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Topic: Concave Mirror.
Why is your reflection upside down on a spoon?
Looks like you are getting ready to go for a party.
Why don't you stand here and then look into the spoon?
Don't worry.
Your image appeared upside down because of the inward curve of the spoon.
The surface of the spoon which is curved inwards acts like a concave mirror.
You look confused.
Let me explain.
A concave mirror is a mirror whose reflecting surface is curved inwards.
Being curved inwards, it reflects or bounces back the light rays in a different manner.
When you see yourself in a spoon which is like a concave mirror.
The light rays from your face fall on the top of the spoon and get reflected downwards.
While, the light rays from your feet fall on the bottom of the spoon and get reflected upwards.
As a result, you see yourself upside down.
Now, the point where all these light rays meet is called the focal point.
When you stand beyond this point, only then will you be able to see an inverted image of yourself.
However, if you stand before the focal point, the image will look upright.
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Concave Mirror - Why is your reflection upside down on a spoon? | #aumsum

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