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Huh! Huh?... Woah..."ILLUMINATION"!
Tail... Ears...
You look so much like a cat, it's crazy!
Yeah! Who knew? So easy!
Whoa whoa whoa, hold on, now you're gonna learn how to ACT like a CAT.
I'm gonna throw some situations at you, and you're just gonna react like a cat.
Yeah! Go get it!
No! Fetching is for dopes!
You're above that.
Cats land on their feet.
Really? How do they...? Aah...!
Yes! I did it!
Nice work.
You gotta. The fact of life.
Absolutely not. Never gonna happen.
Guys, I found treats!
Oww, Mel...
And tail in the face!
Okay, push your butt to the cup!
Walk on keyboard!
There you go!
Coffee on computer and down!
Yes! You got it!
You're as close to a cat, as a dog can get.
Eat Sweet Pea.
Cats eat birds.
You seriously gon' make her eat Sweet Pea?
Oh, no no no, of course not, I'm just...
Did you...? No!
Blegh! That's a bad dog! Bad cat dog!
Ough! Sorry.
What you are about to hear, is the most dramatic thing you ever heard in your whole life!
Excuse me, do any of you know Captain Snowball?
Y- uh, ye- yes, yes we do!
And here we go.
My name is Daisy and I really gotta talk to him.
I don't mean to sound dramatic, but a poor defenseless animal needs saving.
I need Captain Snowball for Top secret rescue.
All right, I gotta go, but nice meeting you, uh...what was it again?
Okay, you don't listen, it's Daisy.
Okay, I got to get to do to get stuff to do things...
It's Snow-time baby!
Uhh...is he okay?
Not in any way, no.
Hello, citizens!
Who is that? Hm-mm-mm!
I'm Captain Snowball!
Let's free that tiger!
Or die trying.
Well I mean, I mean, we might! Umm...
Probably you, huh? You're wearing the bright suit.
Everyone's gonna notice you, I'll be fine.
Ears up!
Good morning, New York City!
What are you doing?
What's it look like I'm doing? I'm doing superhero stuff!
I'm calling this meeting of the superhero animal friends to order.
Come on Molly time to go.
Oh, I'm gonna be late for school!
Captain Snowball you're in charge while I'm gone!
First of all, I want to welcome White Thunder back from the washing machine.
Who was put in there with a red blanket and henceforth will be known as Pink Thunder.
Personally, I like the new look.
Ah! No no no no no no no!
Express yourself.
Chloe, why is there a lampshade on your head?
My owner might have given me a little bit of catnip.
-Oh ok, gotcha, that's great, uh... -Do you hear that?
Chloe you're purring.
Oh, I wonder what other sounds I can make?
Are you finished?
Hi, I'm home!
Hey Maxy, let's say we go for a walk!
Ahhh, I gotta admit, this is nice.
I...don't...wanna...go...to the vet!
The vet? No!
-No, no, no! -Let's go, buddy!
You tricked me!
First time here? Uh, yeah.
Oh, Dr. Francis is the best veterinarian in the business.
You're gonna love him. He specializes in behavioral disorders!
But I don't have a behavioral disorder. Yeah I'm fine, too.
It's my human that's nuts. I mean, you know, I bring it a dead bird, she throws it out.
I bring her a dead mouse, right in the garbage!
Is nothing I do good enough for you, mother?!
I run and I run and I run and I run and I get out and I've gone nowhere. Nowhere!
My owner always says "You're such a good dog!" And I feel like a good dog.
But...what if deep down I'm a bad dog?
What if I'm a bad dog?!
We start fires!
That was weird. Oh sister, it's gonna get way weirder.



【映画で英語】『ペット2』予告編 THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2: All NEW Trailers (2019)

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