the real fulfillment of Marxist ideology?
- He said,
- [Man] "I am not only the conqueror,
"but also the executor of Marxism,
"of that part of it which
is essential and justified,

"stripped of its Jewish-Talmudic dogma."
- Multiple sources have
referenced this quote.

- Anyone out there know the
death toll from Communism?

A conservative estimate of
the death toll of Communism

is a whopping 94 to 100 million people.
- (sighs) And when we say
conservative, we mean it.

Cover ups from the
Chinese Communist party,

from their Communist famines
and Cultural Revolution

could estimate the death toll well,
easily over 200 million people or more.
- 200 million people.
- So the question remains,
why when someone hears the word Nazi,
it communicates this sense of shame,
but when we hear the word
Socialist and Communist,

people still think it's a good idea?
- And this, my friends,
is where the rabbit hole

gets ever deeper.
Here's a quote from how
the specter of Communism

is ruling our word by The Epoch Times.
- [Man] "Although Communists
have fallen from power,

"in the former Communist countries,
"Communism has never been tried
"for the crimes it committed
on a global level."

- Why has Communism been
so relatively untouched

when the death tolls and
murderous nature of it

have been well known throughout the world?
Is there a deeper reason for this?
(upbeat music)
- Let's go back to our
conspiracy theory guidebook

called, Bloodline of the
Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier.

Heard of it?
Yeah, I mean, we thought so.
- [Man] "As I have said numerous times,
"Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline.
"A common practice among
the top 13 families

"is to have an important child secretly,
"or quietly without fanfare,
"and adopt the child
out to another family.

"The child then takes
on another last name,

"which hides the genealogy."
- Did you know that the families
in the 13 Bloodlines funded Communism?
- [Man] "The Rothschilds, and
other top Satanic families

"in a lesser way, financed a Jewish mason
"and devote Satanist named Karl Marx
"to write his Das Kapital.
"The Satanists controlling
key Masonic groups,

"along with other groups they controlled,
"got Communism started.
"The original idea came from Satan,
"and was given at a Feast of the Beast
"in meticulous detail to those highest
"in the Satanic hierarchy."
- Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait.
So what is Socialism and Communism then?
And why is it so important?
Is it just the surface political ideology
or do the quotes allude to something else?
There is a very important principle here,
and we've said this throughout
our Deep State series.

- It doesn't matter if you all out there
don't believe Satan exists,
the Deep State does.

Certain families in the 13 Bloodlines
even leave a place for
Satan at the dinner table.

And you can find the symbology
in a lot of pop culture.

(dramatic music)
- Karl Marx is known for his works
The Communist Manifesto
and The Das Kapital.

But Marx produced a lot of poetry, too,
which show the progression
of Marx completely

giving himself over to Satan,
thus becoming his instrument
in the human world.

- [Man] "The Fiddler.
"How so!
"I plunge, plunge without fail
"my blood-black saber into your soul.
"Thou art God neither wants nor wists,
"it leaps to the brain
from Hell's black mists.

"'Till heart's bewitched,
'till senses reel,

"with Satan I have struck my deal.
"He chalks the signs, beats time for me.
"I play the death march fast and free."
- Marx wanted to take revenge on God.
He said in one poem called,
Invocation of One in Despair.

- [Man] "Invocation of One in Despair.
"I shall build my throne high overhead.
"Cold, tremendous shall its summit be.
"For its bulwark, superstitious dread.
"For it's marshall, blackest agony."
- You could just take
this to be some poetry

if we weren't all extremely aware
of the rituals the Deep
State performs in blood,

and if we didn't hear the quotes
from the bloodlines of the Illuminati
about Communism's
connection to their plans.

- Marx's role was to
establish this cult, but why?

What is Communism really?
When Communism was first created,
the word Satan was regularly
used in its doctrine.

There were a number of people
and groups involved in its promulgation.
- The Communist Church was created
by John Goodwin Barmby.
Here is a quote about Barmby.
- "The struggle for Communism,
"declared Barmby, was
apocalyptic, bound to end

"with the mystical reunion
of Satan into God."

The Communist Church gave way
to a belief system called,
Christian Communism,

which was completely, openly Satanic.
- So if you try to look
this up online now,

however, it gives you
the modern understanding

of Christian Communism where Christians
have to answer to the Communism,
not the Christian God.
You have to dig into the genesis
of this philosophy to find the truth.
- As the discussions flew back and forth
on the form Communism should take,
Marx's Communist Manifesto was complete.
The word Satanism was not used,
and Atheist was used in its place.
- Atheism, this despiritualization of man,
was the exact power play that would both
allow Communism to be
spread, and the key factor

in eliminating man's
connection to the divine.

- Does everyone here know
the Deep State's goals?

There are many.
It's not just one.
Some people say it's to control money.
Some say it's to control
power and consolidate power.

Some say it's to create
the New World Order.

Some say it's eugenics.
- Under the pretense of
Atheism, there is no God.

No Satan, no spiritualism,
and it's all superstitious.

Thousands of years of civilization
and history would be dissolved.
- In addition, people
would lose all property

and all sense of self,
and we don't mean that in the good way.
Individualism was completely removed.
Nothing was yours.
- So in a nutshell, the easiest way
to mind control a society is
to take away their culture,

have them believe in nothing,
and that they came from nothing spiritual.
- You're talking about thousands of years
of Deep State experience with mind control
from different esoteric practices
to history manipulation
to the darkest arts

being pushed into a theology
that would undermine humans

and allow the elite's
goals to become a reality.

- [Man] 150 years in the making.
(ominous music)
The ultimate evil specter.
Lies, hatred, and struggle.
Traditions destroyed.
The Deep State's Cult; Communism.
- Still don't believe us?
Marx's work was based
on Hegelian philosophy.

Where did Hegelian philosophy come from?
Hermetic tradition.
- Here's a quote from Marxists.org.
- [Man] "Hegel's library
included Hermetic writings

"by Agrippa, Boehme,
Bruno, and Paracelsus.

"He read widely on mesmerism,
psychic phenomenal dowsing,

"precognition, and sorcery.
"He publicly associated
himself with known occultists,

"like Franz von Baader.
"He, Hegel, stated in his
lectures more than once

"that the term speculative means
the same thing as mystical.

"He believed in an Earth Spirit,
"and corresponded with colleagues
"about the nature of magic.
"He aligned himself informally
with Hermetic societies

"such as the Freemasons
and the Rosicrucians.

"Even Hegel's doodles were Hermetic,
"as we shall see in chapter three
"when I discuss the
mysterious Triangle Diagram."

- Triangle Diagram?
Literally every avenue
you take with Communism

all leads back to one form
or another of mystic arts,

secret societies, and Satanism.
- It's safe to say the people
we surround ourselves with

in life influence us, right?
So, have you ever wondered what
the people Marx hung
around with had to say?

Let's take a look at a
couple quotes from them.

Heine, who was a close
friend of Marx said,

"I called the Devil and he came.
"His face with wonder I must scan.
"He is not ugly, he is not lame.
"He is a delightful, charming man."
- Okay, Mikhal Bakunin Was
a huge influence on Marx.

He says this about the
Socialist revolution.

Quote, "In this revolution
we will have to awaken

"the devil in people, to
stir up the basest passions.

"Our mission is to destroy, not to edify.
"The passion of destruction
is a creative passion."

- If you understand the
philosophy of Hegel,

which stems from Hermeticism,
this quote makes much sense.
Their philosophy revolves
around God coming into creation

when he created the world.
So then, what were they trying to do?
- Marx believed that to full spite God,
he would recreate through
revolution everything,

and hence become God himself.
This is clearly stated in his own poetry.
- (sighs) But what is more fascinating
is that the Communism they decided to push
suppresses the very beliefs
that they came from.

So what are their goals and why?
- The machine of Communism is revolution.
When there is no revolution,
Communism would even cannibalize itself
to keep the revolution going.
Many people think the word
revolution is a good thing,

but the revolutions Communism pushed
were based in violence,
forcibly overthrowing people,

monarchies, religious
entities, and government,

leaving millions dead.
- Then you might be asking,
well what are the goals of Communism?
A snapshot of the objectives can be fond
in the Marxist planks of
the Communist Manifesto.

- [Rob] One, abolition of property in land
and application of all rents
of land to public purposes.

- [Ben] Two, a heavy progressive
or graduated income tax.

- [Ron] Three, abolition of
all rights of inheritance.

- [Ben] Four, confiscation of the property
of all immigrants and rebels.
- [Rob] Five, centralization of credit
in the hands of the state
by means of a national bank

with State capital and
an exclusive monopoly.

- [Ben] Six, centralization
of the means of communication

and transport in the hands of the State.
- [Rob] Seven, extension of
factories and instruments

of production owned by the State;
the bringing into
cultivation of wastelands,

and the improvement of soil generally
in accordance with a common plan.
- [Ben] Eight, equal
liability of all to work.

Establishment of industrial armies,
especially for agriculture.
- [Rob] Nine, combination of agriculture
with manufacturing
industries, gradual abolition

of all the distinction
between town and country

by a more equitable distribution
of the populace over the country.
- [Ben] 10, free
education for all children

in public schools.
Abolition of children's factory
labor in its present form.

Combination of education
with industrial production.

- Wait, wait, wait.
So no property, so I can't have
anything that's mine at all.

I can't go buy a house
and put all my stuff I bought in there.
Extreme tax, most of my money
that I work for isn't mine.

Tell me where that money is going.
In whose pockets exactly?
I can't give or donate to anything
I feel strongly about now?
I just have to give all of my money
to whatever elite person is in charge?
- Exactly.
- And wait, there's more.

- No family inheritance?
Nothing can come to me
from my grandmother?

Immigrants, that's people
leaving the country,

get everything taken away?
Well, so much for
leaving if you don't like

the way they're governing things.
Centralization of credit,
so the State has all
monopoly on all the money.

It's not your money, it's the State's.
The State, the people,
overthrowing everything.

We could go on from here, but
you guys get the point, right?

- Communism isn't freedom.
Communism is a gang,
and the rights of people
would go into the hands

of the people at the
top of the food chain,

which is the exact thing the
people in Communism feign

to be fighting against.
- Here are a few quotes from
The Epoch Times' series,

the Dark Origins of Communism.
"Lenin would later push a similar concept
"under his idea of partisanship.
"There were those who
supported the revolution

"and those who did not,
"and the ones who did not support it
"were marked for destruction.
"The idea that society should be divided
"into only two factions,
with no middle ground,

"can still be found in
today's political conflicts."

- Hmm.
Quote, "The French
Revolution leaders preached

"collective good to justify the
use of widespread violence."

- [Ben] "The idea of the people invoked
"by these revolutionary
dictators did not refer

"to the people of the country,
"but instead the people of the
system they aimed to create.

"For the sake od these
people to be created

"by the revolution, no
crime was too great,

"and no atrocity was too gruesome."
- When many people think about Communism,
they think that it started in Russia,
but that's not true,
and we'll be getting into
this in the next episode.

Communism exploded into existence
after long years of unrest in France.
- In the CBS show, What Catholics Believe,
Father William Jenkins in a
1980 segment of the TV show

had this to say.
Quote, "While the French Revolution called
"for principles of liberty,
equality, and fraternity,

"the concept of total
liberty they proposed

"is best described as total anarchy."
- During the Reign of Terror, he said,
"Robespierre and his
fellow revolutionaries

"slaughtered many French peasants."
He said, based on the extremist logic,
Quote, "People here
had never seen violence

"like this before.
"People here had never committed a crime,
"but they had to die so that
France could be transformed

"into a Socialist society," unquote.
- Socialism, you say?
Doesn't everyone now seem
to be preaching that?

The results of Socialism in every instance
took the rights away from the people
and allowed Anarchy and
death to rule in its place.

This isn't us just saying this.
This is the historic truth.
- We'll be getting into the results
of revolution and Socialism
throughout this series.

Revolution has left millions dead,
strewed about in the
streets and the fields,

even Communist members themselves.
- But let's wrap this up.
All this talk about Communism,
but what's the real meaning
behind it and its purpose?

- We know the Illumi-donkey
were somewhat involved, right?

And that usually, when they're involved,
there are deeper, more subversive things
going on behind the scenes.
So is it just that Communism came about
due to surface circumstances
and philosophies?

- Let's look at a quote
from The Epoch Times'

Specter of Communism again.
"While there are many
parallels to be found,

"there is one crucial distinction
that is often overlooked;

"the Nazis aimed to
eliminate the Jewish people,

"but the goal of Communism goes
beyond physical slaughter."

- People of faith do not
consider physical demise

to be one's true death,
since the soul goes to
Heaven or is born again

in the cycle of reincarnation.
The Communist party uses
killing as an instrument

to plant the seeds of terror
in the minds of people,

forcing them to accept its evil ideology.
Through the destruction of morality,
people's souls are fated to damnation.
The Communist party aims not just
to destroy man's physical body,
but also to destroy his soul.
- The Deep State's goal
isn't just to eliminate

our physical bodies, it's
to herald in the apocalypse

and murder people's souls.
And the ideology they've chosen to do this
that spread all over
the world is Communism.

The early stages of Communism
is called Socialism.

- Socialism's goal is only Communism.
Socialism's goal is not to stay Socialism,
as we'll show you throughout this series.
- The Deep State believes
order comes from chaos,

and wanted to smite and defeat God.
Their goal is literally
create hell on earth.

They are trying to force
the people of the world

to disbelieve in the divine,
in hopes to drag people to hell,
ridding the world of mindless ears
while they can live in peace
with only about 500 million

to one billion or so left.
- Their so-called alien Satanic Gods
would become rulers and Gods,
and the cabal would rule and enslave
the rest of the population under them.
- So now that we just said this,
do you think that we
can't prove everything

we just told you?
In the next episode, we're going to reveal
exactly how secret societies were involved
in Communism's creation,
and how the Illumi-donkey came about.
- We have it so exactly
and perfectly sourced

that it's undeniable, and through that
we're going to explain
to you the true story

of these secret societies
and how they came about.

- Who would have thought that Communism
would be the exact thing
that would reveal the truth

behind secret societies?
- Stay tuned for the next
episode about Communism

and Illuminism, things are
just heating up in this series.

And as always, there wouldn't
be any version of this

where evil comes out on top.
- So remember, there is a
light at the end of this tunnel

and it's all our jobs to create that.
Educating ourselves about
this Deep State cult

is everything we need to dismantle it,
and dismantle it we will.
- Until next time, we'll see you out
- On the edge.
(pensive music)
- [Ben] You're like,
(yelling indistinguishably).

I don't want you to do that, but like--
- (laughing) How so!
I plunge, plunge without fail,
my blood-black saber into your soul.
(group laughing)
Hegel's library included
Hermetic writings.

- [Ben] Hegel's library
included Hermetic writing

by Agrippa.
- By Agrippa.



Why Communism is the Deep State's Mind Control Cult [Ep1]

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