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Hi, I'm Nicole Ellis.
I'm a certified professional dog trainer.
My dog Maggie and I go everywhere together.
In our family, we often take trips that Maggie can come along and enjoy too.
Proper planning can take a lot of the stress out of traveling with your pet.
Here are some of my top tips for traveling with a dog.
Step 1: Plan out your trip.
For road trips, plan stops for water and potty breaks.
It's for you both to throw a ball and take in the sights.
Keep a bag of items in the car for road trips which include the following.
An extra leash, a collapsible water bowl, extra poop bags, treats, and a towel.
You never know when an adventure is going to get messy or muddy.
Having this bag with me allows me to quickly grab what I need for Maggie, without searching through my luggage.
Step 2: Pack your pets food or call stores in the area to confirm you can find it there.
The last thing you need on vacation is to be dealing with an upset doggy tummy due to switching food.
Step 3: Be prepared in case of an injury.
Safety on the road is huge for me.
I've seen too many dogs that have become injured or worse in a car accident.
Make sure your harness or carrier is approved by the Center for Pet Safety.
Many companies test their own equipment, but that's not good enough.
In a 30 mile power crash a 12lbs dog smaller than Maggie exerts 1,000lbs of force, which is not only dangerous for the driver, but also the passenger.
Maggie always rides in a Sleepypod Harness.
It allows her to sit and lay down comfortably.
Most car accidents with pets inside are due to distractions caused by the pet.
A harness or carrier will help prevent this.
If you're flying, be sure to call ahead of time and speak to your airline to check the rules as they fluctuate between companies.
Step 4: Plan dog-friendly activities.
When traveling, check ahead of time which activities are actually pet-friendly and also which your pet will enjoy.
Maggie isn't a huge fan of museums, and she'd probably prefer to stay at a Rover sitter's home and play fetch all day.
Knowing in advance allows you to reach out to sitters in your area if your dog can't come join along.
Step 5: Check what pet-friendly hotel really means.
At some hotels, this means your pet is welcome in your room as you come and go.
Other times, this means your dog is welcome as long as you are in the room, but they can't be left unaccompanied.
Step 6: Have a great time and create some amazing memories together.



愛犬と一緒に旅をするための秘訣をトレーナーから学ぶ(Tips for Traveling With Your Dog | Rover.com)

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