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Thank you.
How you doing?
- I'm chill. - Well, you're the captain now.
I feel like the first time I met you, you weren't captain,
and now you're the captain. - Yeah.
I was always the captain. You just didn't know it.
Did you at all consider--
I know the big premiere is across the street tonight--
did it ever cross your mind, maybe I'll
wear the costume to this thing?
Maybe I'll wear the outfit?
Have you considered maybe you should wear the costume?
I would love to wear the costume.
I don't know that I'll fit in the costume,
but it's certainly worth a try.
I would get into it.
What do you think, guys?
Should Jimmy go across the street and--
I feel like that's, like, a legal contract.
I've heard that when audiences cheer,
it means that that's, like, a signed contract.
Well, yes, it is a verbal contract.
And if you have the costume, I would
consider wearing the costume.
If I can get everything into it. You know what I'm saying?
I feel like there's Marvel ninjas everywhere.
Someone out there has got this.
How long ago was it that you first--
that you first agreed to play Captain Marvel?
I think it was at least three years ago.
It was a long time.
And so now, to come and see the movie with an audience,
that's gotta be--
I would imagine that there's something
exciting and satisfying about that.
I'm just relieved I haven't spoiled it yet, honestly.
Have you been nervous about it?
Yes. I've been so scared.
I wasn't allowed to tell anybody that I was even playing
Captain Marvel for a year.
Was it a whole year that you couldn't tell anyone?
- Yes. - Did you tell anybody, though?
- No! - You didn't?
Are you kidding me?
I was so scared.
What do you think they would really do?
I mean, yeah, beforehand, they could fire you.
But once you get in, once you start shooting, that's it.
They're just-- yeah, they're going to be mad,
but it's not like they're going to take
your action figure away. - I know.
Sam brought that up to me, because I told him--
I was like, I'm so stressed, man.
Like, I can't deal with this anymore.
And he was like, what are they going to do?
Fire you now?
Like, right before the premiere?
Like, you're fine.
But I'm still just like, oh no.
I hate getting in trouble. I don't want to get in trouble.
You and Sam Jackson have been traveling all over the world
together. - Yes.
And I would imagine that that's fun.
It's the best.
I mean, between "Kong--" filming "Kong,"
where we shot in Hawaii, Australia,
Vietnam, the press tour for that.
This movie, and the press tour for this--
he is, without a doubt, the person
I have traveled with the most, of any person in my life.
That's kind of cool.
And have you become actual friends?
Or do you feel like-- - Yeah.
Yeah, you have? OK.
Oh, yeah.
- You never know with people. - Oh, no.
Our love is real. - Is it?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
In what ways does it manifest itself?
He can't fake that stuff.
Do you text each other?
- Of course. - You do?
Oh, yeah.
Do you have code words that you share?
Oh, yeah.
- You do? - Yeah.
Well, we've gotten into this, because in the film
there are Skrulls.
So part of how you know if someone's a Skrull
is you ask them personal questions.
So we've been rolling pretty deep with that.
So there's things that only we know.
I see. I see.
And they have to be from way back.
Oh, yeah.
Just to make sure you're not Skrulls.
They deal mostly with people that we hate.
- Oh, is that right? - Mhm.
I won't even ask you who those people are.
Yeah, we're pretty stealthy about it.
Because-- but there are people that you mutually hate?
Of course.
That would mean, because I am a detective,
I'm going to say you know those people
from the movie "King Kong."
Well, we've done three movies together,
so there's a lot of people to hate in three movies.
I see.
I don't think this is the message that Marvel
wants to spread to children.
Well, if it helps you from detecting a Skrull, I mean,
I think that that's helpful.
If the fate of the Kree is on the line.
Of course.
The human race is on the line.
It's OK.
So you and Sam are friends.
And now have, I have to say, it bums me out a little because--
Because you thought we were really close?
You can have more than one best friend.
Well, not exactly, but yes, I would like
to also be your best friend.
But I am obsessed with the trips to Italy that Magic Johnson
and Sam Jackson take together.
OK, so-- wait-- you know about this?
They post it on Insta-- they post
it on Twitter all the time.
No, dude, I've been trying to get myself on that trip
for like, five years now.
Me, too.
I've never been invited.
I've asked Magic 10 times.
I've asked Sam six times.
They always laugh, and then there's no follow up.
No, I've had the exact same experience.
I'm like, what do I gotta do?
I even know how I imagined it would be.
Put that up there, because this is what I
imagine that it would be like.
Because they go around, like, eating ice cream everywhere.
And we all have, like, a plaid thing going.
But did you Photoshop me in one of these?
Well, now it seems like it's switched--
There we go!
Look at that!
I like it the other way better.
Have you really asked if you can come on this trip?
Are you kidding me?
Do you know how much time I spend sitting around on set?
I know what month he goes, I know
that I'm not supposed to text him,
but I do, anyway, because--
Oh, he wants no texts during the month?
It's his time.
It's his no work time.
It's like, don't mess around time.
And he considers texting with you to be work?
Well, apparently.
Does he--
Like that.
You play an Air Force pilot.
Part of what you play in Captain Marvel is an Air Force pilot.
And we have some actual Air Force pilots here with us
in the audience tonight.
Oh, my gosh.
Now, they-- you don't really know how to fly a plane,
do you?
No, I don't.
But I learned how to pretend from these ladies.
I got to spend some time with them when I was
at the Nellis Air Force Base.
Really makes me emotional to see you, so thank you for coming.
They're coming to the premiere tonight, too.
Did they screw with you, like it usually goes?
Of course.
Yeah, of course.
They were actually-- they were super nice,
but there is a lot of sense of humor in the Air Force.
And one thing in particular, because I
was going up in the plane, I kept asking,
am I going to puke? Am I going to puke?
They're like, it's 50-50. 50-50.
So like, just don't have a margarita the night before,
and you're fine.
Which is, like, very hard for me,
because if you tell me not to do something, then I really,
really want to do it. - Right.
So all I wanted was a margarita,
and I didn't have it.
I went up, and we simulated the dogfights.
We were on offense, and defense, and doing, you
know, crazy things like this.
And I puked the entire time.
Did you?
100% of the time.
100% of the time.
And the whole time I was like, they said 50/50.
This feels like 100%.
And I got back down on the ground,
and I was like, trying to, like, eat a pretzel.
And they were like, so, how did it go?
And I was like, I puked the whole time.
Like, yeah, there was no chance you weren't gonna puke.
You simulated a dogfight.
There's no way you weren't going to puke.
And I was like, what?
Just let me have my margarita.
Like, what's wrong with you?
But it's how-- I got a callsign on that trip.
Sparrow. And--
Oh, that's your, what, nickname?
Or callsign?
Why is it Sparrow?
Well, I can't tell you.
Why not?
It's an Air Force rule. Yeah.
You gotta take me out for a beer first.
Oh, you have to be in the pretend Air Force to--
Is that-- is that part of the thing?
I'm really in the Air Force.
Did they call you Sparrow because birds
regurgitate their food?
To feed their young? - No.
Each letter stands for something.
But I can't tell you.
Is it spelled correctly?
Is it S-P-A-R-R-O-W?
- Yeah. - All right.
I'm gonna figure it out during the commercial break.
Brie Larson is here. - Yeah, right.
I'm gonna be decoding Sparrow when we return.
Captain Marvel.
We'll be right back.
You guys wouldn't happen to know how these things come off,
would you?
That is Brie Larson shouting at Skrulls,
and beating them senseless in "Captain Marvel."
By the way, I figured it out.
And I really did just write this down.
Sparrow, your callsign, stands for She puked
all rigatoni, ravioli on Wendy.
Is that it?
Is Wendy here?
Is one of you Wendy?
Absolutely not.
Could be a Wanda.
Were any of the words right?
Not a single one.
Not even puked?
- No. - No?
Oh. How about that?
That's disappointing.
I was-- I had hope, but then, no, you really let me down.
Besides not learning how to fly a plane, did you--
were there any things that you learned,
that we would be surprised that you have to learn in order
to play a role like this?
Oh, well, I mean, tons of things.
I had to, like--
I trained for nine months, and got super strong.
But then I also-- like, you have to learn weird things.
Like, how to make, like, a cool face.
- Really? - You know?
- Someone teaches you that? - Yeah.
They usually are laughing at you while you're trying
to find it, because it's hard.
I mean, at least, it was for me.
I would just bust up laughing.
So when I look at all those posters with like,
my flaming hair, and stuff, it cracks me up,
because I know where I started, which was, like--
that scene in particular, if you've seen in the trailer--
I'm going to stand up, camera.
That scene in particular where it's like, I'm--
my hair's on fire, you know?
And it's this, like, cool, like, thing.
Allow me to show you my first take.
This was my first attempt at it.
So luckily I had the stunt team, where they were like, OK,
you turn around, you bend your knees,
you clench your fists like this, and then you turn your head
first, take a step forward.
Sell it.
- That's cool. - Yeah.
Please try. - You want me to give it a try?
Yeah, I'd love for you to. Let's try some stance work.
Should I try to be--
try to do it in a cool way? - Yeah.
I mean, if you're you're own superhero, yeah.
You don't have to do it the way I do it.
Like, feel yourself, you know? Feel your body.
I don't think I can feel myself on television.
It's illegal.
All right.
Thank you for that.
So it's like-- can you give him maybe some cool music?
At least give him that.
Is that good?
Because I'm, like, a sexy superhero.
It's true. Yeah.
My power is the power of erotic persuasion.
Let me Guillermo.
He's practically melting.
Whatever makes you feel good.
Well, that's pretty good.
You know, that's a good superhero tip.
Do they teach everyone that?
Probably just me, because I was bad at it.
Well, you're good at it now. That's all that matters.
Yeah, thanks.
Well, congratulations on the big movie,
and being a superhero.
Being Captain Marvel, everybody.
Brie Larson.
"Captain Marvel" opens in theaters Friday.
Thanks for watching, and remember, every time you
click the Subscribe button, one of your enemies gets destroyed.



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