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  • People are afraid,

  • people are also angry about this extradition treaty.

  • So everyone is coming out, not just Hongkongers

  • but also expats who are staying in Hong Kong

  • and calling Hong Kong home for now.

  • The Chinese government is trying to exert control over Hong Kong,

  • and also trying to make

  • Hong Kong people keep silent,

  • and just follow orders.

  • The judicial system in the mainland is not very trustworthy

  • so that creates

  • some unnecessary panic for some Hongkongers.

  • This is very unfair for us.

  • It would totally destroy the freedoms we've always had

  • and the rule of law we are so proud of.

People are afraid,


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香港で抗議デモ。リーダーのキャリー・ラム氏、身柄引き渡し計画に反発 - BBC ニュース (Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam defiant on extradition plan - BBC News)

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