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CARL AZUZ: For the
third time in two years,

the European Union
is ordering Google

to pay more than a billion
dollars for breaking EU rules.

That's the first story we're
explaining today on "CNN 10."

I'm Carl Azuz.
The first time had
to do with shopping.

In 2017, the EU accused Google
of using its own search engine

to steer shoppers to its
own shopping platform,

instead of those
of its competitors.

ISA SOARES: Search for almost
anything you could buy online,

and right at the top
Google will first

offer you a box with a
selection of that product.

Say, cheese.
And if you go further
and click on it,

Google directs you to its
own Google Shopping page.

The European
Commission argues that

by promoting its own business
and banishing other search

websites to around the fourth
page of search results, what

Google is doing is really
denying anyone else a chance

to compete, and denying
consumers with what

it calls a genuine choice.
said that was unfair,

and fined the company to $2.7
billion, a record at the time.

Google said it
disagreed and that it

tried to show ads in ways that
helped buyers and sellers.

But then another fine
came last summer.

The EU ordered Google to pay $5
billion, a new record amount,

for requiring and paying
smart phone makers

to install Google applications
on phones before they were

sold, and for preventing
makers from selling phones that

ran on alternative
versions of Android,

Google's operating system.
The EU said Google
was breaking the law.

Google disagreed, saying
Android had created more

choices for everyone, not less.
The technology company has
not paid these fines yet.

It's appealing them
through the court system.

Now though, it has a
third one to address,

the one Google was
ordered to pay Wednesday.

It's worth $1.7 billion.
Again, it's about
hindering competition.

The European Union
says Google prevented

its competitors from
advertising on certain websites.

This went on for 10 years,
between 2006 and 2016.

And after European lawyers
objected to it in 2016,

Google stopped doing it.
Since then, Google
says it's made

a quote, "wide range of
changes in order to address

the commission's concerns."
The company says more changes
are ahead, based on what

it calls feedback from Europe.
And as far as the
latest fine goes,

Google says it respectfully
disagrees with it.

But with American companies
like Google, Apple, and Facebook

being so dominant
around the world,

Europe's been closely
watching them,

and sometimes actively
confronting them

over competition,
privacy, and tax issues.

So all of this is only part
of the tension between us

internet and tech companies
and international governments.

Next today, we're returning to
Southeast Africa, where people

in three countries
are struggling

after catastrophic
weather events.

Rain and flooding in the
coastal nation of Mozambique

was only worsened when Cyclone
Idai made landfall on March 14.

Since then, it's been
race for rescuers

to first locate
where survivors are

and then get them to safety.
Yesterday, officials estimated
there were 10,000 people

holding onto
rooftops as the rain

continued and the waters rose.
The International
Federation of Red Cross

says it's using
helicopters and boats

to rescue people, as many as
1,000 per day in Mozambique

No one knows yet how many have
been killed across the region,

where the category 2
cyclone stormed inland.

An ambassador from Mozambique
says as many as 350,000 lives

are at risk.
The emergency won't end
when the rescue effort does.

Water, electricity, medical
services, and major repairs

will all be needed to
confront this disaster.

slammed into southern Africa

late last week, cutting
across countries

and devastating entire cities.
Beira, a city of half a
million in Mozambique,

in the epicenter of the storm.
Aid agencies say 90%
of it is under water.

The cyclone slammed
into the city

with winds of up to 175
kilometers, or 110 miles

an hour, destroying
hospitals and homes

and killing untold numbers.
Some help is already there.
Search and rescue teams
are working tirelessly

to get people to safety.
The cyclone winds
were bad enough,

but the flooding is much
worse, say aid officials,

creating what they're
calling an inland ocean.

And the threat will increase
as more rains set in.

Beira's airport is open,
but roads into the city

are cut off, and phone
connections mostly down.

Outside of Beira,
nobody knows how

many people are dead or injured,
cut off entirely from help.

Idai's destructive path
pummeled Mozambique,

Malawi, and Zimbabwe, with
nearly 1.7 million people

in its path.
Communities near Chimanimani,
Zimbabwe are devastated.

The storm destroyed
roads, homes, bridges,

and communication lines.
The human loss is far greater.
The true destructive
power of Idai

is only now being understood.
And aid officials tell me that
the next step is trying to get

those rural people to safety.
David McKenzie, Johannesburg.
CARL AZUZ: 10 second trivia.
The USS Wasp was the name
of an aircraft carrier

that was sunk in the
Coral Sea during what war?

World War I, World War II,
Korean War, or Gulf War?

Several United States ships,
including one that serves now,

have been named the Wasp.
But it was in World
War II that one of them

was sunk in the Coral Sea.
We're wrapping up today's
show with the rise of esports,

or better said, another example
of how esports are rising.

Video gaming has gotten more
competitive, more organized,

sometimes more lucrative.
Top gamers can earn millions
of dollars per year.

And they've got a fan
base all their own.

Some US high schools are now
proving the traction of esports

by offering students the
chance to letter in them.

Their field is a screen.
- Got him.
- Let's go.
- Nice.
- At one point in time, this
would just be a set of students

playing video games.
But here in Georgia it's
now an official high school

varsity sport, as it is in only
seven other states nationwide.

BRIAN PROKES: It's a hobby
that they're passionate about,

and we want to encourage
that, and give them a pathway

to a career in the future.
DR. LUPO: Kids could
be walking around

with letter jackets for gaming.
That's nuts to
me, and I love it.

- Dr. Lupo, as he's known,
plays video games for a living,

and streams his game play live
for an audience of more than 7

million followers online.
It's part of why
State Farm signed

him to an endorsement deal.
A gamer.
DR. LUPO: I was like, wait.
Like, State Farm State Farm?
Like, really?
ED GOLD: When we have Aaron
Rodgers covering football,

and we work with Chris
Paul in the NBA space,

we've been starting to get
much more involved in esports.

- And they're not the only ones.
If you watched the
Super Bowl then

you probably remember
this ad from the NFL.

- Tonight, it's not
about the league.

NINJA: What's up, Jujuice?
- Only that waiter
wasn't a football player.

He's a video gamer
who goes by Ninja.

ED GOLD: Those fans are as
fanatic about their teams,

and the teams that they
love in the esports world,

as I might be of the Chicago
Cubs or the Chicago Bears.

- It's a reality that
makes a video game varsity

season not too far fetched.
is such an honor.

Because it's something that
I've been trying to push

and get into for a long time.
- And fans say it's likely going
to get even more competitive.

DR. LUPO: I got very lucky.
It took a lot of work to
get to where I am now.

And even then, it's
still not a guarantee.

- No guarantee.
But maybe more than
ever, there are dreams.

- Hey pro teams.
Yo, Cloud9.
Old school gamers

were Oregon Trail winners.
They'd be fording all the rivers
and hunting all their dinners.

While some might take
delight in Fortnite,

others say their Call of
Duty is a counterstrike.

Is a day coming when game fans
are gumming up all the gyms,

auditoriums, and running
up, treating gamers

like heroes of the
storm, gearing up

for battles like Gears of War?
We'll have to Overwatch
to see what life brings.

One thing's for sure,
it's all fun and games.

I'm Carl Azuz, and
that's a wrap for CNN.



CNN 10 | CNN Student News | March 21 2019

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