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I'm Carl Azuz.
It's always great to have you
watching "CNN 10" as we get you

up-to-speed on world events.
This March 7, we're
following up on a story

we reported on February 12.
It concerns what's being
called the last stand

of the ISIS terrorist
group in the Middle

Eastern nation of Syria.
ISIS, an acronym for Islamic
State in Iraq and Syria,

once controlled a large
amount of territory

in those two countries.
But fighting by those nations'
militaries, local militias,

and international teams,
including a coalition led

by the US, have almost
completely driven

ISIS out of its strongholds.
The battle in the eastern
Syrian village of Baghouz

has been raging
since mid-February.

There are signs it's
coming to an end.

Within the past couple days,
hundreds of ISIS fighters

have surrendered to Syrian
Democratic Forces, a group

supported by the
United States, and it's

fighting ISIS on the ground.
The ISIS terrorists were part
of a wave of thousands of people

who are fleeing Baghouz.
When the village is finally
recaptured from ISIS,

and the commander says that
could happen within a few days,

it'll signal the end of
ISIS's territorial control

which once included 7 and 1/2
million people over an area

the size of Portugal.
Still, even with civilians
and terrorists flowing out

of Baghouz, a United
Nations committee

estimates that tens of
thousands of ISIS members

are still scattered
across Iraq and Syria,

though they're not
part of this battle.

BEN WEDEMAN: The final battle
to take that last slice

of territory occupied by ISIS.
Now, what you're seeing
behind me right now

is trucks with ISIS
members, and their families,

and others who are
leaving that encampment,

that last encampment.
Those are men in the
back of that truck.

According to officials
at the Syrian--

with the Syrian Democratic
Forces, since this morning

alone, more than 800
people have left that area.

That includes ISIS
fighters and others.

And anyone left behind
is going to be coming,

or has been, in fact,
under constant bombardment.

Airstrikes, artillery,
and mortar rounds

rain down upon the so-called
Islamic State's miserable

realm, reduced to a
ragged cluster of tents,

wrecked cars, and trucks
perhaps just a half square mile.

Despite the onslaught people--
many, it appears-- can be
seen walking among the tents.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic
Forces have given up trying

to estimate how many people--
all fighters, they say--
are still there.
The pounding carries
on around the clock.

There is no rest for
the last holdouts.

Midnight, and the earth shakes.
Night into day, the
onslaught continues.

ISIS lived by the
bullet and the bomb,

and by the bullet and the bomb--
--it is dying.
And that's been 800
people since this morning.

But now we're seeing truck
after truck of people.

It does appear in many of them--
in fact, we saw from the trucks

there-- many men are inside.
So it does appear that there
are far more, far more civilians

inside that little speck
of land a half square mile

than anybody thought.
CARL AZUZ: It's been
almost exactly five years

since Malaysian Airlines
flight 370 vanished,

and international investigators
don't look like they're

any closer to solving what's
become one of aviation's

greatest mysteries.
Malaysia's prime minister says
his country plans to continue

searching for the plane.
And the families of the
missing continue to meet,

as they did recently,
to support each other

and to keep
international attention

focused on the disappearance.
There were 239 people
aboard the flight from

Malaysia's capital to China's.
Those two countries,
plus Australia,

spent an estimated $150 million
in their official search

for the plane.
They didn't find it.
And the second attempt to locate
MH370, carried out by a US

company called Ocean Infinity,
wrapped up last year,

also without answers.
missing airliner

that disappeared
on March the 8th,

2014, after the flight left
Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.

Then dropped off radar
an hour after takeoff.

Later, satellite data
showed investigators

that the plane had continued
to fly for up to eight hours

and finally crashed
in the Indian Ocean

off the Australian coast.
The experts narrowed the
crash site to around 120,000

square kilometer search zone.
An extensive and
exhaustive effort,

including a deep ocean search,
found no sign of the aircraft.

Then over several years, debris
confirmed to be from MH370,

has washed up along the
Eastern African coast.

Still, the main body section--
the fuselage of the plane--
remains missing.
CARL AZUZ: 10-second trivia.
Which of these
automobile brands is not

manufactured by General Motors?
Buick, Chevrolet,
Saturn, or GMC?

This is a bit tricky.
The answer is Saturn.
It used to be part of GM,
but it was shut down in 2010.

The last Chevy Cruze has rolled
off the line at a GM plant

in Lordstown, Ohio.
It's a community located between
Cleveland and Pittsburgh,

and its economy
benefited from having

a General Motors plant there.
But the company closed
the factory this week.

Its CEO says Americans
aren't buying

as many sedans like the Cruze,
so GM, like other US car

companies, is shifting toward
making more trucks and SUVs,

which are also more profitable.
The landscape for
American auto workers

has been changing for decades.
There's been
increased competition

from Japanese carmakers.
Some US companies have
outsourced jobs to Mexico.

Whether GM will use
its Lordstown facility

to make another vehicle
or give it up altogether

is a highly important
question for both the workers

and the local economy itself.
would be a shame for them

to shut it down after 52 years.
I would love to see my daughter
or one of my other kids

get in out there and
follow their grandfather's

footsteps, their
mother's footsteps,

their uncle's footsteps.
- And I'm out here
protesting the pending

closure of this plant.
God bless you and empower you.
And here these workers that
are honking their horns

know what's at stake.
AJ SUMELL: There's
no doubt GM has

been really important
to the overall economy

for the past 40 years.
Their potential loss is
devastating to the economy.

A bigger impact is
associated with the fact

that it's estimated as
many as three to four

jobs are directly
dependent on each job

at an auto manufacturer.
That's the equivalent
of a 4% to 5%

increase in unemployment
in a relatively

short period of time.
each day goes by,

it's more of a reality check
knowing that we're almost done.

I've been wearing that
badge for 18 years.

I am in the trim department.
I do left side carpet retainers.
We do build quality cars.
It is a pride thing.
AJ SUMELL: It's hard to just
get retrained and a new set

of skills to be able to work
in other industries that

are hiring.
And oftentimes,
those jobs involve

less pay and worse benefits.
a problem going back to school,

although I'm a lot older than--
[LAUGHS] kinda old.
If that's what it's gonna
take, then so be it.

You know?
I gotta do what I gotta do to
survive and to support my kids.

CARL AZUZ: There are a
lot of things that robots

are learning to do these days.
Take, for instance, watering
a plant, watering a cup,

giving a fist bump
and making it blow up.

One of the more impressive
feats of this machine that

was recently revealed by a
Chinese technology company

is its ability to
thread a needle.

It's part of an effort
to show that robots are

getting more dexterous and
more effective at interacting

with people.
(SINGING) What comes next?
We're hanging by a thread.
If robots become tailors,
what will tailors do instead?

In the garment world, things
ain't always as they seem.

You just can't replace
an expert's eye

with that of a machine.
It's not keen.
It's too green.
It can't drape the perfect jean.
Artificial sense
ain't fashion sense

when sensing how to preen.
So if you're into tailoring
and placing perfect stitches,

don't be needled or be
threatened by something

that's got glitches.


[CNN 10] March 7, 2019

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