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CARL AZUZ: Hi, I'm Carl Azuz.
And welcome to "CNN 10."
It's always good to see you.
A growing number of
countries around the world

are grounding a popular
type of passenger plane.

And that's the first
story we're explaining.

On Sunday, an Ethiopian
Airlines flight

crashed shortly after takeoff
in the capital of Ethiopia.

All 157 people
aboard were killed.

It happened less than six months
after an incident on October

29, when a Lion Air flight
crashed shortly after takeoff

in the capital of Indonesia.
All 189 people aboard
that flight were killed.

The one thing these two
flights have in common

is that they were aboard new
models of the same airplane,

a Boeing 737 Max 8.
It was introduced two years ago.
It's a very technologically
advanced jet.

And it might be that technology
that's causing its problems.

- Boeing bills its 737 Max as
the fastest selling airplane

in the company's history.
A high-tech, single-aisle
jet, there are more than 5,000

on order for 100
airlines worldwide.

Many of them are
in China and India.

The 737 has a long history.
Since the first twin jet Baby
Boeing was introduced in 1967,

it's grown into the
best-selling line

of commercial jets in history.
The Max 8 variant,
launched in 2017,

seats up to 200 passengers.
It was designed
to offer airlines

greater range, better fuel
efficiency than the models that

came before.
Like any new series, Boeing
introduced brand-new technology

and features into
the 737 series,

including the automatic
safety system.

particular aircraft

has a new, something new, as far
as how the autopilot responds.

When the angle of attack,
when the aircraft nose

goes up too high, it
pushes that nose down,

even when the autopilot is off.
And a lot of pilots
aren't used to that.

- In the case of Lion Air,
Indonesian investigators

say pilots repeatedly
fought to override

that system before
the fatal crash

of the plane back in October.
The preliminary crash
report said faulty sensors

led the automated system to
push the nose of the plane

down again and again.
It's not clear
why the pilots did

not follow the
recognized procedure

and turn the system off.
Now, this crash, the
second in a brand-new model

plane shortly after takeoff.
It's provoking more questions
about the plane's design

and what Boeing has
told the airlines.

of Ethiopian Airlines

says the pilot had flight
control problems shortly

before the plane crashed.
But both accidents
involving this Boeing model

are under investigation.
And there's no
evidence at this point

that the same
problem caused them.

Still, countries from Australia,
to China, to the European Union

and India have
grounded the 737 Max 8

airplanes, making it
illegal for them to fly

in or over these nations.
According to the Reuters
news organization,

Boeing says it's been developing
a software update for the plane

that's quote, "designed
to make an already

safe aircraft even safer."
The US Federal Aviation
Administration also

said earlier this week
that the aircraft is safe,

though it has ordered Boeing to
make some design changes to it.

Some US senators are
now saying the FAA

should temporarily ground it
until it's proven airworthy.

The US and Canada
are the only two

countries where substantial
numbers of these planes

are still flying.
The United States
government is trying

to keep American wireless
companies and countries

around the world from
buying telecommunications

equipment made by a Chinese
company named Huawei.

This is the world's largest
telecom manufacturer.

It's taken such a
lead in developing

5G wireless technology that
many carriers can't replace it.

5G is said to be many times
faster and more reliable

than 4G.
China and Huawei have
denied doing anything wrong.

But the US says
Huawei has connections

to Chinese government

and that Huawei's
equipment could

allow China to potentially
spy on people who use it.

It's not just civilian security
the US is concerned about.

- Hidden beneath this vast,
snowy prairie land in Central

Montana are more than
100 nuclear-armed

intercontinental ballistic
missiles ready for launch.

It's desolate terrain, but vital
to American national security,

which experts worry could
face a threat from China.

This fenced-in area is a
missile silo controlled

by Malmstrom Air Force Base.
Right next to it, a cell
tower belonging to a company

called Triangle
Communications system.

It's an American company.
But its network uses radio
transmitters and receivers made

by the Chinese company,
Huawei, a telecom giant that

has been called a
national security risk

by US intelligence officials.
concerned about the risks

of allowing any
company or entity that

is beholden to foreign
governments that don't share

our values to gain
positions of power

inside our
telecommunications networks.

- Given the power of
the Chinese government

over Chinese companies, experts
say the Huawei technology

could be weaponized by Beijing.
If they asked Huawei,

turn off the phones, tell
us what people are doing,

scramble the data going
over it, block calls,

make random phone calls,
there's nothing we

could really do to stop that.
- These bases use
encrypted communications.

But valuable intelligence
could be gathered on the people

working with the ICBMs.
- 2, 1, turn.
- And the area could also be
targeted with network attacks.

There's no evidence
that anything like this

has happened.
But CNN has identified dozens
of cellphone towers equipped

with Huawei technology, some
dispersed among the Malmstrom

Nuclear Missile Fields.
supposed to be pretty hard.

That might not be easy to do.
But that doesn't
mean our opponents

won't try and figure
out if they can do it.

- Areas like this are
so remote that often

the only cellphone service
comes from small networks.

Unlike major carriers
like Verizon and AT&T,

smaller companies depend
on government subsidies.

And many buy cheaper equipment
made by Chinese companies

like Huawei.
While the company is barred
from US government contracts

and federal employees
can't use their devices,

rural carriers have
no such restrictions.

The companies that own these
towers are part of the Rural

Wireless Association, who say
a quarter of their members

buy Huawei because
it's far cheaper,

and say it would cost up
to $1 billion to replace.

The Pentagon would not say what
kind of relationship, if any,

it has with these carriers.
But Acting Defense
Secretary Patrick Shanahan

told CNN in a statement,
they are "working closely

with our industrial
and research partners

to develop comprehensive
and innovative solutions

for both the department
and commercial industries."

CARL AZUZ: 10-second trivia.
Which of these
American universities

is the oldest, Wake
Forest, Georgetown,

Stanford, or the University
of Southern California?

The oldest university
here, and the only one

on this list that was founded
in the 1700s, is Georgetown.

50 people across
the United States

have been formally
charged with cheating

to get students in the
highly respected colleges.

The FBI'S criminal
investigation was

called Operation Varsity Blues.
It covers crimes
allegedly committed

between 2011 and 2019.
And it led to the arrests of
athletic coaches, DAT and ACT

administrators, and
dozens of parents.

What they're accused of doing
is helping students cheat

on college entrance exams like
the SAT and paying some sports

coaches to say certain
students should be admitted

to their colleges because the
students were good athletes,

even when they weren't.
In some cases, this
involved creating

fake athletic profiles
for students to make

them look like good athletes.
Prosecutors say the cheating
was carried out mostly

without the students' knowledge,
according to ABC News,

and that it was done to get
them into schools like Yale,

Georgetown, Stanford, and
the University of Southern

California, among others.
The interim president of
USC called it "immensely

disappointing that school
employees would allegedly abuse

their positions in this way."
A US attorney involved
in the investigation

said, "for every student
admitted through fraud,

an honest, genuinely talented
student was rejected."

US officials say
this was the largest

college cheating scam
the federal government

has ever prosecuted.
When you see this winterized
car for the first time,

don't be fooled.
It's no Mustang.
It's snow Mustang.
A Nebraska State trooper
found this and shared it

on social media, saying
that while some people

make snowmen, in this
part of the country,

they make snow cars.
The officer even
gave it a ticket--

a fake one, of course--
for being double parked.
Apparently, a local
businessman and his kids

formed this frosty Ford.
Forget 5.0, it's
a five point snow.

It's a cold weather
curbside car you can't tow.

Only where it's
chilling could you

shape one if you're willing.
But there's no way
to be telling when

your sculpture will be melted.
So if you're going to make
one, it has to be a fake one.

You'd be sure to break one if
you ever tried to take one.

It's a truly cool vehicle
that no one's going to seize.

And maintenance is easy because
it needs no anti-freeze.

I'm Carl Azuz on
the loose for CNN.



[CNN 10] March 13, 2019

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