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Welcome to Kangaroo Island.
Australia's third largest island located about 112 kilometers South West of Adelaide.
Kangaroo Island is a wildlife paradise and has some of the best beaches in Australia.
You can access KI in two ways.
Fly onto the island or take your car across on the ferry which goes multiple times a day.
Here's how to have an amazing three days on the island.
Day one, drive down the South coast and go sandboarding on the massive sand dunes at Little Sahara.
You can rent a toboggan or sandboard and slide down sand dunes which go as high as 70 meters above sea level.
It's like going to the snow without being cold.
Continue down KI's iconic coastline and stop to see the Australian sea lions at Seal Bay.
You can watch them from the boardwalk or get up close on the beach.
Stay overnight around Flinders Chase National Park and spend the next day exploring the park.
The park is the best place to spot KI's diverse wildlife and has some amazing views.
Must visits are Admirals Arch, Cape Du Couedic to see the New Zealand fur seals and the Remarkable Rock formation.
The best way to experience the park is to go hiking.
There are many trails which take you through KI's diverse landscape and allow you to see wildlife up close.
You'll definitely see KI natives such as kangaroos, wallabies, and echidnas.
And if you're lucky, you might even see a koala.
Next day, it's time to explore KI's North coast which has the island's most spectacular beaches.
Definitely stop by Stokes Bay.
It may not look like much from the carpark, but follow the signs and crawl through the rock formations to get to one of the island's best beaches.
Next up, take a slight detour inland and stop by The Marron Cafe for lunch for some local KI marron.
Check out Emu Bay on your way before you end up back in civilization in KI's biggest town, Kingscote.
Kingscote is the commercial hub of KI and is home to a large colony of pelicans.
There are pelican feedings at the wharf every day and for five Australian dollars, you'll get to see dozens of pelicans come in for a feed.
Now rest up in Kingscote and make your way back to the mainland the next day.



カンガルー島へようこそ!オーストラリアでカンガルーやコアラが見れるベストスポット(The Best Place To See Kangaroos and Koalas in Australia is Kangaroo Island!)

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