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Why hasn't your brother come out yet?
Xiaorui! Mom!
I missed you, Xiaoyi!
I missed you too. (Hi!)
Did you wait long?
A little. Are you tired?
I'm fine.
Mom, how have you been?
Fine! I'm very well.
How's Dad?
He's busy.
Your dad said he was coming to pick you up today,
but he had to go to the office early this morning.
Your dad is so busy nowadays!
He sure is.
Hey, our cousins are at the house, too. They're waiting for you.
Really? …
Xiaoyi hasn't been home in years, right? (Four years.)
Four! Wow.
When his mom heard he was coming, she couldn't wait to see him.
Ah, she must be so happy.
You two, quit watching TV and come help me! (Coming.)
Xiaoyi's almost here, and you're playing games.
You guys are such kids.
Hey, Xiaotao. (Yeah?)
Our cousin said Xiaoyi isn't going back to work in America this time.
That's a shame. He works for such a famous company.
We're back!
There you are! (Tao!)
Xiaoyi's back!
Wow, you got so muscular.
Xiaoyi! You look awesome. Mom, come here! (Auntie!)
You're home!
I missed you so much! It's been four years!
I missed you as well. (I missed you in my dreams!)
She did. (Son!)
Dad! Good to see you.
Long trip?
It was fine. (Your uncle.)
Uncle, how've you been? (Come on guys,)
let's come on in the kitchen. (Can we eat yet?)
Can I try this? (This looks delicious.)
Wow. Smells great. (That's the free range chicken Auntie bought from the country.)
Oh yeah. (Thank you!)
Come on everyone, eat up. (It's good. You like it.)
It's very good.
Yi's come back, after so long.
We haven't been together like this in years. (Yeah.)
So we really have to celebrate now! (Oh, we really do.)
Let me say something.
Hey, journalist here.
It's such a happy day for our family.
We're all gathered here to wish my brother a successful career.
All right!
Hey, hey, I'm not done yet! (Okay.)
I hope our family stays together and forever!
Sounds good. (I wanna say something!)
Yi. I wish you the most amazing career.
Here! Let's toast to you!
Cheers. Well done.
Now that you're back, sky's the limit.
I can't wait to share your success.
He'll take good care of you. (Don't worry.)
That's right.
Xiaoyi. Is it true you're not going back to work in the United States?
Yup. I already left my job.
Before I came back, I applied at a design institute here.
I'm here for good.
Wow you kids, Yi and Rui,
an architect and a newspaper reporter.
They're so outstanding and ambitious!
You know you'll be happy in the future.
You two should learn from your cousins.
What? Come on, Mom. Don't be like that.
All right all right. Arrange it how I said.
We can talk tomorrow.
Less talking, more eating!
Dad. You look exhausted. Is it work?
Well, it's tiring.
I don't do much as minister at the United Front,
but there's a lot of pressure on us.
The biggest headache for the government now
is this worldwide trend toward democracy.
Communism has less power nowadays,
and countries with one party rule have become more isolated.
I believe the Communist Party is facing a crisis.
People nowadays are less interested in Marxism, Leninism, and communism.
More people believe in God.
The government's biggest pain is the Eastern Lightning.
Central leadership is stressed out over the rise of The Church of Almighty God.
These years,
The government has been doing its best to suppress and ban Eastern Lightning,
The Church of Almighty God.
They didn't expect The Church of Almighty God to prosper.
This is the biggest headache for central leadership.
Come. We can talk over there.
You can't trust the news.
I forgot who said it.
Everything you read in the papers is fake.
Except—(Except for the date!)
That's it. So what were you talking about?
Religion stuff.
While I was abroad these past few years,
I noticed every democratic country has freedom of religion.
Only communist countries don't have that freedom.
They say eighty percent of the population is religious.
Most people recognize the existence of God.
Only a minority don't.
So I wonder.
Why do democratic countries have better social order?
Their governments interact freely with people.
Officials don't need all those bodyguards.
Now I understand.
Crime rates are lower in religious countries.
Why so much chaos in China?
Why is our crime rate so high? (How come?)
It's because of its lack of religious belief.
Mom, I got it. (Great.)
People feel empty, without religion in their hearts.
It's because they lack direction and purpose in their life.
They have no bottom line to aim for.
Their belief is simply,
\"Every man for himself.\" \"Man will do anything to get rich.\"
When Chinese people look for money, live for money,
how can they not be selfish?
So then, the non-religious are more likely to do evil.
Those who are devoid of any conscience are people without true faith.
Just as the Bible says,
Why is Chinese society so dark and chaotic?
Yeah, why is it like that?
This is directly related to the atheist ruling party.
That's right.
After years of indoctrination by the party,
atheism and evolutionism have become ingrained in our society,
causing them to deny and resist God.
Can such a country and people not be cursed by God?
China is plagued by disasters and pain, falling into worse turmoil.
I think the reign of the Communist Party is the reign of Satan.
Their teaching is the teaching of Satan.
Satan's corrupting mankind.
I hope I'm not out of turn.
No, Xiaoyi's making a lot of sense.
Having religious belief makes a big difference.
After studying abroad, he's learned a lot.
He's made his mark.
Weiguo, Xinping, Yi and Rui all believe in the Lord.
It's a good thing.
You don't have to worry about them going astray.
Aunt, why don't you let Tao and Li believe with us? (Oh yeah!)
We can go to church later!
It's so nice when you're together. (Xiaoyi.)
You've learned a lot of things these past few years.
I was right to send you away.
These days, all top officials go overseas and send their kids to study abroad.
Many countries in the world look to learn from western countries.
China is backwards.
Young people should venture out
and see the rest of the world.
You have to gain more experience.
You're absolutely right.
What Yi just said is really insightful.
It's hard for a young person to understand these things.
But don't talk about this outside the family,
or you can get convicted.
Here in China, you need to watch what you say.
Even though, the constitution says freedom of belief,
many have been arrested, convicted, and slaughtered for speaking the truth.
You need to take this seriously, or you'll be in danger. (Yeah.)
Son, Dad is right.
Now that you're back, it's not like it is over there.
You need to watch what you say and do.
Or you could bring trouble to yourself. 'Kay?
Mom, I know.
Eat up.
Can you pass the noodles? (Yeah, quit talking and eat more!)
Have you tried this one? (This is so good.)
Rui, let's head back.
you've learned a lot these past few years abroad.
Especially on the subject of faith.
In my reporting job,
I've noticed that it's really becoming a social crisis.
People feel empty due to their lack of religious belief.
They focus on making money and sinful pleasures.
People are becoming more evil, not on the right path.
I think, it's related to the atheist administration of the country.
I understand these things from believing in the Lord all these years.
Thank God. (Yi,)
what you said last night made me really happy.
You see things more clearly than I do.
The path of faith in the Lord is the right one. (Right.)
Rui, do you want to know the reason for how much I've learned?
When I was abroad, I started believing in Almighty God.
What? In Almighty God?
Almighty God expressed the truth for man's salvation
and unfolded the mysteries of the Bible.
These years, I've read and understood many words of Almighty God.
So I'm able to see things more clearly.
Our perception depends on whether we understand the truth.
If you read the words of Almighty God and fellowship about it,
you gain more insight and discernment.
It lets you see clearly.
Ah. So you started believing in Almighty God.
No wonder you made such progress.
Well, I've only heard of Eastern Lightning.
When I saw the CCP attacking Eastern Lightning,
I left it alone.
If I knew you believed in Almighty God,
I might've looked into it sooner.
Hey Yi, how'd you start believing in Almighty God?
Eastern Lightning, what's it all about?
Uh, it started three years ago.
I saw the CCP suppress and persecute the Eastern Lightning,
using the media to warp the public, framing and convicting them.
They arrested Christians.
I just thought for the CCP to suppress and persecute Eastern Lightning,
it had to be something big, some major event.
Eastern Lightning caused a stir.
So many good sheep from the factions had accepted Eastern Lightning.
The Holy Spirit had to speak within The Church of Almighty God.
It was the appearance and work of the Son of man to wield such power.
there wouldn't be so many good sheep from all the factions accepting Eastern Lightning.
So, I started to study Eastern Lightning online.
In a few days, I read many words expressed by Almighty God.
It truly was an eye-opener for me.
In the word of Almighty God,
I found the truths I hadn't understood ever since I started believing in God.
The word of Almighty God is so rich and practical,
is all the truth.
I watched movies made by The Church of Almighty God.
It was a really profound gain. (Was it?)
Those films told the truth, and were so enlightening
that they solved the difficulties in my life.
Lucky I saw them.
I saw the word of Almighty God is the truth and voice of God.
I kept reading Almighty God's words.
The more I read, the more interested I became.
Every word of Almighty God touched my heart.
I was so convinced.
It's wonderful.
I was certain that the Lord Jesus had returned and worked as Almighty God.
if you learn the work of Almighty God, you should read His word
and watch the films of The Church of Almighty God,
and you'll understand everything. (Okay.)
If you're able to understand,
the words of Almighty God will convince you.
Is that true?
Ah! I regret not studying Eastern Lightning.
I'll go study it right now!
Great! (Hey,)
you said Almighty God's word is God's voice and appearance and His work.
Tell me about it in detail.
Well, at the time, here's how it happened.
Hey, do you think tomorrow we can spread the gospel to Mom and Dad?
That could work.
What's on your mind?
Our son, after studying abroad for four years,
why does he talk differently from us?
He's a new person.
What has he been doing while over there?
Was he worshiping the Lord in church?
He seems to now understand a lot of things.
What if he believes in Eastern Lightning?
Eastern Lightning?
Surely not.
Look what I found.
What is it?
The Word Appears in the Flesh?
Where'd you get this from?
I found it in Yi's room.
Huh? They believe in Almighty God?
Don't you see it? It's obvious.
No wonder they've been so secretive these past few days.
Just don't get mad. That won't solve anything.
We're back!
We got some snacks and drinks.
Make sure we got everything.
Ah! Tomorrow we …
What's up?
You tell me. What's going on?
Dad, don't be mad.
The truth is, I started believing in Almighty God.
Once I got back,
I shared Almighty God's word with Rui.
You really believe in Almighty God?
Dad, Mom. We were just about to tell you.
This is really good news.
The Lord Jesus has returned.
It's the appearance of Almighty God.
You too should study the true way. (Yeah.)
Rui and Yi,
you still don't understand the state's stance.
If you know parts of the constitution,
do you understand the Communist Party?
I've worked at the United Front for so long.
I've seen it clearly.
The CCP hates the appearance of God and His work.
The government condemns Christianity as a cult,
and the Bible as a cultist book, burning copies.
The CCP is determined to ban all home churches.
I opposed when you believed in Jesus.
Now to believe in Almighty God? I won't allow it.
Do you know what Almighty God is about?
They witness that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus appearing to work,
the appearance of Christ the Savior in the last days,
and The Word Appears in the Flesh has more than a million of His words.
Imagine the consequence if it gets out.
The CCP and Christ the Savior are mortal enemies.
The CCP would stop at nothing.
Didn't you know?
They designate those who believe in Eastern Lightning as most wanted criminals.
Punished without mercy.
You can't even bribe to help them.
This is serious.
Do you understand?
To be honest,
to get rid of The Church of Almighty God these past years,
the government's released secret documents,
and repeatedly suppressed and cracked down on Eastern Lightning.
We hold meetings all the time on how to suppress the Eastern Lightning.
As for that church, central leadership has made themselves clear.
\"Troops won't be withdrawn till the ban is done.\"
So then, no way you can believe in Almighty God.
Do you hear me?
You know that Eastern Lightning witnesses Lord Jesus' return
and God's appearance and work in the last days
to preach the truth expressed by the Savior for the salvation of mankind,
then you must know
how awful it is for them to suppress, arrest, and convict Eastern Lightning like that.
It's a sin to resist God and act perversely against Heaven.
With study I learned that Eastern Lightning fulfilled the prophecy of Lord Jesus.
Eastern Lightning witnesses the appearance and work of the Son of man.
That's true though.
Dad. Mom.
You haven't read the words of Almighty God,
so you don't know what Eastern Lightning's about.
To understand Eastern Lightning, you must read the words of Almighty God
to see if it's the truth,
and the utterance of God's Spirit speaking to mankind,
God's appearance and work in the last days.
It's so important to study this.
The CCP has launched an overwhelming war against Eastern Lightning.
Eastern Lightning is Christ's Church in the last days.
It's not a country, and it's not a race.
Is this war against Eastern Lightning really necessary for the CCP?
They even said they won't back down till the ban is done.
Their hostility to God is going to be cursed and punished by God.
Dad, I think he's right.
Recalling God's work in history,
every person, race, or nation who resisted God was cursed and destroyed by God.
In ancient times,
the Pharaoh of Egypt was killed for resisting God.
After the Lord Jesus worked,
the Roman Empire was destroyed by God's great plague
for persecuting Him and His people.
The CCP will be destroyed for resisting Christ in the last days.
Dad. You've studied religion.
You must know these things.
How do you feel about their resistance of Almighty God?
We've seen from early on:
Eastern Lightning is no ordinary religion.
They witnessed the Lord Jesus' return,
Christ the Savior in the last days arrived to the world in person to save mankind.
If the government lets The Church of Almighty God continue to preach the gospel,
countless people will accept Almighty God over years.
The CCP is an atheist party
and despises theism.
The war between the CCP and believers in God
is a war of ideologies.
It's more of a mortal struggle.
How can they allow God's appearance and work?
How can they allow the church to exist?
So then, the CCP began to suppress and ban all religious beliefs,
eliminating and banning all religions within China to make an atheist place.
That's the only way the CCP can keep its rule in China.
Therefore, since it took power, the CCP has always banned religion.
Also, during this time, Christians have been imprisoned.
Christian families have been shattered.
Some Christians have even died in prison.
We know this is true.
So why do more people believe in God?
The main reason is the book, The Word Appears in the Flesh,
is spreading so fast.
Many people accept Almighty God
after they have read The Word Appears in the Flesh.
This book contains so much power!
It's expanding, spreading all over the world.
It's a real headache for central leadership.
The leaders won't sleep well until The Church of Almighty God is banned.
Listen well. You have to understand this.
If they have the audacity to call Christianity and Catholicism cults,
why would they be lenient to Eastern Lightning?
Recently, they designated Eastern Lightning as a cult,
and it became a target for attacks and banning.
To believe in Eastern Lightning, you're being contradictory.
Are you being smart or stupid?
Yi and Rui. Your dad said this so long ago.
And now, the CCP is doing its best to ban The Church of Almighty God,
mobilizing the media to warp public opinion and condemn The Church of Almighty God.
Even some Three-Self churches have been banned and some completely demolished.
It seems, the CCP is determined to eradicate religion entirely.
He's also said that many believers of The Church of Almighty God have been arrested.
The CCP intends to send them, these believers, to their deaths.
If you believe in Almighty God, you will be arrested.
It would ruin your future.
You might even put your very lives in danger.
Listen to me. In this matter, you must listen to your dad.
Don't believe in Almighty God. Yes?
Mom, don't worry.
We'll be careful believing in China.
Mom. Dad. We know that since the CCP took power,
they persecuted religious beliefs
by suppressing Christianity, Catholicism, arresting and killing Christians.
For so many years,
the suppression of religious beliefs has gotten worse.
It has incurred God's curses.
Look at all the natural disasters that befall China.
These disasters happen to Chinese people
because of the CCP's resistance to God.
Since the CCP took power, China has so many more disasters.
So why doesn't the CCP reflect?
Ancient emperors expressed remorse when disasters happened.
The CCP is behind the ancient emperors.
They don't consider the will of Heaven and people.
They even brazenly condemn Christianity and Catholicism,
calling them cults.
Even worse is they say the Holy Bible is a cultist book.
Why does the CCP treat God, the word of God,
and the work of God as evil?
This just proves that the CCP is evil.
She's right.
Dad, Mom,
I have heard that
the founder of the Communist Party was the satanist Karl Marx.
Satanism is the worst cult.
Why is the CCP so evil?
This is directly related to the communists' worship of Marx.
The CCP is made of atheist demons who are hostile to God.
What's their basis for convicting religions?
Why would they say the Bible is a cultist book?
What's their basis for condemning Eastern Lightning as a cult?
Was it based on Marxist-Leninist atheism and the Communist Manifesto?
Why does the CCP frantically condemn God's work in the last days?
Why would they do this
search and arrest operation against Christ in the last days and His followers?
Why do they mobilize the media to defame Almighty God's appearance and work?
It's dangerous.
They're digging their own grave, resisting God.
The Bible has a similar story.
When King Herod learned of the birth of the King of Israel,
he ordered the slaughter of all baby boys in the town.
He tried to prevent Christ's rule on earth.
The CCP suppresses and bans The Church of Almighty God,
hunts down the Christ, exterminates His followers,
because they are afraid of Christ taking power on earth,
afraid of mankind accepting the truth of Almighty God.
Dad. Doesn't the Communist Party know that Christ's appearance is the work of God's Spirit,
the advent of the Creator to save humanity?
That's right.
Does the CCP know what it's up against here?
Are the disasters not enough?
They're endangering the people by resisting God this way.
Why does the CCP say Christianity's a cult?
Why do they say the Bible is a cultist book?
You should know the answer.
The Bible preaches about God's appearance and work.
For centuries,
the influences of the Bible have caused more people to believe in God.
As long as there is Christianity and the Bible,
Marxist-Leninist atheism and evolution cannot stand.
That's why they see Christianity as a hostile force.
They naturally designate the Bible as a cultist book.
The testimony of Eastern Lightning that the Lord Jesus has returned
terrifies the CCP.
The CCP and Christ the Savior are enemies.
They do their best to suppress religious beliefs and ban churches.
The Central Committee's meetings and secret documents
prove the rapid development of religious beliefs has brought a crisis to the Communist Party.
The Central Committee has said
CCP members and state officials are forbidden to believe in God.
Don't forget the education of the CCP.
CCP members' kids must believe in Mao Zedong's Thought.
They can't believe in God.
Believing in God is betraying the CCP.
CCP members' children must obey the Party, follow them, and belong to the CCP!
Don't you know this?
Since the witnessing of The Word Appears in the Flesh
expressed by Almighty God,
the CCP's on full alert,
fearing The Word Appears in the Flesh will spread all over the world.
So with Eastern Lightning,
the government tries to suppress them,
trying to completely ban The Church of Almighty God.
No matter how you put it, the CCP is now in power.
As long as the Communist Party exists, you can't believe in God.
Actually, I don't agree with their persecution of religion,
but what can I do?
I'm a member of the party.
My job is with the CCP. I have to obey them.
If I didn't work for the CCP, how would I support our family?
All these things we enjoy come from the CCP, don't they?
You can't just forget that.
But from what you've told me,
it seems, you understand every choice the CCP makes.
Do you believe in retribution?
If you harm believers of God like the CCP,
it's a sin that will beget retributions.
Dad, the CCP is atheist,
they're a satanic regime against God.
They've never acknowledged God.
What qualifications do they have to decide which church is the true way or not?
Yeah, Dad.
All things in heaven and earth were created by God.
God is the Creator.
Only the Creator of the universe has supreme authority.
Only God is the truth.
His appearance and work is the true way.
Almighty God is the incarnation of God,
the appearance of Christ the Savior in the last days
who utters truth for the judgment and salvation of mankind.
Yeah, Mom.
Not only does the CCP refuse to accept the work of Almighty God,
they resist and condemn Almighty God.
Isn't this perverse and reactionary?
The CCP committed countless sins.
It's a satanic regime that hates truth and resists God.
What's a cult anyway?
A cult should be any group or party that resists against God.
A cult is an organization of evil spirits and demons that delude and corrupt mankind.
Any party or organization that advocates materialism, evolutionism,
or goes against the truth expressed by God is a cult.
Dad, you should understand what a cult really is.
The CCP's ideologies are cult fallacies.
Everything the CCP does is resistant and reactionary against God.
The CCP is the real evil party and cult.
Dad. Mom.
Almighty God has come to the world in the last days
to express the truth for the salvation of mankind.
It's like a light in the sky that illuminates a dark world
to let man see that righteousness has descended on earth.
Why has the CCP been resisting the appearance and work of Almighty God, Christ in the last days?
Why have they tried to ban Christ and The Church of Almighty God?
It's a perversity against Heaven and a reactionary act.
Why is it that the more positive something is,
the more truth it possesses, the more the CCP will condemn it,
not stopping until it's banned?
The CCP is terrifying.
Aren't they genuinely an evil party, a cult?
Dad. Mom.
The Church of Almighty God follows Christ and witnesses His appearance and work,
preaching truths expressed by Almighty God.
Their actions are justified.
The CCP resists God like crazy,
brutally arresting those who witness for Christ.
Of course they'd be cursed by God.
How can it not bring peril to the Chinese people?
All these disasters in China are because the CCP resisted God.
Dad. Mom. Can't you accept what we're trying to say?
I admit, since the party's been in power, it's done lots of bad things.
People no longer think of the Communist Party as a savior.
Nor as the sun, or as one's parents.
That's very clear to me.
Regardless, they still hold the power in China.
It's a revolutionary party, capable of doing anything it wants.
To believe in Almighty God is to be arrested at any time
or risk losing your life.
So I won't allow belief in Almighty God.
It is for your own sake.
\"A wise man submits to circumstance.\"
You can't push these boundaries.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Today I've made it clear to you two.
Communist education only teaches Marxism and Maoism.
Belief in God is forbidden!
Party members' children must listen to the party and go along with them.
They can never accept, or follow, or witness for Christ.
Children of party members must believe in the Communist Party for generations.
Okay, okay.
Weiguo, we're having a picnic tomorrow.
Come, let's load the car.
Come on, now. There's a lot to pack up.
Go, okay? Go go go.
Yi and Rui,
your dad says this to protect you both.
You should listen to him.
The Communist Party is capable of terrible things.
If you're arrested for joining Eastern Lightning,
your dad can't help you.
Xiaoyi! Want to play some chess?
Dad, I haven't played chess forever.
It's so nice out today.
I've been wanting to do this for the longest time.
Mom, you should've said so sooner. (Yeah.)
You're so busy all the time.
I barely even see you on weekends, either.
You're busier than me.
You're out all the time.
What are you doing every weekend?
Ah. Are you going to church?
It's for your own good that I don't let you believe in Almighty God.
I often say
the only beliefs allowed under communism are from Marx, Lenin, and Mao Zedong.
God is out of the question.
The CCP suppresses The Church of Almighty God,
but you think these are all trumped-up charges.
Let me ask you,
explain the May 28 Zhaoyuan case in Shandong.
That case was in open court after all.
After the Zhaoyuan case,
the government cracked down more on house churches,
and used armed police to crack down on The Church of Almighty God,
conducting an overwhelming search-and-arrest of The Church of Almighty God members.
Even though people have raised doubts about the case in Shandong,
believing it was false,
fabricated to make the public support its crackdown on The Church of Almighty God,
the Chinese media reported the case whether the facts were true or not.
It impacted other countries around the world.
No matter how you deny the Zhaoyuan case,
many still trust the Communist Party.
So then, regarding the case of what happened in Shandong,
what do you think?
Dad. How long can the CCP fool the world with this case it concocted itself?
Can it save them from their impending demise?
The Zhaoyuan case had a considerable impact all over the world.
It deceived ignorant people.
But do clouds block the sun forever?
Can a crow darken the sky forever?
Deceptions are not forever.
Lies are always lies.
They will never become the truth.
The CCP has grown increasingly evil, notorious, and corrupt for their deceit and fraud.
They're infamous. Not just here, but everywhere.
Can fraud and deceit save the CCP?
More and more people see the real essence of the CCP.
No one believes them anymore.
The CCP is a notorious atheist party and satanic evil group,
most resistant to God in the world.
The CCP's courts are Satan's courts.
Can there be any fairness adjudicated by these courts?
The CCP is a dictatorship and tyranny.
There's no independent judiciary.
Judges have no autonomy.
They all take orders from the government,
handling cases how they're told. That's a fact.
Cases tried by their courts
are bound to be a distortion of the facts and all absurd.
During these political struggles for so many years,
the CCP has relied on framing.
They're adept at this.
When the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong was tried in court,
the defendants clearly said in the middle of CCP court,
\"I never had contact with The Church of Almighty God.\"
\"The state cracks down on the Almighty God that Zhao Weishan believes in,
not our Almighty God.\"
They never said they belonged to The Church of Almighty God,
and the Church did not know who they were.
Why didn't the CCP judge go by the facts?
In the absence of any real evidence,
why did he insist they were members of The Church of Almighty God?
Isn't this plot a frame-up?
Isn't this all deception?
No one believes the reports of the CCP or their media's lies anymore.
Dad. You've worked in the Communist system for many years.
You should see better than I do.
Do you really think the Zhaoyuan case will help the CCP stay in power?
Dad. Having been a reporter for a few years now, I understand.
Every time before they suppress religion,
democratic rights movements, protests or things like that,
the CCP makes a false case and tries to sway public opinions wrongly,
followed by a crackdown.
Look at the June Fourth student movement.
At first they wanted integrity, democracy, and freedom.
However, the CCP had people infiltrate disguised as students,
who ruined the movement, smashing, burning, flipping vehicles, making chaos.
They branded the student movement as counter revolutionary, intent on starting riots,
as an excuse to suppress the students.
A bloody crackdown on the students happened after that.
A few thousand students were shot and killed, run over by tanks.
That's how the CCP staged the Tian'anmen Incident
that chilled the Chinese people and shocked the whole world.
That's also how they suppressed the mass protests in Tibet.
The government inserted people into the protesting crowd,
purposely committing crimes like killing and looting.
The army massacred the protesters under the guise of quelling insurrection.
These facts prove that the CCP uses suppression,
making up facts and lies, followed by violence
to eradicate anybody who disagrees with them.
The Zhaoyuan case in Shandong
swayed the public to allow the CCP to suppress The Church of Almighty God.
It's a major crime of religious persecution.
Dad, you're an official with the CCP.
You should know better than us about how they really work.
I've lived with the communist for so long,
I have no misconceptions about what the CCP is.
Despite the way, officials try to look grandiose,
behind those curtains,
there's nothing but bad deeds and business deals.
Zhaoyuan case aside,
none of these cases tried by those courts have any fairness.
Every case is fueled by bribery.
There's political motivation behind every case involving religion or ethnic minorities.
Now that all the bad deeds of the CCP have been exposed by more and more people,
I think the truth behind the Zhaoyuan case won't be hidden long.
I didn't expect you all to know so much about the CCP's true intentions.
You guys have really grown up.
But you're still young.
What happened after the incident at Tian'anmen caused by students?
Weren't they all quelled?
Some of them were killed, wounded, or thrown in prison.
Others fled overseas.
Who fought the CCP?
Even if the Zhaoyuan case was a falsehood,
what does it matter?
The CCP has created too many false narratives,
many of which are known by the people.
But who can fix the problem?
Who can do anything about the CCP?
Do you even know what the CCP believes in?
What is it?
They are revolutionary.
What they believe in is violence and lies,
and seizing power with violence.
They think a lie will become truth if repeated ten thousand times.
No matter how many people disbelieve its words,
deny them, and disbelieve them,
the CCP doesn't care, they'll keep lying all the time.
As long as the immediate effects can be achieved,
they don't care.
When people rebel against them and march in protest,
they'll use tanks and machine guns to solve it all.
If they need, they'll use atomic bombs and missiles to get what they need.
The CCP will resort to anything to maintain power.
Soon as that case was announced,
they deployed so many armed police units
to arrest and suppress Christians at any cost.
Who could stop them? Who dared to resist them?
When foreigners could see through the CCP's fraud,
what could they do?
The CCP has ways to counter Western democratic forces.
It uses money to fix everything.
He who receives a gift sells his liberty.
Fewer countries condemn the CCP nowadays.
Forces are even afraid to be hostile to them now.
No matter what,
the CCP is still able to uphold its power.
As long as they hold on to power,
you believers in God will never be free.
God's appearance and work in China will be detested and banned by the CCP.
Even if they don't achieve their goal of creating an atheistic domain,
it will never stop arresting or suppressing you.
I know. I saw it long ago.
That's why I oppose you believing in Almighty God.
This is all for your protection, don't you understand?
Xiaorui! Come here. ('Kay!)
Dad, have you really seen through the CCP?
The CCP is so evil,
yet it thrives, no one dares block it.
So does that mean it could permanently maintain its rule?
When the Lord Jesus appeared to work,
the Roman regime tried to resist and condemn Him.
Such a powerful government,
but weren't they destroyed by God's plague?
No matter what kind of forces are out there,
if they resist God and act against God,
they will be destroyed by God.
We can't advocate status and power,
let alone evil power,
as God rules everything.
Whoever resists God will perish.
Even though we know the CCP is bad,
we can't necessarily see its devilish nature.
Why does the CCP resist and condemn God and harm God's chosen people?
The Lord Jesus said in the Bible,
The Bible also says,
Why does the CCP resist and condemn The Church of Almighty God?
It's because the CCP fears the Chinese people's acceptance and return to Almighty God.
They're most afraid of people accepting the work of Almighty God in the last days.
They're afraid of all the truths expressed by Almighty God
being proclaimed throughout the world
and the will of God fulfilled on earth.
This proves that the CCP is afraid of the truth and the appearance and work of God,
afraid of the true light illuminating mankind in darkness,
for the CCP knows that once the word of Almighty God is proclaimed,
many will accept the work of Almighty God in the last days.
That's why the CCP suppresses all those who follow Almighty God.
They act perversely against Heaven.
They're the enemy of God, enemy of truth, enemy of justice.
Dad, you've been defending them,
choosing to resist God and persecute God's chosen people.
That's a sin that offends God's disposition.
It's destined to be punished!
Those who resist and act against God will be destroyed and go to hell.
Dad, surely you see this.
Oh, Xiaoyi.
You clearly see the causes of the CCP's suppression
and persecution of The Church of Almighty God.
I already knew that their persecution of The Church of Almighty God
is because of Christ's appearance in the last days to save mankind.
The book, The Word Appears in the Flesh
is too influential!
If the CCP did not make the decision to ban them,
who knows how many Chinese people would have accepted Almighty God.
Think of the consequences.
Anyone can see how that would be.
Although what you said about going to hell for resisting God,
I don't believe it.
Who has seen where hell is?
What does hell look like?
I don't know if God exists at all.
I'm not sure God exists.
Where is God? Who has seen God?
If Almighty God is the true God,
when the CCP condemns and attacks Almighty God,
why didn't God stop it?
If God comes down and destroys the Communist Party,
then He's the true God.
Then mankind must acknowledge that Almighty God is the true God,
and even the CCP will have to worship the true God.
No one would resist.
But what really happened?
Police from the CCP arrested believers of God.
God's believers were thrown in jail, tortured, and maimed.
And many of them were even killed.
But did your God save them?
How does this convince people that yours is the true God?
I don't understand this.
Is the God you believe in true or false? I think you don't even know.
Aren't you being dumb?
What is your basis in saying your God is the true God?
Can you explain it?
Dad, you have experience.
Do you know nothing about God's existence and dominance?
Since the creation,
God's done three stages of work for the salvation of mankind.
In the Age of Law and the Age of Grace God began His work in Israel and Judah.
In those two stages of God's work, His words were expressed through prophets
and written in the Holy Bible.
The truths expressed by God in the last days for the salvation of mankind
are in The Word Appears in the Flesh.
In these three stages,
God twice became flesh to do salvation work.
The first time God became flesh as the Lord Jesus
who was crucified for His redemption work.
It shocked the world.
The gospel of the Lord Jesus spread everywhere, to every household, every home.
Christianity has established churches in all countries.
So many people believe in Christianity!
In the last days, God has become flesh who is Almighty God,
and done judgment work.
The Word Appears in the Flesh from Almighty God is attested to humanity.
All who love the truth and seek God's appearance and work
hear the voice of God by reading the Bible and The Word Appears in the Flesh.
Seeing the appearance and work of God, they determined the existence of God.
Dad, since you don't know if God exists,
why don't you seek and study God's work?
Many non-believers agree with things like \"Man's destiny is determined by Heaven,\"
\"When man acts, Heaven observes,\"
\"Man proposes, God disposes.\"
Anyone with a conscience acknowledges retribution.
Though man couldn't see God, he summed up these words of wisdom.
He completely affirmed God's existence and domination.
Those who only look for money do not seek to study the appearance and work of God.
They only see money, fame and profits in their eyes.
They view status and power above all else.
The Bible says that only fools would say there is no God.
Dad, here's an example,
all nations, races and cities that had resisted God were eventually annihilated by God—
Hey, is there any basis in that?
Why haven't I seen the facts?
Can you tell me the facts?
Can you tell me when the CCP will fall?
When God destroys the CCP, I'll believe!
I get what your dad is saying.
If God can destroy the CCP for the Chinese to have a good life,
I'll believe.
Well, let's go. Food's ready.
We can talk while we eat.
Dad, let's go.
Dad, although you're a CCP member, an atheist,
don't you believe in the will of Heaven?
Don't you acknowledge a person's fate determines his life?