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[music playing]
This show was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
[heavy breathing]
I don't know what to do, SpongeBob.
You gotta help me. Look!
Dear Patrick,
Your mom and I are coming out tomorrow for Starfish Day.
My parents think I'm dumber than a sack of diapers.
Don't worry, Patrick!
I'll be the dummy! When your parents see how dumb I act,
they'll think you're the smartest guy ever!
A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
[doorbell ringing]
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O...
Should I get the blow horn again, Marty?
W, X, Y and Z.
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
Son, you recognized us this time!
Why wouldn't I recognize my own parents?
You never were a bright one.
Well, aren't you gonna show us inside?
He probably forgot where it is.
Oh, I know where --
Oh let me lead the way so we don't get lost, hold hands now.
Okay, we're almost there!
Let go on three. One...two...three!
Good job!
Pats for Patrick!
I'll go get the beverages.
Wow, son!
You put the drinks in something this time!
Aw, son.
You must have been working all night to put these together for us.
- We love you! - We love you!
[doorbell ringing]
Hooray! The idiot's here!
I mean, I'll get it!
What a surprise!
Mom, Dad, meet my neighbor, SpongeBob!
Hello there!
- How do you do? - Hi.
Put her there.
[doll squeaking]
He means shake.
No, SpongeBob no! Shake hands!
No, SpongeBob.
Grab my dad's hand.
Grab it with only one hand.
Good boy!
Now move your arm up and down.
So, SpongeBob, do you live nearby?
- Hi. - No, SpongeBob.
Show them your house!
No, not your blouse! Your house!
You know, son,
I've always known that when it comes to brightness, well you're about a 3-watt.
But this guy... He's a wet match in a dark cave.
He makes phone operators seem smart!
But, but more importantly son,
he's shown me what a sharp, quick-witted boy you've become
I feel like I'm really meeting you for the first time!
Isn't that right, Janet?
You bet, Marty!
Janet? Marty?
Who are you people?
Marty, I'm scared.
[doorbell ringing]
Excuse me.
Does this lovely couple belong to you?
They've been standing outside my house saying, "Where's Patrick?" all day!
It's driving me nuts!
Wow, son. You actually recognized us this time!
And you remembered to get dressed today!
Oh, that's right honey.
We don't have a son!
Oh yeah!
[music playing]


【アニメで英語】パトリックの両親が来る!スポンジボブ (‘Patrick’s Parents’ )

3092 タグ追加 保存
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