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That's crazy that 25
years ago it started.

Yeah, it's extraordinary.
It's about the most
rewarding thing

I could imagine have
being a part of,

because it just has
gone on so long.

But I--
What is this one about?
This is the last one, right?
This is about a road trip
that Woody ends up on,

and he jumps out and he's
reunited with Bo Peep.

And also, Key and
Peele play characters.

And it's loaded.
That there is Tony Hale.
He plays Forky.
There was there was a major
thing going on at Pixar,

the originators of that.
Is he going to be Forky, or
is he going to be Sporky,

because in fact--
he's a spork.
He's a spoon and
a fork all in one.

But they felt that that was
going to scare the children,

and so--
they don't want to do
that in Pixar movies.

So they named him Forky.
The problem with
doing the movies

is you do not get to record
with the other people there.

Did you ever do this?
Turn your back to
the staff there?

Because there's like, five
producers, writers, people

that are helping you
out, and they're all

sitting at tables looking
at you, looking at you

record like this.
That was pretty good.
What if we try--
and it was making
me self-conscious.

So for the last
couple of sessions,

I turned my back on those punks.
And did it without them.
Also, because this is
the end of the series,

and I had gotten
some texts from Tim.

Tim Allen, who plays Buzz
Lightyear, the astronaut.

And these texts are saying,
have you recorded yet?

Have you been in?
Have you had a session yet?
I said, no, not yet.
You haven't seen
those last pages?

No, I haven't seen them.
Wait'll you see
those last pages.

Tough one, tough one.
Like that.
And it was.
The last few sessions where--
We're saying goodbye
to Woody and Buzz

and Bonnie's room and
Andy and everybody.

It was emotional.
So I had to--
Oh, wow.
I had to turn my
back on them all.

I can't wait to see it.
I mean, it's going to
be sad that it's over.

Maybe they'll find a way to--
Is it really?
I don't know.
Is it over?
I don't know.
It will live forever.
That's one thing about it.
You're right, I don't know
why I said-- it's not over.

It'll live forever.
You're right.
I'm looking forward to a
possible three-year extension

for everybody--
All right, we're
going to take a break.

We'll be back.


Tim Allen Warned Tom Hanks About the Emotional Ending of 'Toy Story 4'

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