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CARL AZUZ: As the summer
travel season gets closer,

airfares could be climbing along
with the planes themselves.

The likely reasons why are our
first topic today on "CNN 10."

I'm Carl Azuz.
Welcome to the show.
The US economy is strong.
Unemployment is near
a record low point,

so more people will be
looking to travel this summer.

Jet-fuel prices
have increased, and

they're expected to get higher.
That can limit the routes
that airlines will want

to take since some
won't be as profitable,

and that can increase
ticket prices.

And then there are
issues with Boeing.

One of the world's biggest
airplane manufacturers

has had its
best-selling passenger

jet grounded around the world.
371 planes, all of them
in Boeing 737 Max series,

were taken out of
service last month.

That happened after two
catastrophic crashes,

one near Indonesia in October
and one in Ethiopia in March.

Everyone aboard those
flights was killed.

Boeing's been working
to improve the safety

of its 737 Max series planes.
After they were
grounded, the company

had to temporarily stop
delivering them to the airlines

that ordered them.
That hurt Boeing
significantly because most

of the money for a plane is paid
when it's actually delivered.

Those deliveries are expected
to pick back up later this year

when the 737 Max aircraft
are approved to fly again.

The impact on Boeing's
finances could

become clearer on
Wednesday when it releases

its latest financial report.
The impact on
Boeing's reputation

is harder to measure,
and it's difficult to say

when either of these
challenges will be overcome.

weeks away from the start

of the summer travel
season, and there's no end

in sight to Boeing's woes.
The entire fleet of 737
jets still grounded.

In the US, American
Airlines and Southwest

are canceling hundreds of
flights through August.

It's our responsibility

to eliminate this risk.
We own it, and we
know how to do it.

RICHARD QUEST: Boeing said it
would shrink monthly production

of all 737s by 20% while
it works to deliver

a software fix for the Max.
Last week, chief executive
Dennis Muilenburg

said that work was almost done.
had the opportunity

to participate in another
demonstration flight

and saw firsthand this
software in its final form

operating as designed across
a range of flight conditions.

pressure from investors

is building upon Boeing.
Shares are down nearly 15%
since the start of March.

The company is

going to be extremely keen to
get the existing fleet airborne

and to get deliveries of the
Max on the production line

under way.
software fix is

just the start of the
long road back for Boeing.

looking at imminent resolution

in the next couple weeks.
What really matters
though is getting

all the regulatory bodies
out there on the world--

in the world comfortable
with this fix

and willing to implement
it, and that could

take several additional months.
Street believes

even when the 737 Maxes
are back in the air,

Boeing still has a
host of problems.

Bank of America
downgraded the company,

citing "the cost of
penalties owed to customers,"

"a weaker negotiating
position with airlines,"

and "operational inefficiencies
from the production

Returning the fleet
to service will

be a hard sell for a public
that's wary of Boeing's

promises on safety.
I think there's

going to be an
emphasis on, hey, is

there an across-the-board
culture problem here?

been a crisis of confidence

in Boeing's planes and
one that won't be solved

either cheaply or easily.
CARL AZUZ: 10-second trivia.
Named the longest-reigning
monarch in British history--

Queen Elizabeth II,
Queen Victoria, King

George III, or King Henry VIII?
Queen Elizabeth II, the
nation's current monarch,

has raised more than
67 years, the longest

reign in British history.
The queen is planning to host
US president Donald Trump

for a state visit this spring.
The United States and United
Kingdom, two close allies,

both made that
announcement yesterday.

The event is scheduled
for June 3 through 5.

The White House says
it's an opportunity

to reaffirm the
steadfast relationship

between the two countries.
British prime
minister Theresa May

said it would also be
a chance to strengthen

their cooperation in
trade, investment,

security, and defense.
A state visit is a
very formal event.

In Britain, it typically
includes a horse

parade and royal banquet.
Only two other US
presidents have

been invited to
one since the queen

ascended to the throne in 1952.
She first sent the
American leader

an invitation two years ago.
The countries have
been trying to work

out the date since then.
According to the US
Environmental Protection

Agency, more than
50% of the garbage

that Americans generate
winds up in a landfill.

The good news is
recycling and composting

rates in America have increased
dramatically since the 1980s.

The EPA estimates that more than
a third of the trash we produce

gets recycled or composted.
The bad news is there's still
a lot of recyclable material

that's thrown away.
And what might be
the unexpected news

is that we've got to pay closer
attention to what goes where.

A lot of garbage
that looks recyclable

actually isn't, and it can cause
problems for the facilities

that process it.
were thinking about putting

that paper coffee cup
into the recycling bin,

you could be making the planet's
waste problem even worse.

Some items that might seem ripe
for recycling actually aren't.

It's called wish cycling,
and it's a big problem

for waste-management companies.
Well, recycling centers
collect and sort items, then

bundle the matching
materials into large bales

to sell back to the companies
that make new products out

of those materials.
If nonrecyclable trash
ends up in those bales,

they are considered

and the entire bale is taken
to the dump, wasting hundreds

of pounds of quality material.
Some common
contaminants are coffee

cups, plastic bags, greasy pizza
boxes, nonrecyclable plastics.

Pizza boxes can only be
recycled if they are not soiled

by grease or food residue.
Plastic bags are not
accepted at curbside bins

because they clog up
the sorting machines.

However, they can be returned
to many grocery stores

to be profitably recycled.
Remember to look for the
recycling symbol on items

and check your local
guidelines online before trying

to recycle something.
This is important because items
like glass bottles, Styrofoam,

and plastics grade
three through seven

are not accepted at
all recycling centers

and could become contaminants.
It's going to take us all a
little bit of working together

and making an earnest effort
to help keep our planet

healthy and beautiful.
CARL AZUZ: Today's
10 out of 10 segment

concerns the world's
slowest mammal.

How slow is it?
Well, in an average day it only
moves about 120 feet total.

It's asleep for
most of the time,

and it's hanging
out all of the time.

And since 1992, there's been
a sanctuary in Costa Rica

dedicated to rescuing
and rehabilitating

this slothful creature.
Well, hello, my sweet baby.
I'm Judy Avey-Arroyo.
I am the founder of the Sloth
Sanctuary of Costa Rica.

We rescue, rehabilitate,
release, care for, research--

we do everything sloth.
Miss Buttercup.
Our main goal-- and this has
always been our main goal--

is for research.
There's so much
unknown about sloths.

That's what I love
about them, that we're--

everything that we're
discovering is new stuff.

The Sloth Sanctuary right
now is caring for 214 sloths.

We have reintroduced
over the years 152.

We have 16 babies
in the NICU nursery.

The rest are
permanent residents.

This is Stacy.
Now Stacy was brought
by the firefighters.

She had been burned
by power lines,

so she'll be a
permanent resident.

There are two completely
different species of sloths.

One is the Bradypus.
That is the
three-fingered sloth,

three fingers and three toes.
The other species of
sloth is the Choleopus.

He has three toes, two fingers.
But prehistorically,
they're not related.

Sloths are energy efficient.
Sloths are not lazy.
Sloths have a very
slow metabolism.

What they're eating today
could take up to 30 days

to get through their system.
This is Buttercup.
We call her the founder sloth.
She's the sloth that started
all of this crazy adventure.

I love sloths.
My wish, my hope, my dream
is to lift the sloths out

of the darkness
and let people know

them and appreciate them and
love them, and it's happening.

CARL AZUZ: So are they
slothful or just thoughtful?

Maybe they're just

"Slother" them with
questions, but you'll

seldom see a sloth off topic.
Hanging out or hanging
in, they're not

hung up when hanging around.
Their cause or claws
or escape clause

is when they drop
down to the ground.

They're cut from
different claws, the slow.

They "slother" sleep
than threaten you.

Three toes or two,
outside or in a

zoo, why would you eschew a baby
sloth? (HUMMING) Doo doo do do?

I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.


[CNN 10] April 24, 2019

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