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Anyone wanna try out an American accent for me?
So, howdy partner.
We goin' down go do some shootin'.
(playful music)
Hi, I'm Ben and right now I'm traveling through Europe and I figured I would ask Europeans along the way what do they think of Americans?
Let's go find out.
I want you to be as honest as you can, all right?
So what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Americans?
Ooh! (laughs)
I would say loud.
Pretty loud sometimes. (laughs)
Everyone says loud.
Like nice.
Good teeth.
They like to drink beer.
They're nice people.
They like drinking as does Austrians.
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Americans?
Hm. Superficial. (laughs)
We like Americans.
They are always quite cool.
They like fast food.
We don't like that so much, but when we are there we enjoy it.
I mean, the stereotypes is like-
[Ben] Yep.
...kind of fat and all that.
Fast food.
They eat a lot of food.
Like the portions are like really big.
Burgers and coke.
Food very fast.
I think of fast food restaurants.
Five Guys. I love Five Guys.
[Ben] Okay, so of all the things about America, the one thing you can think of-
Yeah and I think of Trump too.
Donald Trump.
Just like Donald Trump, isn't it?
Everyone hatin' on him or absolutely lovin' him.
It's like one of the two.
I like, uh, the Trump. Yes?
You do?
Yes. (laughs)
I like it.
What do you like about Trump?
He's mean about the world and about the situation now.
You like him because he's mean?
He's very racist.
He doesn't really know anything about politics.
When you see like Americans, they're really open-minded.
They're...like most of them are really smart and we can't understand that Trump is your president.
That's a big laugh, you know?
People voted for him. You get what you voted for.
Like I know basically everyone in Europe is against Trump, but I think they needed a change.
I just think that the two coasts dominated and there's so many people in the middle they don't get heard and they're finally getting heard.
I do like in America that everyone's kind of, If you're born there, you're American.
And if you're from another country and you're moving to Austria and your children are born here you're still like, "Yeah, I'm from Austria, "but, you know, my heritage is this and that."
America is the land of change, of opportunity.
Actually, I think of the American dream like,
This way from the dishwasher to a millionaire.
You can make everything if you just wanted to make it and do it.
I think like people look at America and they like idolize it.
You know like, "Oh it's America."
Yeah. Everyone wants to go to America.
I was pretty keen about going to America, but I think the whole Trump has put me off.
I'm not as keen to go anymore.
It wouldn't be the top of my list.
I just don't see what you need to have a gun.
I think Poland's guns are really hard to get, still kinda illegal.
- And here, it's not that easy to get a gun.
There's far too many guns in America.
Of course their laws need to be restricted and it's really hard for us to understand because in Ireland there is no guns.
The police aren't armed.
It's just so systemic in your culture.
I don't know how you could change it, but you definitely need to try.
It's a big country, you know?
[Ben] Yeah.
You've got big problems.
(laughs) We do.
(playful music)


突撃!ヨーロッパ人はアメリカ人をどう思っているのか (What Do Europeans Really Think About Americans?)

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