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CARL AZUZ: Hey everyone.
I'm Carl Azuz.
Welcome to "CNN 10".
A shakeup in the US government
leads off today's show.

Yesterday, the White House
announced that Randolph "Tex"

Alles, the Director of
the US Secret Service,

would be leaving his position.
Director Alles says
he was told weeks

ago that changes were coming.
The White House thanked him
for his decades of service,

and said he did a great job.
But the Secret Service came
under scrutiny recently

after an arrest was made at
a resort in Florida owned

by US President Donald Trump.
He's met several international
leaders at his Mar-a-Lago club,

and the accused trust passer
is a Chinese woman who'd

gotten past security, carrying
Chinese passports and a flash

drive with
computer-threatening malware.

The Secret Service
says, it does not decide

who gets into the resort.
But the incident raised
security questions,

even though the White
House says Alles'

departure isn't related to it.
Meantime, Alles' boss, Homeland
Security Secretary Kirstjen

Nielsen is leaving her job.
President Trump made that
announcement on Sunday.

In her resignation
letter, Secretary Nielsen

praised the department's
workers for their service

and sacrifices, and said she
hoped the next Secretary would

have congressional support
in fixing the laws that

have, quote, "impeded
our ability to fully

secure America's borders".
The southern border with
Mexico has been a major focus

of the Trump administration.
Last month, US
officials estimated

they'd stopped
100,000 people there

from entering the US illegally.
The government says that's
the highest monthly number of

migrants in more than a decade.
Observers say the
President was getting more

and more frustrated about it.
He'd even threatened
to close the border.

Congressional Democrats say
Secretary Nielsen's resignation

shows how the Trump

border security and immigration
policies have failed.

Congressional Republicans
say Nielsen served honorably,

and that they're confident
the Homeland Security

Department is in good hands.
Kevin McAleenan, the current
US Customs and Border

Commissioner, will serve
as temporary DHS Secretary

until Nielsen's replacement
is confirmed by the Senate.

ED LAVANDERA: Well really,
what's going on at the border

is-- it's almost like
two different things,

this confluence of events.
DHS and government
officials are predicting

a system wide failure
because of these increased

numbers of migrants.
CARL AZUZ: I told everybody.
This is-- you have a national
emergency at our border.

ED LAVANDERA: With everything
that federal government

officials are saying, there
is also coming with it

a great deal of scrutiny.
Many critics of the
Trump administration

are saying, what
they're trying to do

is to create this sense
of chaos to further

their case for the
national emergency

in constructing
more border wall.

HOULE: What we see

is that our community is being
instrumentalized as a tool

in a larger political game.
ROSA FLORES: I'm at the
McAllen Produce Terminal.

Trucks are supposed to be
coming in here from Mexico--

See the pinata there--
with fresh fruits,
vegetables, and other goods.

When you go to
the grocery store,

and you select your
fruits and vegetables,

they're most likely coming
from this part of the country.

Because of the migrant
surge, border patrol

has reallocated resources
from the port of entry

to areas where migrants
need to be processed.

CARL AZUZ: For the first
time, the United States

says part of another
nation's government

is a foreign terrorist

That other nation is Iran,
and the part of its government

that received the designation
is the Islamic Revolutionary

Guard Corps, or IRGC.
According to
Encyclopedia Britannica,

this is the second
largest part of Iran's

military behind its army.
The IRGC leads or
supports Iranian forces

in both internal conflicts
and international war.

And US government officials
cited several examples

of how the Iranian
unit has participated

in violence worldwide.
MIKE POMPEO: For 40 years,
the Islamic Republic's

Revolutionary Guard Corps has
actively engaged in terrorism

and created,
supported, and directed

other terrorist groups.
The IRGC masquerades
as a legitimate

military organization, but
none of us should be fooled.

It regularly violates the
laws of armed conflict.

It plans, organizes,
and executes terror

campaigns all around the world.
IRGC is also highly

influential in Iranian life.
The US government says
it controls up to half

of Iran's economy by allegedly
stealing from the people.

In designating it
a terrorist group,

the US is pressuring Iran by
telling international banks

and businesses to stop any
dealings with this part

of Iran's government.
that there are significantly

more measures the US can take
against anybody considered

to have given tangible
or intangible assistance

to the IRGC, anywhere
in the world.

They can be
prosecuted on US soil

or have proceedings
brought against them.

So it enormously increases the
tool box for US prosecutors

or defense officials,

if they choose to make
moves against the IRGC.

But I have to say,
because it's never

happened before, we don't
really quite know how

practically it will be applied.
The point is though
it's very hard

to talk, we're hearing from
the Trump administration,

against Iran.
CARL AZUZ: The US says
it's been preparing

to do this for months,
and Iran retaliated

yesterday by declaring
the United States

a state sponsor of terrorism.
The Middle Eastern country says
it considers American troops

operating in the region
to be terrorist groups,

and that the US
government would be

responsible for what Iran called
the dangerous consequences.

This is all according
to Iran's government

controlled news agency.
We're not sure how any
of this will play out.

The US government says
its IRGC designation

will take effect on Monday.
10 second trivia--
Which of these
companies currently

sells a smartphone that works
on America's budding 5G network?

Samsung, Apple, Google,
or none of these?

At this moment, there's not
a phone on the market that's

fully compatible with 5G.
Motorola offers a modification
that makes one of its phones

5G compatible, and
Samsung plans to release

a new 5G phone this summer.
How big is the network
they have to run on?

Well, it's not.
Verizon has 5G available
in several US cities,

and AT&T, which owns CNN's
parent company, Warner Media,

says it's launched 5G in
more than a dozen places.

Industry analysts
expect 5G to be

available in 92 American
cities by the end of the year.

And as far as 5G
readiness goes, a group

that represents the
American wireless industry

says the US and China are
now tied for first place,

and services are also available
in several South Korean cities.

But why are tech enthusiasts
so excited about this?

Why does it matter?
According to the Cellular
Technology Industry

Association, 5G is going to be a
major factor in the US economy,

changing education,
robotics, and medicine.

- Self-driving
cars, smart cities,

fully connected homes, robots--
this is the future, and
it will be powered by 5G.

The G stands for generation,
as in next generation wireless

network, and it's
going to be fast--

about 10 times faster than
the 4G network on your phone

right now.
Today it takes about six minutes
to download a 3D movie on 4G.

With 5G, it will be 30 seconds.
But 5G is about more than
just super fast downloads

and fewer dropped calls.
It's really about connecting
the internet of things--

all those sensors,
thermostats, cars, robots.

Right now, 4G just
doesn't have the bandwidth

for all those devices.
But 5G will.
That's why it's a game changer.
Imagine self-driving
cars instantly

communicating with traffic
lights and other cars,

or a surgeon with VR
equipment and special gloves,

operating remotely on a patient
thousands of miles away.

5G will make that possible.
But when?
2020 is a working date for
most of the wireless industry.

Four nationwide carriers are
already testing the technology.

Chip makers are building
processors and radios

for 5G communication, and
network equipment companies

are building the backbone.
But the future won't come cheap.
5G signals are powerful,
but they don't reach as far.

Making it work will require
thousands, maybe even

millions of mini
cell phone towers

pretty much everywhere you
can imagine-- lamp posts,

the side of every
building, maybe even

in every room of your home.
That's why rolling out 5G
to the entire United States

could cost $300 billion.
CARL AZUZ: Sometimes a single
picture can tell the story,

and here's that story.
Most pythons found
in southern Florida

are between 6 and 10 feet long.
This female was more
than 17 feet long.

She weighed 140 pounds, and
she was pregnant with 73

developing eggs.
Pythons are an invasive
species in the region.

They began showing up in
Everglades National Park

in the 1980s, probably
from pet owners

who didn't want them anymore.
So they were willing to
let pythons be bygones.

But with so many
snakes alive, they

threatened to change the
region's ecological history.

One that big would make some
folks jump out of their skin,

while others would want
to bifold it into a wallet

or try it on for shoe size.
Whether you'd want
her constrictly gone

or you'd leather alone, a snake
that big is truly python-ic.

I'm Carl Azuz for CNN.


CNN 10 | CNN Student News | April 9 2019

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