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Lately, my theme in life has been: self care and taking it slow, learning to not feel guilty for slowing down and giving more time to myself.
Back in December, Wilson and I were feeling really overworked and exhausted.
We talked about seriously needing to just go somewhere to refresh, do some yoga, and lay on a beach.
So a couple weeks ago, we finally got to spend a self care weekend in Cancun, allowing ourselves to do absolutely nothing: no schedule, no plans, no work.
Our main purpose was simply to relax and recharge.
It was SO nice.
Despite the rainy weather, we still had an amazing time resting and enjoying the resort.
Here are the simple self care things that we did:
Sleep in as much as we want.
Face masks.
Enjoy eating - a lot.
Exercise, to balance it out.
And of course, enjoy the beach, water, and the sun.
This was our first time planning a self care getaway and I loved it so much, I definitely want to do it again.
It's basically what my dream self care weekend looks like: a lot of sleeping, meditating, doing skincare, eating good food, doing some yoga, reading, and enjoying it all in a beautiful location.
Self care really starts with knowing yourself, knowing the things you love, the things that bring you joy, the things that refresh you and bring you back to life.
So ask yourself: What activities make me feel pampered and amazing?
Carve out some time this weekend to do some of those things.
I'd say, even do those things weekly or even daily, if possible.
To end this, I want to share a quote that's been helping me lately.
If you get tired, rest.
Don't quit.
Sometimes we get so tired or overwhelmed that we just want to quit.
I know I feel that way sometimes.
But here's a friendly reminder to rest, but don't quit.
You can always take your time and move slower if you need to.
It's better to move slowly than to quit altogether.
Once you've found your inspiration again, you can then keep going.
Thanks so much for watching and thanks so much for your support.
I am still in this transitional phase of unpacking, getting my life together in this new space and I'm also traveling a lot more this year for myself.
So I still haven't found a good routine for creating consistently, so thank you for sticking around and being patient.
I love you all so much, and I will talk to you guys next time.



毎日の疲れをリフレッシュ!週末セルフケアの旅 (self care weekend getaway )

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