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- Hi we're Joel and Lia
- And today's video is
answering your assumptions

about us.
- So we've seen a few
of these going around

on the internet, lots of the
kids are doing these tags.

So we thought we'd join in.
- Lots of kids.
- Lots of kids.
- Lots of kids join in.
- So, you know, all the kids online
they're doing the assumptions tag.
So what their audience assumes about them,
basically like rumors.
What rumors are going
around about Joel and Lia

- Okay
- We put it on Instagram,
- Yeah
- And we've got them all back, so.
- Oh plenty of rumors about us darling.
- Plenty of rumors going
around the internet.

- Oh yeah like what?
- So well let's start with
the first one, carrots.

Someone has abused that form
feature and put carrots.

So someone says I thought
you two were closer

to the same height.
- Oh no!
I'm like either five foot
two or five foot three.

- And I'm five eleven.
- So we're nowhere near the same height
- Obviously, sat down, we
look a similar height but,

- Just kind of lift my spine like that.
- You're probably up to
like my shoulder maybe?

- Not even, I might.
Oh yeah, yeah when we stand up.
I come up to about there.
- Yeah cause then I
squat down if we stood up

filming or photos, I
have to squat down so,

we're not the same height at all.
- Sorry about that.
- Um some loads, okay, we're
just gonna pick one of them.

Loads them are like
you're secretly dating.

Alright, I assume you
two are secret lovers.

- I promise we're not.
- We're not.
- I promise we're not.
- I only laugh because people
go yeah I know you say that

but like, there's some that's try to dig
and they're like, are
you two a secretly like,

- We just spend a lot of time together.
Um that's just part of
the job really guys.

That's it honestly.
- Another assumption, you love dogs
and would love to have one as a pet.
Yes, you'd assume correct.
- That is correct, can't
wait for Joel to get a dog.

- But you wouldn't necessarily.
- Probably not until I've got a home.
- Yeah
- And a husband
- Yeah
I have a garden and then
the dog just completes it.

- Your husband can pick up the poo.
- Yeah, he can do all of that.
I'm not doing any of that.
- So this person, this one's really cute.
Like, I don't know why
this is an assumption.

Uh they've assumed that Lia is
always happy and no trouble,

and that Joel is so relax and fun.
- On a good day, we're
both a relax and fun,

- Happy and no trouble,
I mean she is trouble,

- Oh I'm trouble
- She is trouble, so
- You know everyone would 'ello trouble?
That's me.
- What's happen today, I don't know,
we were filming in Harrods today and
Lia had to like tell herself
like don't break anything,

don't break anything.
Cause she's trouble.
- Absolute, just, car crash.
You are financially responsible.
What does that mean?
- They've assumed we're
financially responsible.

- For what?
- For our own money.
What does financially responsible mean?
You're responsible financially.
- Got it.
Sorry, I thought they were
saying like responsible

for financially responsible for...
- No
- I was like for what?

- They assume we're good with our money,
and I think we are okay.
It's hard living in London
and being a young person.

Like you just tend to,
like, eat out a lot.

- Money just goes on food.
Like Joel said once that his
bank statements said menu.

- Yeah, it's literally just a menu.
- It's just a menu and lately
it's a menu of the same stuff.

- Nando's, Nando's, Nando's...
Four times a week, Nando's
- But we both put stuff away in savings,
we're not frivolous , like we
will treat ourselves to things

but yeah on the whole,
well I speak for myself

I think I'm very financially responsible,
and I think you...
- I am aspiring to be more
financially responsible.

- I think we all need
to work a bit harder,

you know investigating how
we can be better with money.

- That's something we're looking to do
with skill share as well,
like do some more classes

on like, how to save money like,
because basically if you're
salary is not the same

every month, like ours is always varying,
um rather than saying to yourself
okay I know that two-hundred
pounds every month

goes into this pot of savings
four-hundred goes there.
Where as like with us, we need to like,
calculate like, a
percentage of my earnings

every month goes towards
something and so on.

So we just need to like,
educate ourselves more.

Someone's assumed we love America.
Of course we do.
- Yeah
- Bloody love the place.
- Hopefully our next
trip will be in March.

- Yeah
- Wow, fingers crossed.
- Fingers crossed, you'll
know more about that later on.

- When we know more I guess,
cause we know nothing about it right now.
It's all in the air guys.
- It is, but hopefully
it'll be sorted soon.

Our whole life's in the air.
Money, Plans.
Life is in the air.
- Everything is in the air
- I know.
- Oh my gosh, no one else...
I was about to say no one
else's life is in the air.

Everyone, a lots of people's
lives are in the air.

I'm so selfish.
- So selfish darling.
- I get so selfish all the time like
I think we're the only
people in this boat,

when obviously not, darling honestly.
- Well um, this guy assumes
we're both well educated.

I'd say so, yeah
- Good education, very
very lucky to have had

a fantastic education.
- Thank you mom and dad.
- Thank you
- Oh someone said Joel
comes from a wealthy family.

Um yeah, I guess so, not,
I mean my parents
probably watching now like

whah we're not wealthy.
Um they're comfortable.
- I think you know, I think
we've been very privileged

to have what we've had.
- Someone else said that as well
when I came up here, they assumed we both
come from privileged backgrounds.
That person just said
and someone else said

Joel is a spoiled rich kid.
I wasn't, I don't know
where this is coming from.

There was some about both of us
and some about me in particular like that.
No like, I was definitely
not spoiled, well.

- You worked on a farm,
you're not spoiled.

You've just have had a
privileged upbringing.

I don't think that that's
a bad thing, it's just

so lucky that we've had, you know,
a really supportive like,
families on both sides and

just help in every way possible.
Yeah, he's a good boy.
- Yeah, I'm a good boy
- He's been a good boy his whole life
- Yeah, someone assumes
we're both born and raised

in London.
- Incorrect.
- I'm not gonna say where I was born
because it's like the only
secret I have on the internet.

I feel like.
- Fine, not saying either.
- Cause famous birthdays has me down
as being born in London and I'm like
I'm not correcting them
because I don't want,

I don't know why, I feel as
like cause most of my life

is on the internet, it's
like one pathetic thing

that I've got left for myself.
- You keep it there hun.
You don't, don't tell them.
- Yeah I'm not telling anyone.
Where were you born and raised?
If you don't know then
you're not my friend.

- I know
- I think a couple of you guys know,
cause I think I have mentioned it once.
- Another assumption
is that we are married

and have two kids.
- Yes that is, we've been
lying the whole time,

even earlier in this video.
- We don't like to put the
kids on camera , we just like,

- This is actually a wedding ring
which we've just moved to the right hand,
just for filming, and it will
go back on her left hand.

- As soon as we're done
- This is our apartment as
well, the new apartment.

We just got married our
parents bought us this flat,

cause we're spoiled rich kids, um yeah
- Yes my wedding ring, my
engagement, wedding ring

it's my wedding band.
- And the kids they're just in bed.
- No they're just doing the food shop.
They're carrying it back in the rain.
- They're at Sanes Breeze
guys so um, they're fine.

- Yeah they're allowed out.
- What would we call our
kids, if we had kids?

- Um Burty and Tilly
- Yes, well done.
- My assumption is that you two
are having the time of your life.
- Oh correct.
- Correct
- No but we don't want to
give the false impression

that we're always happy
and we're permanently

living the life, like of
course we have down days

and like you guys only see
like an edited ten minute video

a few times a week.
- Yeah this is like, buzzing off our like
off our tits, buzzing.
Like, this morning I just felt like crap,
I texted Joel saying like,
can't get out of the house this morning,
um I'm just gonna stay in
and do emails from bed,

couldn't leave, so yeah.
There you go.
I don't, I didn't put
that one the internet.

- Um someone said Joel is an
introvert, Lia's an extrovert.

I'd say correct-ish.
On the whole, I'd say I'm an introvert.
- You're getting more extra.
- I'm getting more extra as I get older.
- And I'm getting even more extra
I was already extra.
- She's getting unbearable.
- Unbearably extra.
- You as and old lady,
you're gonna be hilarious.

- I'm gonna be so embarrassing.
Can't wait, I love
embarrassing you, so funny

- Hilarious
- In public.
He's cringes, he's like this,
he's like stop complaining.

- Every time you go to Nando's
like there's something wrong,

there's not enough tomatoes on that salad,
or the salad is wilted and
it's like not good enough,

or there's not enough chicken.
- Joel I'm like, this salad is off like.
I literally go, these leaves are dead,
like there's nothing,
this is not edible for me.

- But it was the same leaves
that I had in my salad

and I was like, mmm
- Game over for me.
- Not enough chicken last time.
- If you're paying seven pounds,
you get your moneys worth.

- I was like Lia, you do
realize this is Nando's?

- Yeah but still, I think if
anyone from Nando's head office

was there they'd be
like, yeah take it back.

- Oh wow.
Well done.
- So quality standards guys.
- So extra, it's great.
- So extra.
- Um I don't know if you
want to talk about this,

someone said Lia went through
a hard break up this year.

- Yeah, that was tough, that was tough.
That was true but, you know,
come out happier on the other side guys.
- Literally, I've never seen her happier.
- So thank you very much.
In the words of Arianna
Grande 'Thank You Next'.

- It's so true, well done.
She's come back on top.
- Back on top.
You got my love on top
in a minute (sing songy)

- Someone said they assume
Joel is good looking

and he knows it.
- Oh yeah.
- I like,
- You know it.
- The thing is if someone
was like, you're ugly

I'd be like, no I'm not.
Like I'm not, I don't
lack that confidence,

but you know how insecure
I'm getting when I'm like,

oh I feel so ugly, I look so ugly.
I compare myself to everyone else.
- It's never about your face though.
- No.
No, but I wouldn't say
I'm really good looking

but equally I'm not one of
those people who'd be like

Oh I'm so hideous, I'm like
- Yeah I kind of agree like you're just,
I don't look at myself
in the mirror and go,

she is dropped dead gorgeous, I just go,
I'm not, I've seen worse.
- Yeah I'm pleased with what I've got.
- Yeah I just go, people have
woken up to so much worse.

But I definitely don't have
the attitude do I of like,

I'm good looking and I know it.
- No
- I don't walk through life like.
- No you don't, you really don't.
- Even If I do potentially
think it inside,

it's not real.
- He don't walk around
like that, he's humble boy.

- I'm humble boy.
We speak to each other
in the weirdest way.

- So weird
- Anymore assumptions?
that Joel is an only child and
that Lia has older siblings.

- Correct, incorrect.
- But not that correct you
only have one older sibling.

- Oh yeah, just got my brother John.
Incorrect, incorrect.
- Uh I've got two older
brothers so, incorrect.

Why do I come off like,
I'm a spoiled rich kid

I'm good looking and I know
it, and I'm an only child?

- Yeah, you're not
coming off well are you?

- It's so unfair, I try so hard
to be nice in YouTube videos

- I'm probably one of the
only people in this world

that really like you.
I'm kidding.
Honestly one-hundred and
eighty-thousand people like you.

But I like you more than them.
- I assume that you two are probably
the funniest people on the planet.
[Both] Correct!
- Next!
It's a weird mix, this
channel is us as real people

but at the same time like
we said this heavily edited,

we switch on the camera, we're
in performance mode like,

so don't think you know
me, cause you don't.

- No, you don't.
- Maybe just a little bit.
- Okay maybe a little bit.
Five years we've been in this game.
I mean it's hard to be
someone else isn't it?

- It is but everyone who
works in front of a camera

like puts an element
on of like performing.

Like Holly Willoughby
and Phillip Scholfield

they have to.
- They put it on, switch on.
Though she had a fantastic
outfit on the other day.

- Oh and I misled she's doing so well.
- She's smashing it.
- You both hate tea.
I, no I don't hate tea.
You'd love tea.
- Actually I'm dying for
a cup of tea right now.

- That's a terrible
assumption, take that back.

- Immediately
- Someone said a horrible assumption,
I've assumed you guys are not really
into the idea of liking Latin people.
Where's that come from?
- That's really, that's so out there.
That could not be more wrong.
Like we've not even thought about that.
- Yeah, and I've dated
Hispanics, so that's not true.

- There you go, throw that in the boom.
- You guys are secretly in love, what?
- Lia's pregnant?
- To a superfan.
Oh so you've slept with a fan,
and you're pregnant with them?
Is that a rumor that's going around?
I love that, maybe I started it.
- Joel's not worried
whether I slept with a fan

and I'm now pregnant.
- I love the thought of
like there being a forum

where people like gossiping
and maybe I add one in,

be like guys I heard Lia's
pregnant with a fans baby

and then they, it just
spirals out of control.

- Then that just goes out of control.
- I haven't but I should.
- That's a really good idea guys.
- I assume Joel has a secret Tweed fetish.
- You'd be correct.
- I have just actually
ordered a Tweed coat

but I don't currently own anything Tweed.
- I can't wait to see it.
- Okay this is a good one.
So I assume that Lia hates when people tap
or squeeze their tea bag
after it's been steep.

- Hundred percent.
When people were like, yeah
just give it a squeeze I'm like,

oh my gosh, that's incorrect.
You just stir it round, just, just.
If you're gonna have to
use a tea bag, you know

we can't all have loose leaf
tea, we're not all privileged

- Not like Lia had to kiss.
- We can't all have loose leaf tea okay.
So you've got to get
the tea bag, dip it in

and just like go like that with it.
- Yeah let the water, the gravity, do
- Like just let that take
- Cause apparently when tea taste bitter,
it's cause you've squeezed
and those little particles
have come out through the bag.

- Yeah, uhhh, so triggering.
- Should we tell them the news?
- Yeah go on ahead.
- Okay, so it's the last
video of November guys,

as you know we upload thrice weekly.
And that is changing for
the month of December.

What are we doing Joel?
- So we are doing something called
- [Both] Vloggmers!
- As you said it I went vloggmers.
- You sound over joyed with that.
- We're doing vloggmers.
- So for those of you who
don't know what vloggmers is,

it's vlogs over Christmas and it means
one video every day until Christmas eve.
- Until we burn out and die.
- Until we burn out and die.
- So uh fingers crossed
for our mental health guys.

- Everyday, literally
twenty-four videos the first

til the twenty-fourth of December.
- Video every single day.
- Don't say we don't ever treat you.
- We're doing it because we
want to challenge ourselves.

We want to just like see if we can do it,
we've never done vloggmers before.
So let's give it a go!
- So make sure you're tuning
in every day in December

cause we will be posting a video
to be alerted as to when
we posted those videos

click the notification bell and subscribe
if you haven't already.
That's the first thing to do.
- That is the first
thing and I was thinking

is it possible for us to give them a time
that it's everyday at this certain time?
- Well hopefully, if
everything goes as planned,

then yeah.
- Three o'clock every day
- Three PM UK time.
So you'll have to google
what that is where you are

but three PM in the UK our
videos will be going up everyday

- Yeah three o'clock everyday.
- And there'll be a mixture,
they'll be sit down videos,

will be out and about exploring.
- There'll be all sorts of
stuff, you'll see some fun,

afternoon tea, Harrods, what's
going on in big department

stores in London.
- Ice skating, maybe.
- Maybe
- Um like lots of these
things are still like maybe,

but we're trying to show you
what Christmas is like
in London, as well as

sticking to just sit down
chatting with you guys, so.

- So that's the big news guys.
We hope you can support us
on this vloggmers journey.

Hope you're just as excited as we are,
also we've now merchandise
that should be listed below

every single video thats
integrated into our YouTube videos

so scroll down a bit, it's there.
- Check that out.
It's phase two, it's
Joel and Lia merchandise,

it's fun, it's got all the
in jokes, blah, blah, blah

- There we are, thanks for tuning in guys!
Leave us a comment, we
love chatting with you,

and we'll see you next week.
- See you December
[Both] Bye!
- Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.
Is that too early?
- Christmas triggers, so
many people get triggered by

early Christmas, but I don't.
Christmas is the most
wonderful time of the year.

- [Lia] The Joel and Lia Christmas cover.
It's the most, YouTube space London.
Me and you singing like
a recording she did like

really taking it seriously.
- [Joel] Wearing like tensile.
(sing songy voice)


Responding to Your Assumptions About Us!

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