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I come from a mixed-race family, my mother is white and my father is dark white,
so I have a very diverse ethnic background.
My dad's getting old, man. He's getting really old, starting to hang plates on his wall.
That seems to be an age.
I love old people, man. I always hang out with old people. Hang out with old people, you know?
They teach you how to slow down and and just take your time.
You ever want to learn patience, sit with your father and watch him
enter his email address with an Apple TV remote.
That'll teach you patience.
Get to know the old people man, because the new old people that are coming
are gonna be the worst old people we've ever had.
We got...got some terrible old people coming, man. 50 years from now...
Old people now still have stories. You ever sit with an old person and look at their photos?
Every photo's got a story. \"What's this, grandma?\"
\"Here is a picture of your great-grandfather standing beside Charles Lindbergh
before he flew across the Atlantic, the first ever transatlantic flight in history.\"
That's an amazing story. Can you imagine listening the stories of old people's photos 50 years from now?
How terrible that experience is going to be?
\"What's this, grandma?\"
\"Here is a picture of my breakfast.
What a breakfast!
\"And here are some shoes I once thought about buying
and here is the wing of a plane
and here is the weather forecast.\"
\"Here is a picture of your great-grandmother staring at herself in the bathroom mirror.\"
\"Here are twelve more of that exact same photo. Look!\"


新時代のお年寄りはひどいものになる!(The new old people are going to suck | Lachlan Patterson)

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