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- Boobs.
No boobs.
Becky with boobs.
Becky with no boobs.
- Hey, do you still want to get drinks after work?
- Oh, I actually have to go to the gym.
- Wait, why are you working out, you're skinny?
- Are you gonna eat all that?
- Yes, I am starving.
- I feel like I have to watch you 'cause I'm so fascinated.
Like, where does it all go?
- Ooh, girl, you a little bony, though, huh?
(skinny girl panting)
- What, what's wrong?
- I'm just really out of shape.
- Really, you're so skinny though.
- Not there.
Or there.
- [Girl] Or there. - [Skinny girl] All right.
- Shotgun.
- Go ahead.
- What?
- My arm flab is insane, I just, ugh, it drives me crazy.
- Have you seen this skin that like is underneath my elbow?
It's disgusting.
- That is really weird.
- I have a lot of cellulite on my legs.
- What?
- No you don't.
- You are stick thin.
I don't wanna hear about your cellulite thank you very much.
- You don't even understand what it's like
to have, like, fat on you.
(girl laughs)
How do you stay warm in the winter, I mean.
- Ooh, it is so cold out here, right?
- What, no, it's beautiful out.
- I'm cold.
- (scoffs) You gotta put some meat on your bones.
- Is that all you're eating?
- Yeah.
- (laughs) It's like rabbit food,
there's nothing in there but lettuce.
- [Girls together] We don't want none
unless you got buns, hon!
- Geez Louise, does milk really do a body that good?
- Can I have one?
- Yeah (gasps) your wrist, it's so tiny, look at that!
- Is it how she's standing?
How to be curvy.
Do a regiment of--
You know what?
Forget this.
I like being skinny.
- (Girls together) Look at her butt, oh my God,
look at her butt wiggle in the middle but you got much back.


11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well

731 タグ追加 保存
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