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  • This is Apple Card.

  • A credit card created by Apple, not a bank.

  • So it's simple, transparent, and private.

  • And it's the only credit card designed to take advantage

  • of the power of iPhone.

  • It works with Apple Pay so buying something

  • is as easy as... [APPLE PAY CHIME]

  • And unlike other credit cards,

  • it helps you easily understand your spending.

  • It's all right here by week, by month, or by category.

  • And if there's a transaction you don't remember,

  • Apple Card uses Maps to show you where it was.

  • Like, exactly where.

  • Let's talk about rewards.

  • You should get them today, not a month from today.

  • That's why Apple Card gives you daily cash,

  • with every purchase.

  • It goes straight to your Apple Cash Card

  • so you can spend it just like cash.


  • No points, no, "How do I redeem this again?"

  • Time to pay your balance?

  • Check this out.

  • Apple Card makes the interest you pay clear and transparent.

  • Pay off a little, the interest is this much.

  • Pay more,

  • that figure goes down until there's no interest at all.

  • A credit card that encourages you to pay less interest?

  • Imagine that.

  • What you won't pay are fees,

  • because Apple Card doesn't have any fees,

  • not even hidden ones.

  • Apple Card sets a new level for privacy and security.

  • Apple Pay technology creates a unique card number for you

  • and then locks it away in the secure element of your iPhone.

  • And with Face ID and Touch ID,

  • only you can use your Apple Card.


  • Got a question?

  • Just send a text.

  • It's that easy.

  • You don't have to wait on hold

  • or remember your mother's maiden name.

  • And it all lives in the Wallet app on your iPhone,

  • so it's always with you.

  • But if you happen to be somewhere

  • that doesn't accept Apple Pay yet, there's this:

  • titanium, laser-etched, and no number.

  • Nice.

  • This is Apple Card.

  • A new kind of credit card, created by Apple.

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