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CARL AZUZ: Welcome back to
our daily events coverage

on CNN 10.
I'm Carl Azuz.
Thank you for taking 10
minutes for our show.

An island country
in the Indian Ocean

is the scene of
today's first story.

The nation of Sri Lanka
is reeling from a series

of terrorist attacks
that targeted churches

and hotels on Easter Sunday.
At least 290 people were
killed and 500 or more

were injured when the
coordinated attacks took place.

Most of them happened
in the same time frame,

between 8:45 and 9:30
on Sunday morning.

Suicide bombers detonated their
explosives at three churches

across the country.
At around the same
time, more explosions

took place at
three luxury hotels

in the Sri Lankan
capital of Colombo.

And later on Sunday, there was
a blast at a hotel near a zoo.

And a final explosion
happened in a private house

as police were raiding
it in connection

with the previous attacks.
Officials don't know yet why
Christians were targeted.

Easter is their most
important holiday,

but Christians are a religious
minority in Sri Lanka.

They account for about
7.5% of the population.

Buddhists make up 70%.
Hindus make up 12.5%.
And Muslims make up
a little under 10%.

The Sri Lankan
government says it's

concerned that an
international terrorist group

is behind the assaults.
When we produced this
show, no organization

had admitted carrying them out
but a Sri Lankan government

spokesman says
there were warnings

days before the attacks that
something was going to happen.

And the government admitted
yesterday that it failed

to act on those warnings.
Lankan capital is on edge

after a series of
deadly terror attacks

that ripped across
parts of this country.

This church, St.
Anthony's Shrine,

one of three Catholic
churches targeted

on Easter Sunday-- you can
still see shattered glass here.

And the clock tower
frozen at roughly

the time when a
suicide bomber attacked

during Easter Sunday prayers.
And in the 24 hours
since, the authorities

are not taking any chances.
Look, just down
this road here, you

can see the remains of
a suspicious vehicle

that an explosives disposal team
detonated on Monday afternoon

sending real fear through an
already traumatized community.

This has been a series
of deadly attacks.

Hundreds of people
killed and wounded.

There has been criticism that
the security forces missed

a warning from a
foreign intelligence

agency about threats
of suicide attacks

against Catholic churches.
Prompting one
government minister

to accuse some of
these security chiefs

of incompetence and negligence.
And also prompting a
government spokesperson

to publicly apologize for
letting this potentially

crucial bit of intelligence
slip through the authorities'

In the meantime, there
has been no official claim

of responsibility.
And some of the victims are
still fighting for their lives

in the intensive care units
of Sri Lankan hospitals.

CARL AZUZ: Some leading
US lawmakers spent Monday

reviewing the Mueller
Report we mentioned

last week, the results of
a special investigation

led by former FBI
director Robert Mueller.

The full report was released
to Congress on Thursday

but it had some
redactions, some edits.

And a less edited version
was given to House

and Senate leaders yesterday.
One main focus of the
report concerned Russia.

Did the campaign of US
President Donald Trump illegally

coordinate with the other
country to win the election?

The report said no, that the
Trump campaign did not collude

with the Russian government.
Another part of the
report concerned

the US leader's actions.
Did President Trump
illegally interfere

with the Mueller investigation
and commit the crime

of obstruction of justice?
The report was
more vague on that.

Investigators said they
couldn't conclude for sure that

the President committed
a crime, but that

they also couldn't conclude
for sure that he didn't.

It suggested that Congress
could make its own investigation

into that.
How politicians reacted to all
this mainly dependent on what

political party they're in.
President Trump and
other Republicans

say the report vindicates
the President, that he

didn't illegally
cooperate with Russia,

and that it's time to move on.
Democrats have said they
need to see the full Mueller

report without redactions
and that Congress now

needs to investigate whether
the President committed

obstruction of justice.
We don't know yet what the next
steps will be in all of this,

but we'll keep you updated.
CARL AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia.
Which of these US cities is
located the farthest west--

San Diego, California,
Los Angeles,

California, San
Francisco, California,

or Seattle, Washington?
At 122.4 degrees west, just a
tiny bit farther than Seattle,

is San Francisco, California.
Known as the City by
the Bay, San Francisco

attracts tens of millions
of people every year.

That makes tourism the
city's biggest industry.

That industry is facing
a number of challenges.

Homelessness is
rampant throughout San

Francisco, so is drug use, and
the presence of drug materials.

Many of the people who've
traveled there in recent years

have complained
of feeling unsafe.

Still, tourism brings
billions of dollars

into the city every year.
People marvel at the
Golden Gate Bridge.

They imagine what it
would be like to try

to escape from Alcatraz.
And some of the
braver drivers test

their skills on Lombard Street.
A stretch of it has a 27-degree
grade with sharp curves

because paving it straight
up and down in 1922

would have made it too steep for
the cars of that era to climb.

Lombard Street has
another problem

today, though-- the sheer number
of people who want to visit it.

Droneview 7, it's

easy to see why the
crooked street attracts

huge crowds of tourists.
But from the ground, residents
have a different perspective.

here 22 years ago.

And it was nothing
like this then.

Brundage says something

has to be done to deal with
the massive growth of tourists,

especially over
the past 10 years.

oh my, god, you know,

that in itself is an issue.
PHIL TING: We have to
be acutely aware of how

it impacts our residents.
ANSER HASSAN: Assemblyman
Phil Ting's solution?

Setting up a reservation
system and charging visitors

$5 to drive the crooked road.
is how it works.

You would register online,
pick a day and time to visit.

When your number is
called, a license

plate reader would
verify it's your time,

and then, enjoy the ride.
- Watch out.
Watch out.
Car turning.
ANSER HASSAN: The city has tried
to fix the problem in the past

with new signs and
traffic control,

but they say nothing's worked.
They have been

unable to properly manage the
crowds with the rapid growth

of visitors.
come this far, then what's $5?

Adri Filho, who

is visiting with friends from
Brazil, doesn't like the idea.

He says tourists shouldn't be
paying for the city's problem.

ADRI FILHO: I think this
is a touristy thing,

so we should not pay for it.
Like, we're here to appreciate
it and enjoy your time here.

CARL AZUZ: This probably isn't
what most people think of when

we say robots pulling a truck.
But if you remember the
four-legged creature-like

Boston Dynamics robots, and you
pictured 10 of them marching

in unison while
dragging something

heavy, like some robotic sled
dog army, then maybe you did

have this in mind.
Not everyone who saw
this YouTube video

was comfortable with it.
Some call the fear of
robots technophobia.

Some say it's robophobia.
For anyone uneasy
with this sight,

it certainly instills
some kind of phobia.

The company says its robot
dogs will be available soon.

And wherever they're trucked
in, whether they're transferred,

road trained, semi
autonomously wheeled somewhere,

or if they have to be big
rigged up to something in tow,

they could make a haul as long
as nobody's dogged by the idea.

I'm Carl Azuz, over
and out for CNN.



[CNN 10] April 23, 2019

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