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The Mechanics
Uncle Dye
Aye, it's Philty nigga
Aha, look, suckers speaking out
They be seeking clout
A lot of nerd shit I been peeping out
I gotta keep it real even though they faking
Crabs in the bucket don't want you
To make it
I lost more money than you ever had
You was spoonfed, I never had a dad
They rather see me on my back
Than on my feet
I make sure every nigga round me can eat
Thirty thousand I loan a ring from Aviani
I really come from nothing
Please don't remind me
Stuff in the backwood with 3.5
Google my nett worth 3.5
Next to the Lam' truck when
The sticker drop
Sipping hot take-out
This exotic pop
Still be kinda mean with my eyes closed
Still good in the kitchen
Cook up nanos
East Oakland legend
Pray to the Reverend
That her son don't see hell
Make it to heaven
A lot of 50 pointers in his diamond chain
You hold a grill of 50 thousand
We are not the same
Mike and Mary jeans with the Gucci sweater
Christian Louboutins do Tyler better
Used to tear down Niemann's, Barney's
Saks, 5th
Now we at Bal Harbor, The Gallery & 5th
Just copped the new glock for a new op
Knock a nigga out his Gucci tube socks
Just left the Bahamas with a bitch from Houston
Everything paid for, that mean it's all inclusive
I'm the nigga that your big homie
Look up to, the nigga that the niggas
In the trap, cook up to
I come up under my old man and Jody bro
Ain't a hood in Oakland that I can't go
Niggas from my hood die from
Niggas from my hood
The nigga that shot me
He was from my hood
It don't concern seminary
It don't concern me
Loyal to the wrong niggas
Until they burn me
I got the same jeweller that Floyd got
That nigga just a undercover toy cop
I live up the street from E40
I'm still in the street so I keep a .40
I try to put the Wraith up for Smithy bail
You rather see a nigga sitting in a city cell
Rest in peace Seagram and free the Gov
Until I put that nigga on he ain't have a bus
Letting baby Jason get behind the wheel
Teach him how to drive before
Another nigga will
Rest in peace Boosko, cop a buss down
You was rocking plain jane
I had to buss down
It's Philty


Philthy Rich - East Oakland Legend (Official Video) (歌詞/lyrics)

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