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CARL AZUZ: A new week
has begun, and we're

happy you've begun it with us.
This is CNN 10.
I'm your anchor Carl Azuz.
Our first story, the communist
nation of North Korea

has apparently carried out its
first missile test since 2017.

And analysts say it could also
be a test of the United States.

For years, the
rival countries have

been at odds over North
Korea's nuclear weapons program

and its missiles that
could potentially

carry a nuclear weapon.
In the past, North
Korea has said

its nuclear program is a right.
The United States and other
members of the United Nations

have said it's illegal, and
they've put strict penalties

on North Korea's economy
to pressure the country

to end its nuclear program.
North Korea wants those
sanctions removed.

The US wants North Korea's
weapons programs ended,

but the two sides
did not reach a deal

when their leaders met for
a second summit in February.

And experts say
the missile tests

that North Korea
conducted on Saturday

could be a warning
that North Korea

is frustrated that
progress hasn't

been made since this winter.
The White House says while it
continues to apply pressure

to North Korea's
economy, the US hopes

the two countries can get
back to the negotiating table

to reach a deal.
Experts who examined
this satellite image

say it probably
captured the smoke trail

that one of the missiles left.
It's believed to be from
a short range projectile,

so it wouldn't technically
break a North Korean promise not

to fire long range missiles.
Still, analysts say this
could be a sign that more

tests are on the horizon.
10 second trivia.
Which of these events
occurred in 1994.

President Clinton
re-elected, the Channel

Tunnel completed, World
Trade Center bombed,

or Cold War ended?
All of these events
took place in the 1990s,

but the only one from '94 was
the completion of the tunnel.

In fact, it was on
today's date in 1994,

exactly a quarter century
ago that the Chunnel opened.

And even though it spans
the narrowest section

between England and France
at the Strait of Dover,

the Channel Tunnel is
still 31 miles long

and it runs as deep as 250 feet.
Some had proposed building a
long suspension bridge instead

or some combination
of railroad and street

to join the two countries.
What was decided upon has
impacted Europe dramatically.

- The English Channel separated
Britain and continental Europe

for 8,000 years.
Until 1994, when one of the 20th
century's greatest engineering

achievements connected them.
Linking Folkestone
in southern England

to Calais in northern
France, the Channel Tunnel

is the world's longest
undersea tunnel.

It transports passengers.
And goods.
In as little as 35 minutes
through two train tunnels.

While a smaller
maintenance tunnel is used

for repairs and emergencies.
Some 60,000 people use
the service each day.

And the $156 billion worth of
goods moved through the tunnel

each year is believed to
account for more than a quarter

of all trade between the
UK and mainland Europe.

Costing $6 billion,
the project took 13,000

workers six years to complete.
While it was a feat
of modern engineering,

people had been thinking about
tunneling under the English

Channel since the turn
of the 19th century,

not always with the
friendliest of intentions.

It wasn't until after
the Second World War

that technology and European
politics caught up to the idea.

A 1986 treaty between Britain
and France sealed the deal,

and construction
started a year later.

On December the 1st,
1990, construction workers

from Britain and France drilled
through the last section

of rock separating the two
halves of the service tunnel,

linking Britain to mainland
Europe for the first time

since the last ice age.
And on May the 6th,
1994, the Channel Tunnel

officially opened.
Since then, 430 million people
and some 410 million tons of

goods have passed through it.
In recent years, the
tunnel has become

a focal point for tensions
around Brexit and immigration.

And while the future of the
UK'S relationship with the EU

remains uncertain,
the shared achievement

the Channel Tunnel represents
should stand the test of time,

and for the last time,

please help me
spread out the word.

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's
Independence Day, OK?

It's not.
Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate
the "Batalla de Puebla--"

the Battle of Puebla.
Puebla is a state 85 miles
away from Mexico City.

It's just basically the victory
of the Mexican army against

a French army, Napoleon's army.
But it is important because
the French army had not

been defeated in 50
years, and they came over

to Mexico to collect a debt.
So that's why we celebrate it.
No, no.
Cinco de Mayo is not as
big as it is in America.

So thank you very
much for celebrating

Cinco de Mayo for us.
I've been here 14 years.
I have never seen
such a big celebration

on Cinco de Mayo-- parades,
people on the street,

chips and avocado.
We don't celebrate it that much.
Don't say Happy Cinco
de Mayo in Mexico

because they'll know
you're not from Mexico.

We don't say that.
Maybe we say have
a nice day, but we

don't say Happy Cinco de Mayo.
At all.
So please don't confuse
our Independence Day.

Mexico's Independence Day
is on the 16th of September,

but we start celebrating
it on the 15th.

So don't confuse it, and I'll
tell you in September when.

CARL AZUZ: A student from
Farmington, Minnesota

is making news for his
work to help a classmate

who is diagnosed with cancer.
Luke Peterson is a wrestler,
a football player, a hunter,

and a fisherman who's also a
Positive Athlete, a program

that highlights the inspiring
work of American high school

You can nominate
someone you know

at cnn.com/positiveathlete.
CHAD OLSON: Luke's had
a pretty successful

wrestling career at Farmington.
He's a three-time state
entrant, and this year took

fourth in the state tournament.
So he broke through and
made the podium, which

is pretty awesome for
him and all the hard work

he's done in the off-seasons.
love the competition.

Wrestling is just you
and one other person

out there, so you don't have
anybody to blame if you lose.

CHAD OLSON: Well, I think
he's a natural leader,

with the stuff that he
does with Charlie Strong.

It's just natural for him
to sort of be out front

and find something to do.
always known Charlie,

just because he used to be
in our wrestling program

in middle school.
And I was just scrolling
through social media one day

and I saw that he was
diagnosed with a tumor.

And then I thought
about, what about if we

got the whole school and
community to help out?

So then I just
talked to my parents

and we ended up making
a t-shirt that said

Charlie Strong on the front.
came to me one day--

well actually, he texted me
one night, I got a few ideas.

I want to do this.
What do you think?
And I said absolutely.
Let's run with it.

So we talked to the team.
And there was one meet where
they all wrote Charlie Strong

on their headgear, and
we had t-shirts out,

and they made posters and
posted around, and took

donations for the night.
And just sort of ran
with it there to try

to help a fellow student out.
So it was pretty awesome.
then all that money

we got from the
t-shirts and donations

we gave to Charlie's family.
It made me feel pretty well
wearing those t-shirts.

Just giving back to someone
that has been a friend of mine

for a while.
And just having that support
system we had of everyone

that was wishing
that he got better.

CHAD OLSON: We have a swimmer
that's also a ninth grader who

was diagnosed with cancer also.
The swimming team sort
of followed Luke's lead

and did a #JacobStrong
and did their own thing.

coaches always tell us,

you can't do the big things if
you don't do the little things.

So even if it's something
little like holding

the door for someone
or helping someone,

eventually if you start
doing those little things,

the big things add up.
CHAD OLSON: He means well.
He's going to do
the right thing.

And he's just a great kid.
CARL AZUZ: The world's
tallest dive coaster is now

open for business,
so buckle up and see

if you can handle the suspense.
This is what Canada's
Wonderland Theme Park looks

like from the Yukon Striker,
a thrill ride that actually

suspends riders
for three seconds

before they dive straight down.
So you get a good gander
at where you're going,

and then you go there.
The dive beneath an underwater
tunnel is one part of it.

The four inversions and
80 mile-per-hour top speed

are others.
A dive coaster is one
that dives straight down.

This is said to be the tallest,
longest, and fastest dive

coaster on the planet.
So you won't find gold
in them there hills,

but if you don't mind the
prospect of hitching up

to a mine wagon that tunnels
its way through [INAUDIBLE]

tight twists and turns, it
might not be an 'orrible idea

to stake your claim on
what could be the mother

lode of all dive coasters.
I'm Carl Azuz, mining
puns for CNN 10.



CNN 10| CNN Student News| May 6 2019

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